Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise Tips, Guide, Overview

Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise Tips, Guide, OverviewDescription – Sparking Society has just released an offline farming game for Android “Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise – Day Of Hay. Here’s what you need to know about Farm Dream Village Paradise – overview, guide, and tips

There are many farming games are available on Google Play Store such as Hay Day, Township, and many more. These games are great time killer because the player has to take care of many roles like production, building resources, and selling.

Farm Dream: Harvest Village Paradise is another farming game and its too time killer, addictive, and offline. However, you need an internet connection for trading – market stand feature is not available offline. But all other things can be accessed offline.

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Basic Of Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise

Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise Tips, Guide, OverviewIn this game, you build your farm township – farmhouses, school, library, hospital, baseball field, bus station, animal rescue center, and many more. Production of goods – corn, wheat, carrot, hay, tomato, orange, lemon, and many more. Animals – cow, sheep, chicken, and many more.

Production resources – Farm field, animal food factory, dairy factory, bakery, cheese factory, barber, lumberyard, sandwich shops, confectionary, cow farm, sheep farm, burger restaurant, chicken farm, furniture store, fish store, toy shop, and many more.

Stars – Star is an important part of this game. Stars are needed to unlock locked resources, goods, animals, shops. You can collect stars by satisfying consumer needs, from the people of the town, by building resources.

Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise Tips, Guide, OverviewCash – Cash is used to build resources. You can collect cash by selling produced goods in the market stand, by satisfying consumer needs, from the people of the town, and buses.

Diamonds – Diamonds are very useful, don’t spend diamonds in speedup. Spend diamonds to upgrade your resources. For instance, animal food factory has only one slot. Expand these slots using diamonds. Don’t spend diamonds only on one resource. There are many resources which need upgrade such as trading port, chicken farm, dairy factory.

How to collect diamonds – You can purchase diamonds by paying some bucks. Free method – Keep any eye on buses, sometimes these buses give some diamonds.

How to move a place – You should have to place resources that make sense. For instance – Place all farm fields at one side, place animal farms at one place, place production resources at one side. In Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise, you just have to hold down on a building to move.

Process of producing food items

Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise Tips, Guide, OverviewProduction of food items requires production resources. The main production resources are farm field and animal food factory. Farm fields produce – corn, wheat, carrot, tomato, and many more items.

Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise Tips, Guide, OverviewSome people demand these items but not all. Animal food factory produces food items for animals such as sheep, cow, chicken, and many more.

To produce cow food, you must have wheat(1), corn(1). To produce chicken food, you must have wheat(2), carrot(1). Similarly, items produced by farm fields are required to produce other animals’ food such as sheep. Initially, some food items are locked. When you complete the minimum requirements of stars, items will be unlocked.

Animal Farms – Go to animal farms and give them food. For example – Go to cow farms, give them cow food. They will give you milk as a reward. You can sell milk in the market stand for cash, or use it in the dairy factory to produce items such as cream, butter, and many more.

Similarly, to get eggs – Produce chicken food in the animal food factory and give it to chickens. Chickens will give you eggs. You can use eggs to sell in the market stand for cash, sell to consumers.

Bakery – For bread, cake, fruit cookies, and many more items.

Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise Tips, Guide, OverviewTrading Port – To get flour, iron, sugar, bamboo, dye, fish, and many more goods.

Warehouse – Where the items are stored. You can increase the capacity of some items. Normally these items can be acquired by satisfying garage needs. So, you must have the garage.

Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise – Consumer needs

The more you have the farmhouse, the more will be the demand. More demand means more stars and cash. Stars are very important in order to unlock more resources.

Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise – How to build roads and ways?

Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise Tips, Guide, OverviewYou can build roads for cars, paths for society(people, cars, buses) in this game – just tap on the road icon near build button(at the bottom left). You can remove roads also.

Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise – Expanding of farm

Swipe up, left, right, and you will see unoccupied lands. You can expand your farming business by purchasing the land. You must have diamonds.

Tips for Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise

⇒ Stars – As mentioned above, stars are very important because to unlock food items, animals, and resources. Without unlocking these items, you can not progress. To collect stars – Satisfy consumer needs, keep an on buses and people.

⇒ Upgrade resources – Slots in the animal food factory and other resources such as bakery, the dairy factory should be increased in order to maximise the production of animal food. No food means no food items and no items means no progress. Upgrade the slots and produce more animal foods.

⇒ Farmfields are the source of all goods. Keep them busy always.

⇒ Keep an eye everywhere by proper placement – Proper placement is the best way to keep an eye on every resource. Move same types resources at one side.

Closing words on Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise

Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise is a great offline farming game for Android. Almost all types of features are present that should be in a township game. If you are looking for an offline farming game then you should play Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise. Download Farm Dream: Village Harvest Paradise – Here[Google Play Store].

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  1. I’m playing on the computer and I have internet and it says that I don’t when I’m playing the game and it won’t let me sell anything so how can I get the internet to be working on that game my computer works with every other game please let me know

  2. Please! Can anyone tell me where / how to get a pane of glass? The juice stand requires this product (as well as oranges) and I can find no business that seems to supply the glass. My garages are all asking for juice so I am stuck, not being able to deliver! Please reply

  3. i would like to know if when you expand a stores production slots, can more than one slot be making the product at a time? i only have two slots on everything and want to speed up the production of objects in wholesale and i dont want to waste gems on expanding the slots if it doesnt speed up the process. Thanks for your help!

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  5. Buenas. Es un gran juego.
    Tengo un problema con el juego, los mercados, tanto para vender como para comprar se me desactivaron, están en el juego pero no deja entrar en ellos con o sin conexión.
    Que puedo hacer??
    Hay alguna solución a este problema??

  6. Having problems finding enough wheelbarrows to purchase land. All the others items come up often, but not the wheelbarrows. I am trying to do this without using any real money – just a challenge for me. Could use hints on how to get gems and wheelbarrows. I am playing Farm Dream Village Harvest. Would also appreciate names of other games like this. I am really enjoying this. Thank you for any help you can give.