Wolf Tales – Home & Heart Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Wolf Tales – Home & Heart is a brand new mobile game featuring Co-Op and PvP mode. Read on for Wolf Tales – Home & Heart game guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Wolf Tales Home & Heart Game Guide TipsFoxie Ventures has just released a brand new Wolf RPG for Android on Google Play Store. The name is Wolf Tales – Home & Heart. In this game, you catch the prey, breed the wolf, fight the clans, recruit the wolf, and get stronger by leveling up the wolf, raising their stats through abilities and mentoring. The graphics of this wolf RPG is quite amazing. 

If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Wolf Tales guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Wolf Tales tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

Wolf Tales Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

In Wold Tales, your goal is to build the best Wolf Hero! At the beginning of the game, you will catch the rabbit – attack them until they lose all the health. Attacking or catching prey gives you meat that you can use to recruit cubs from other clans, upgrade the abilities, etc.. Also, you can gather a bunch of resources like bones, leaf, wood, etc. to recruit cubs or wolf. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the WOlf Tales tips & tricks: –

Learn How To Get Wolf Cubs In Wolf Tales

There are three ways to get Wolf Cubs in Wolf Tales game; breed male and female wolf in Den, recruit from the clans, buy using the moonstones. Moonstone is the premium in-game currency that you can use to buy mythic, fantasy, rare, and common cubs. Let’s learn about each way of getting Wolf Cub. 

Recruit Cubs From Wolf Clans

Wolf Tales Home & Heart Game Guide TipsIt is one of the best and free ways to recruit a cub in Wolf Tales club. Tap the animal icon in the top-right corner of the game screen. This will open the menu. Go to the map tab -> it has two sides; map screen and wolf clans info. On the right side, you can check the wolf clans list. From the friendly wolf clan, you can recruit the cub easily. But from the enemy clan, it would not be easy as you will have to defeat all enemies of that clan first. 

Below the clan icon on the map screen, you can check the green and red status. If the pointer is on green bars, then it means that the clan is friendly. If it’s on the red bars, then it means that the clan is not friendly. 

Tap on the clan to check info; pay attention to the club status. If it says cub is available, then go to the clan area; you can tap the fast travel button to visit there or use the map to navigate to that clan. Once you are in the clan zone and cub is available, there would be a recruit option near the clan’s den. Go there and tap that option. After that, spend resources like bones, meat to recruit the cub. Wolf Tales Home & Heart Game Guide Tips

If the cub is not available, then you will see the time left for respawning. After every certain hours, a cub respawns in clans. 

Check Out The Wolf Tales Breeding GuideWolf Tales Home & Heart Game Guide Tips

Head to the menu and navigate to the Den tab. In the Den tab, on the left side, choose breeding. You can breed male and female wolves. Select two wolves and tap the continue button. For breeding, you need resources like bones, wood, meat – you can get them by completing the quests or grind from the wilderness.

Get Higher-Level Wolf

You can get higher level wolf by breeding. For example – if you breed x2 level 1 wolf, then you may get a level 2 wolf. It depends on the level of the wolf that you are using for breeding. At the beginning of the game, you have level 1 wolf – so use them to get level 2 wolf. Then use level 2 wolf in the breeding to get level 3 wolf. Use level 3 wolf in the breeding and you may get a level 4-5 wolf. When you tap the continue button after selecting the x2 wolf for breeding, on the next screen, it will show you the level of wolf you can get from breeding. 

Select The Wolf Wisely 

At the login screen of the game, you will see all the wolf you have in the Den. Choose the one that you want to play with – the higher level wolf would be a good option to hunt the higher-level enemies in PvE or PvP. 

Mentoring In Wolf Tales Game

When you recruit a cub in Wolf Tales game, it will show you the growing status. While he/she is growing, you can mentor him/her in the Mentor tab under the Den menu. It increases the stats as far as we know. All you need to do is select the cub and an adult wolf. 

Donate Wolf To Befriend A Clan

In your DEN, you can keep up to five wolves. By breeding or recruiting, you can get more cubs and you may not want the low-level wolves anymore. You can donate these useless cubs or wolves to other clans and increase the friendliness. Go to the Den menu -> pack -> select the clan to which you want to donate the cubs -> select the wolf/cub to donate. This will increase the friendliness and you will be able to recruit the cubs from that clan every day without fighting. 

Upgrade The Abilities Of Wolf

Wolves in Wolf Tales game have a lot of abilities; basic attack, projectile, AoE DMG, booster, stealth mode. You can upgrade these battle abilities and make them stronger and you will be able to hunt the enemies in PvP and PvE. Head to the animal menu -> abilities -> there you can upgrade the wolf abilities with the meat.

Complete The Chapter Quests

Chapter Quests are the best way to get rewards like meat, bones, wood, leaf, etc. Complete them and fill the backpack. 

So this would be all in this post on Wolf Tales guide and Wolf Tales tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below. 

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  1. I really want more gems and I already redeemed someone. I know that it’s a bit rare to get them in a chest but I think you guys can make more ways, like maybe every time you level up, you get 10 to 100 gems, depending on what level you are on. Thank you! ☺️?????

  2. My name is kittycatUwU in wolf tales im level 20 wolf… i hav no frends because i have the new upgrade and it deleted my frends. Can anybody tell me how to delete the upgrade??????Help pls?

  3. Hey so I was wondering if you could tell more cheats for the game like how to get free food free moonstones ect. but I’m just saying that that’s what internet wants but hey I’m jut a kid I’m just throwing stuff out there I’m below 13 I’m about to be in 5th grade so you don’t have to listen to me I’m just throwing stuff out there but this is a good guide for people just starting the game

    • Well if u want to go on other device then go to settings)) account)) Sign In with Apple. This will let u play on other device keeping progress. U’l be awarded 30 moonstones!

  4. how do you level up main animal attributes??? I only have 491 health (as bear) and there is no way I can find to upgrade my attributes, I dont want to use a stronger bear with a basic skin as my main bear has a mystic skin. Is there seriously no way to upgrade your main bear?? Is all you can do is hope for a strong bear with a good skin when your high enough ally level??

  5. How do I change the color of my name in chat? Everyone has colored names but no one will tell me how to do it.

  6. If you leave an ally clan alone does it keep it’s alfa skin (I’m asking b/c one of my ally clans turned rare and I’m not sure either I should attack or not)

  7. it says I need to spend 2 skill points when I’ve spent 20 of them I don’t understand why I can’t finish that quest and it’s starting to annoy me

    • your always on the enemy team to someone else, it may look like your on the blue team for a long time, but your always the enemy to the others, so you can’t really choose your side, it just rotates you to wherever they wan to put you in. Don’t worry, I got confused of this too before. Hope this answers your question! 🙂

  8. For chapter 5 I have one quest left and that is to donate 1 pack member. I have done this 7 times and it still says that I have not done it.

  9. I played as a lol 5 fox named Wolf quean and I really want that account back and I wish that the Wolves were not so expensive plz make it that the wolves r bout with battle points and also male it so that u can get the gold vip if u played a really long time u can get the gold vip

  10. Can’t spend battle points calcano area is covered in a pink fusha color. Tried deleting the game and reinstaling it, graphics are at there lowest setting, and I repoted the 2nd bug but got no responds as of yet and it’s been maybe a week idk for sure. Can anyone help please? I really love this game

  11. When I first made a wolf I chose an Amber one but for some reason it said I was a Phantom Wolf and later my avatar turned into a purple cerberus, which I assume is Phantom Wolf, even though I didn’t buy it or anything. Then later when I entered the game again I was an Amber wolf again, both in avatar and name. What’s up with that?

  12. I’ve played for a few hours now and the basics I’ve learned are this:
    First hunt rabbits and get meat check the wolf clans that are neutral for cubs.
    getting resources you simply tap the resource and your wolf will collect it
    top right icon will take you to your menu’s select abilities to level up and unlock your abilities gained by leveling.
    Second: breed and breed till den is full while your wolves are not breeding they should be digging the walls to increase the number of wolves you can have by making a bigger den. Collect everything you see. If you are desperate find a wolf clan low level wipe the clan out and recruite it’s alpha as breeding / pack fodder. easy free grown wolf.
    When you have a puppy mentor it and raise it’s levels. Breed grown puppy if it’s stats are worthy.
    this is about what I’ve figured out in the first evening.

    Main issue I have run into is I can’t seem to donate any of my cubs or wolves, so I still have every wolf I”ve ever bred or recruited. and most of the clans on my map show as either wiped out or lvl 1 so I have to wonder if that has something to do with it. Letting the respawn on the clans tick down so I can see if the new clans will take my trash wolves.

  13. How do you but companions? I have well over the amount needed and it keeps wanting me to buy it with moonstones, which I’m saving up. Can someone help please? The common ones

  14. How do you but companions? I have well over the amount needed and it keeps wanting me to buy it with moonstones, which I’m saving up. Can someone help please?

  15. I want to delete a wolf from my den but I can’t because I have to many and I haven’t I clocked the 2 quest how do I delete my own wolf

  16. What do I do. I have been trying to catch a rabbit for the last hour and nothin* happens. I’ve tried redownloading. And mine looks different to yours. Mine doesn’t show the health bar for the rabbit so I can’t catch it. Please help

  17. What are the chances that you will actually get a clan with a cub? Because so far almost none of the clans that i have come across have even one cub.

      • First you have to get the clan status to ally. To do that you can donate wolves or trade with that clan. Then, when the status changes to Ally, you will be able to recruit a cub in 11 hours.

  18. When you breed say a mythic wolf, you will need mythic orbs to be able to breed that cub or animal. Like, when you breed a common wolf (tan wolf ect,) you need either bones, leaves or wood and sometimes all of them as you breed the common wolf, you need those items because there common.

    • You need recourses for breeding. Common wolves require common recourses. Anything higher in type of wolf and you will need uncommon or rare recourses. There are other things you need recourses for but this is just one example.

  19. Is it possible to recruit feral wolves (wolves not found in other clams, just in the wild on the map.) Some of them have amazing coats, and I would love to have them in my den!

    • You can go to the menu, then settings in the bottom left, then in the bottom right click the delete data if you want to remove all your progress. Or under that swap accounts.