Fishing Clash Skill Tokens & Skill Tree Explained

What are Fishing Clash skill tokens and skill trees? In this post, we have explained everything in detail; how to get, use skill tokens and build skill treeFishing Clash Skill Tokens Skill Tree Explained

Fishing Clash Skill Tokens & Skill Tree⇓

In a recent update, devs of Fishing Clash added a new mechanism in the game called “skill tree”. Each fishery or location in the game has a separate skill tree. Each skill tree features dozen of skills that provide bonuses to the players. To unlock or upgrade these skills, players can use the skill tokens. There is a specific token for each fishery. For instance; to build or unlock skills/upgrade skills in the Florida Coast location, you need Florida Coast Tokens. 

How To Access Skill Tree?

To access the skill tree in Fishing Clash, tap the “gear” button on the left. The gear menu has three tabs on the top-right; rods, licenses, and skills. Tap the “skills” tab. In the top-left, you can change the skill tree by the fishery. There you will see the number of skills that can be unlocked, how many of you have already unlocked, and the remaining ones. Each skill provides unqiue bonuses. So make sure to read the details. Once you unlock a skill, you will be able to upgrade it to increase its bonus effect. The cost of upgrades increases every upgrade level. Fishing Clash Skill Tokens Skill Tree Explained

How To Get Skill Tokens?

Fishing Clash tokens can be obtained from the shop(the shop has a separate tab for tokens; token deals are refreshed every day, so make sure to keep an eye if you don’t want to miss the tokens for the fishery that you want). Also, keep an eye on the “events”, Fishing Clash gift codes, and wheel of fortune. 

What Does It Cost To Get Skill Tokens In Fishing Clash?

From the events, you can get tokens for free. The token shop lets you buy tokens with coins and pearls. The wheel of fortune gives you a little change; if you are lucky, you may get it in the free spin. And, gift codes, sometimes, feature tokens. 

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So this would be all in this post on Fishing Clash Skill Tokens & Skill Tree Mechanics. Got a new code? Comment below. 

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