Evil Hunter Tycoon Elementals Quest Walkthrough

Read on for Evil Hunter Tycoon Elementals Quest walkthrough; how to collect 500 elementals and use them for random hunter invitation

In Novice Quest 30, Evil Hunter Tycoon asks you to collect 500 elementals. Elemental is the basic in-game currency in Evil Hunter Tycoon that you can collect from the evil lands; Elementals spawn randomly in these locations and you have to tap them to collect the elementals.  And, In the Novice Quest 31, it asks you to buy the random hunter invitation using the elementals. Here’s the Evil Hunter Tycoon Elementals Quest Walkthrough: –

Evil Hunter Tycoon Elementals Quest Walkthrough: –

Novice Quest 30.) Collect 500 Elementals

Evil Hunter Tycoon Quest WalkthroughTo complete this quest, look around the evil lands and search for the elementals. You can use the I, II, III buttons on the bottom-right corner to view all the evil lands. As said above, elementals spawn randomly. So keep looking from time to time. One elemental ball gives you 25 elementals. To collect 500 elementals, you will have to find and tap on 20 elemental balls in the evil lands. 

You can also use elementals to produce materials in the buildings. Also, if you go to the shop -> bonus, you can get x1000 elementals for free by watching the video ads.

Novice Quest 31.) Use Elementals to buy Random Hunter Invitation

Evil Hunter Tycoon Quest WalkthroughRandom Hunter Invitation is a box that costs 800 Elementals. In the top-left corner of the screen, you can check the number of elementals you have in the Evil Hunter Tycoon game. To use them for random hunter invitation, tap the shop button in the bottom-right corner -> go to the bonus tab -> there you can spend 800 elementals for Random Hunter Invitation box. 

Novice Quest 32.) Construct a House

To complete this quest, you need to build a house in the town. Tap the construct button -> construct a house. To construct a house, you need x1800 gold coins x5 Zircon. Send the hunters in evil lands to slay down the monsters for gold coins. Use the trading post and request x5 Zircon. Once requested, wait until the hunters collect Zircon from the evil lands. If they have, they will sell it to you through the trading post in exchnage for gold coins. For more information, check the hunter management guide for beginners: –

Novice Quest 33.) Town Storage – Use a Hunter Invitation at the Special Tab

Tap the town storage button in the bottom-center. Navigate to the special tab. Select Advanced Hunter Invitation Scroll and tap the use button. You get this scroll by completing the quest 32. 

Novice Quest 34.) Banish a Hunter you don’t need

Go to the Hunter menu in the bottom-center -> look for “N” tier Hunter. There would be an “N” word next to the hunter’s name. Tap the crosshair button to interact with that hunter -> manage – banish. 

Novice Quest 35.) Tap the sign with the Orc in Invaded Land

Evil Hunter Tycoon Quest WalkthroughTap the monster board outside the town to complete this quest. 

Novice Quest 36.) Observe the Hunters Hunt

Slay down the 20 monsters with the help of Hunters. 

Novice Quest 37.) Construct the Academy

To construct the academy, you need x15 Heartwood Fragment. Use the trading post and request x15 Heartwood Fragment. Wait for the hunters to bring the requested item to the trading post. Go to the construct menu and construct Academy. 

Novice Quest 38.) Talk to a hunter to learn a skill

Tap on any Hunter -> learn -> skill. 

Novice Quest 39.) Teach a skill to a hunter

First, you need to prompt a hunter to learn the skill. Tap the hunter -> learn -> skill -> this will move the hunter near academy building. Tap the skill button once he/she stands next to the academy -> tap the teach button. It costs gold coins to teach a skill to a hunter. 

Novice Quest 40.) Tell a hunter to go hunt in the Land of the Dead

Tap on a hunter -> move -> Land of the Dead. 

Novice Quest 41.) Observe the hunters hunt the Skeleton Scouts

Skeleton Scouts usually appear in Land of the Dead. Send hunters there and slay down x20 Skeleton Scouts to complete this quest. 

So this would be all in this Evil Hunter Tycoon Elementals Quest Walkthrough. Stuck on a quest? Comment below, we would love to help. 

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