Final Blade Rerolling Guide – Best Grade 6 Heroes To Roll For

Let’s have a look at our Final Blade Rerolling guide and recommendation on best grade 6 heroes roll – Assassin, Warrior, Mage, Monk, Marksman

Final Blade is a brand new gacha RPG for Android and iOS by Sky People Co. Ltd. The game features over 200 heroes and five hero classes; warrior, marksman, assassin, monk, and mage. Heroes in Final Blade game are summoned using sapphire and gold. Using sapphire, you can obtain grade 3-6 heroes. You can further develop a higher rank hero to 7*. Additionally, the game also lets you combine two heroes(at maximum enhancement level) that draws a higher grade hero(for example; 5*+5* = 6*). So there are many ways to obtain a high-grade(6*) hero even if you don’t reroll. Also, it would not be a bad idea to start with a good 6* hero. Let’s get started – Final Blade rerolling guide and find out the best 6* heroes to roll.

1.) Final Blade Rerolling Guide

For the first time you open the game, it will prompt you to choose a login method. Since there is no reset option in the game, you will have to log in as a guest first to try the luck. If you get the desired units from the sapphires, you can link the guest account to Facebook or Google to save progress. If not, you can start over. Here are the steps you need to follow: –

  1. Complete the tutorial(until mini-boss stage) and collect all the free rewards from mailbox, missions, achievements. By this stage, you should have over 4000 sapphires.
  2. Go to the shop and spend 2,000 sapphires to pull 10 heroes. After that, you will get a discount for a certain amount of time; you can pull 10 more heroes by spending 1,800 sapphires. Use the rest currency in the single summons.Final Blade Rerolling Guide

You can go for normal summon or event summon. In the event summon, there are high chances of getting the featured unit. For example; as per the current event, you can obtain Shadow(Grade 6) unit in Final Blade.

If you get the 6* hero(you’re looking for), then tap the menu button(⇒) at the bottom-left corner -> settings -> account settings -> link the game to Facebook or Google.

If you did not get the 6* hero, follow these steps if you are on Android to reroll: –

  1. Go to the file manager -> Android -> Data
  2. In the data folder, search for com.skypeople.finalbladegb folder
  3. Rename it to com.skypeople.finalbladegb1
  4. Now, go to the mobile settings -> apps -> find Final Blade -> clear the data
  5. Go back to the file manager -> Android -> Data
  6. Rename the com.skypeople.finalbladegb1 folder to its default name; com.skypeople.finalbladegb
  7. Open the game, it will start from the beginning

Final Blade Best 6* Heroes To Roll

If you are new to the game and have not played the earlier version of the game, we would recommend you to roll for these best grade 6 heroes;

  1. Woohee – Assassin (Raven is also good)
  2. Inrang – Warrior
  3. Kang – Warrior
  4. Muchun – Mage
  5. Shundo – Monk
  6. Francie – Monk
  7. Yongju – Marksman
  8. Miki – Marksman

So these are the top tier grade 6 heroes list. Source – Discord. Also, do let us know the 6* unit that you have got, comment below! So this would be all for now as Final Blade rerolling guide.

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