Fishing Clash Rods & Gears Licenses Explained!

In this post, you will learn about the Fishing Clash Rods & Gears; Fishing Rod perks, licenses, upgrade, getting new gears, instant catch chance!

Fishing Clash Rods⇓

Fishing Clash Rods License

Rod or the Fishing gear in the Fishing Clash is not a “cosmetic” item. It has various effects like perks bonuses, instance catching chance, combo points bonus, etc. Each fishery or location in the game has a specific “rod”. You can upgrade the rods to get more perks, increase instant catching chance, combo bonus. Let’s learn everything in detail: –

Fishing Clash Rod Upgrades⇓

The starting level of all the rods in all fisheries in the Fishing Clash game is 1. Players can upgrade the rods to level 7 or 7-star. Each upgrade unlocks a new perk, raises star level by 1, and improves instant catching chance, and combo points bonus. 

How To Upgrade Rod?

To upgrade the rod, you will need to sacrifice other rods; based on the current level, the upgrade requirement changes. Here’s the rod upgrade info: –

  • Level 1 Rod to Level 2 Rod: Requires X5 Level 1 Rod
  • Level 2 Rod to Level 3 Rod: Requires X4 Level 2 Rod
  • Level 3 Rod to Level 4 Rod: Requires X3 Level 3 Rod
  • Level 4 Rod to Level 5 Rod: Requires X2 Level 4 Rod
  • Level 5 Rod to Level 6 Rod: Requires X1 Level 5 Rod
  • Level 6 Rod to Level 7 Rod: Requires X1 Level 6 Rod

What Is Instant Catch In Fishing Clash?

Instant Catch Chance is determined by the rod that you are using. A level 1 Rod in Fishing Clash does not have an instant catching chance attribute. But if you upgrade it further to level 2/3/4/5/6/7, the “instant catching chance” score will increase. Go to the gear menu of the game, then rods; on the right side, you will find the “instant catching chance score”. The higher the score, the more chances of triggering instance catch. 

Fishing Clash Instant Catch Chance Rod

How Instant Catch Works?

Instant Catch triggers randomly(based on the rod level and instant catch chance score) when you cast the line. You will see the “Instant Catch” message on the screen if it gets triggered. If it triggers, the fish will be caught immediately. 

What Are Rod Perks?

Rod Perks provide bonuses in Fishing Clash. Here’s the list of perks in Fishing Clash: –

  • Heavier Fish(Rare): Caught Fish are heavier
  • Sonar(Rare): Boosted sonar precision
  • Heavier Fish: Caught Fish are heavier
  • Improved Weight Power Up: The weight power-up is more effective
  • Luck(Rare): Chances of reducing negative luck points
  • Heavier Fish(Fish): Caught fish are heavier
  • Bigger Fish(Fish): Boosted chance of catching bigger fish

How To Get Rods?

You can get rods from the Rod packs. Earn rod packs from the duels,  weekly gift codes, or championship. 

Fishing Clash Licenses Explained⇓

Fishing Clash Rods License

Fishing License provides passive bonuses; each fishery has a unqiue fishing license that can be upgraded. When you catch the fish, you earn points. These points are required to upgrade the fishing license level. Every 2 levels, you will get to draw a bonus; the first spin would be free, you can reroll the bonuses by spending the pearls. Fishing Clash Rods License

What’s Pro License?

The pro license has many benefits; you get to draw a bonus every level(as compared to x2 levels if you have a normal license), you gain EXP fast(5X faster). It costs pearls to upgrade the normal license to a pro license. 

So this would be all in this post on Fishing Clash Rods & Gears Explained; instant catching chance, license bonus, and more. 

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