Final Blade Game Overview – Characters, Game Modes, And More

Final Blade GameLet’s have a look at our Final Blade game overview and figure out either it’s your type of game or not. Learn about the featured game modes, battle system, and more

The global version of Final Blade has just released for Android and iOS. The download size of the game on Android is around 74 MB. After that, you will have to download the resources(500MB). On iOS, Final Blade’s size is 176 MB(you may need to download the resources later). There is no unique feature in the game that worth mentioning. Almost everything is as same as other gacha RPGs. Let’s have a look at the Final Blade game overview and find our either it’s your type of game or not.

The Battle System

Final Blade Game⇒There are lots of game modes featured in the game. Depending on the game mode, it allows you to pick the characters. In most of the game modes, you can pick five heroes(any class, type). In certain game modes, this limit gets changed. For example; In the clan raid mode, you can build a party of 9 heroes. In the survival match mode, you can go with the 3 heroes party.

⇒The battle system – Your heroes will attack the enemies automatically. You have access to their skill, rage skill. Using active and rage skills at the right time, you can easily get the victory. The more strategic things involved in the battle system are; building the balance team, choosing the right formation.

⇒The best thing is you can earn the premium in-game currency from the battle. When you kill an enemy, a spirit will appear. Tapping it rewards you pearl or sapphires. Sapphire, the gemstone is the currency used in summoning heroes. However, the reward amount is very less.

⇒The energy system is also there. You need rice to play the adventure mode. Since the adventure mode is the only mode(for the beginner) to progress into the game, you will need huge quantity or rice. Especially, when you go for the sweep/instant rewards. In short, you will be out of rice many times. The player can buy the rice with Sapphire to progress fast. Rice can also be obtained with pearls.

Final Blade Characters

Final Blade GameThe Final Blade game lets you build the party of five hero classes; warrior, who fight for the team, mage, who apply buffs/debuffs, assassin, who strikes the enemy, Marksman, the real damage dealers, Monk, the supporters. All these heroes have unique active, passive, leader skills. At the time of writing this post, Final Blade features over 240 characters. The player can get all the details of each character in the index menu. Players can rate the characters in the forum. So make sure to check the ratings before you spend all the resources in the development of a hero.

The Legendary Units In Final Blade

If you are a f2p player, then Final Blade will not disappoint you as getting 6* heroes is quite easy. The game lets you combine the two heroes to get an upper-grade hero. When you start the game, you will get thousands of Sapphires that you can spend on character summons. Additionally, if you progress a bit in the adventure mode, you can collect more rewards(within 30 minutes, you can earn a decent amount of Sapphires, enough for the 50 pulls).

Low-grade units are not good for the long-run. So you will have to rely on 5-6* units. We recently published the reroll guide, you can check it here.

The Game Modes

Final Blade game features a variety of modes. You will start from the adventure mode and as you level up, new game modes such as the daily dungeon, black money, raid boss, duels, destiny, endless tower, and more. You can play all these modes a certain number of times every day. The player can earn material items from the daily dungeon, raid boss(awaken, advent), gold from the black money mode, rice from the endless tower, and the list goes on. In the duel mode, you will compete against other players for the rank, season rewards.

The Auto-Battle System

The auto-mode is unlocked by default. If you turn on it, heroes will use the skill(active skills only) automatically. You can increase the battle speed by 2 times, set it on repeat mode to grind.

In-Game Currency

  1. Gold
  2. Sapphires
  3. Pearl

All these in-game currencies can be acquired by playing the game. You can purchase Sapphires with real money. It’s the premium in-game currency that you can use to draw heroes, for sweep tickets, rice, tickets, material, more inventory slots. In addition to it, the game features some premium packages. For example; automation package grants you fairy who will collect the spirits from the battle and automatically turn them into sapphire and pearl(you can do it manually though 🙂 ).

But that’s not necessary. You can progress with a good rate even if you don’t spend the money. It’s f2p friendly. The gameplay is not good! There are no unique features/battle-system. Graphics and Artwork – OK. The reward system is good. There is a wide range of game modes. Overall, 3/5. 

So this would be all for now as Final Blade game overview. Are you going to play it or not? Comment Below!

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