Girls X Battle 2 Intermediate Guide To Progress Fast

Stuck on early stages in Girls X Battle 2 game? Let’s have a look at our Girls X Battle 2 Intermediate guide, which will teach you to progress fast

Girls X Battle 2 is quite a challenging Idle game where you combat rivalries in a wide range of game modes. The player progress mainly through the campaign battles. In addition to this mode, the game offers guild boss battle where you and other guild members attack the guild boss, league battles where you compete for the rank, and there are many more. If you are stuck on a stage, let’s have a look at our Girls X Battle 2 Intermediate guide and learn all the ways to pass every single stage. Let’s get started – Girls X Battle 2 Intermediate Guide!

Grade Up The Girls Units – Lunch Box Farming Tips⇓

All the girls characters have a max level cap(depends on their grade). Once they reach the max level, you will have to increase their grade to make her more powerful. And, that’s necessary because to progress further in the campaign or any other mode, you need powerful girls. With low-grade girl units, it would not be easy. Here comes the problem of lunch boxes. You need these lunch boxes to develop the girls units further. Let’s learn how to farm lunch boxes in mid-game: –Girls X Battle 2 Intermediate Guide

  • The More You Active The More You Get

Well, the game is Idle and you earn most of the items without doing any work. But make sure to collect the loot every now and then. In the campaign battles, the girls fight the enemies and you get a bunch of rewards including lunch boxes, gear, gift box, and more. Tap the loot button and claim all the free items. This is one of the ways to get free lunch box loot.

  • Play The EXP Quiz

EXP Quiz grants lunch boxes. As you level up in Girls X Battle 2, you will get more rounds in the quiz and eventually more lunch boxes.

  • Check the market

Girls X Battle 2 Intermediate GuideIn Girls X Battle 2, you can use the crystals to buy a bunch of items in the store. Tap the shop button and go to the market. There you may get the lunch boxes. You can always refresh the details; for the first time, it would be free.

  • Play The Tests Mode

In the tests mode, you progress floor by floor. The higher the floor number, the more difficult will be the fight. From this mode, you can earn lunch boxes. To play this mode, you need permit pass. Permit passes regenerate over time and one player can hold up to 10 passes.

Girls X Battle 2 Hiking Mode⇓

The hiking mode opens every other 24-hours. In this mode, you can select the girls characters who have reached level 40 or higher. The rule – In hiking mode, girls carry their stats to the next battles. For example; In the first battle, one girl unit loses 50% HP. Then she will start with 50% HP in the next round. From this mode, you can earn servant materials, shards, crystals material, and much more. You should play this mode

Girls X Battle 2 – Scout Every Day⇓

If you want to earn friendship currency, you must scout every 8 hours. Tap the friends option on the top-left side of the screen -> co-op -> scout. You can earn crystals, friendship currency, and loads of gold.

Sign In Daily⇓

Sign in daily to receive diamonds and shards. Tap the homework button -> sign in daily.

Girls X Battle 2 – Activate The Aura Boost⇓

Girls X Battle 2 Intermediate GuideIf you deploy 6 girls of the same faction, you will get a massive aura boost; HP boost, Attack Boost.

Spend Guild Coins In Guild Lab⇓

Characters(Mage, Priest, Warrior, Assassin, Ranger) can get a boost if you invest in the guild lab. Guild -> Guild Lab -> spend the guild coins. You can earn guild coins by participating in the guild boss event and other guild activities(daily sign in).

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