Hi Farm: Merge Fun Overview, Guide, And Tips

Hi Farm: Merge Fun Overview, Guide, And TipsDescription – Hi farm: Merge Fun is a new farming game for Android by Hi studio limited. Here’s what you need to know about Hi Farm: Merge Fun! game – How to play, guide, tips, and overview

Farming games are best time killer games. In the last couple of weeks, some good farming games released in Google Play Store such as Farm Dream, Farm And Click etc. Hi Farm: Merge Fun is another new farming game for Android, it is a strategic farming game in which you have to use your farm resources efficiently.

Basic Of Hi Farm: Merge Fun

Hi Farm: Merge Fun Overview, Guide, And TipsIn the game, you just tap to plant, merge to upgrade, and swipe to harvest. For example – You plant tomato crop on your farm. To grow or upgrade your production of tomato crop, you have to merge two tomatoes. And it must be in the pair form. For instance – Level 2 Tomato can only be merged with Level 2 Tomato, not with level 1.

Next thing is completing the orders. Complete orders to earn gold coins. The process – Plant⇒Merge⇒Earn coins⇒Expand your farm⇒Buy resources, and repeat.

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Planting, Merging, Upgrading

Hi Farm: Merge Fun Overview, Guide, And TipsYou have to use your farm efficiently. There is limited land for cultivation which should be fully optimized efficiently. You can expand your farm by purchasing more land but it would be waste if you buy at the start of the game.

Planting – Planting is an easy task, but you should spend the coins effectively. For example – Planting too much of tomatoes is waste because tomatoes production is quite fast in comparison to other crops.

Merging and Upgrading – Level up your crops to get the result fast. Merging helps you to use the land efficiently and in Level Up. Level Up means more production in less time.

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Orders in Hi Farm: Merge Fun

Hi Farm: Merge Fun Overview, Guide, And TipsThere is no fixed time limit to complete the order. Don’t waste your coins for a particular order. Keep patience and follow the process – Plant⇒Merge⇒Earn coins⇒Expand your farm⇒Buy resources, and repeat.

Limited orders – You will not back to back orders. You have to wait for next orders. Don’t spend your diamonds to get next orders because diamond can be useful later.

Your Work

In Hi Farm: Merge Fun, you have to take care of these tasks –

  • Planting
  • Merging
  • Collecting/Harvesting
  • Selling

You can sell your plants for coins. Just tap on a plant, then tap on the delete button. You will not get the book value of plants at the time of selling.


In Hi Farm: Merge Fun, tap on the home option to see the stock of your crops. You will see the quantity of every crop you have. Don’t plant more crops which are already in excessive quantity.

Level Up

Level Up is required to unlock or to get access to more features. Level Up – Unlock more crops, animals, expand your farm with more resources such as bakery, juice factory, and more.

How to level up?

Complete the orders to level up.

Hi Farm: Merge Fun Tips

⇒ Use your land efficiently. Merging helps you to plant more in less space. You will save some coins.

⇒ Don’t spend on more land because you can easily manage cultivation on default space. However, you should spend when you unlock more crops.

⇒ Be ready for next – After level up, you will get the orders for new crop. For example – After level 4, most orders are for carrots. In this situation, you should not spend on grapes. Similarly, when level 6 is near, stop spending on tomatoes, grapes, potatoes.

Closing Words on Hi Farm: Merge Fun

Hi Farm: Merge Fun is a great farming game but there are some cons too like minimum orders, the speed of production, limited coins etc. Using resources efficiently is the key to expand the farm. I would recommend you to check Farm Dream: Village Harvest game.

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