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Fubar: Just Give’r is a brand new idle game for Android and iOS by KANO/APPS. Let’s have a look at Fubar: Just Give’r guide, tips, tricks & cheatsFubar: Just Give'r

The publisher KANO/APPS has just published a brand new mobile game called Fubar: Give’r – Idle Party Tycoon. In the game, you team up with FUBAR friends Terry and Deaner to become an Idle Party Tycoon. The only problem is the money; you will need Idle cash to party. So you and the guys run profitable businesses to make money. And spend on the parties. In the game sense, you build and upgrade the business, make money, and keep the party steak day-by-day. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Fubar: Just Give’r guide teaches you all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Fubar: Just Give’r tips, tricks & cheats that you may like. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Fubar: Just Give’r Guide, Tips: –

Let’s get started with the basics first – the goal is to keep the party steak active all the time/days and let the cash flow in. At the top-center of the game screen, you can check the day goals. You have to complete all these goals to progress further to the next day. Starting a new day means bringing the crew to a new day and keep the party steak going. When you complete a certain number of goals, JUST GIVE’R button will appear – tap it and then tap the give’r button to progress further into the game; story, to unlock new business, get character and business cards, Pilz, and party tok’ins. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all Fubar: Just Give’r cheats, tips & tricks: –

Learn About The Businesses

There are over 5 businesses that you can handle in Fubar: Just Give’r game to make money and party all the time. For example – the first business name is Cash4Cans – after that, you unlock Metal Pedals, Slaytanic Ballroom, Dine, Valhalla VHS, and so on. These businesses generate Idle cash over time – spend/invest in these businesses to gain customers and you make more money.Fubar: Just Give'r

Upgrade The Businesses

In the footer menu, tap the hammer icon -> this will take you to the business menu where you can see all the running businesses. Renovating or upgrading these businesses increase the profit permanently. You will need business cards, Pilz, and Tok’ins to renovate a specific business. Business cards, Pilz, Tok’ins can be obtained from the cooler; complete the goals to get free coolers/chests or buy from the shop or when you start a new day, Fubar: Just Give’r game gives you free cooler.

You will be able to make more money from the business when you start over the next day – by upgrading/renovating.Fubar: Just Give'r

Tap The Drone To Get Free Rewards

Scroll up to the top of the home screen of the game and you will find a drone. Tap it and claim free rewards.

Get Free Cash By Watching The Video Ads

In the bottom-left corner, tap the TV -> watch the video Ad and get free cash. Use it in getting more customers to the businesses in Fubar: Just Give’r game.

Learn About The Characters

There are over 25 characters featured in Fubar: Just Give’r. You can unlock these characters by progressing further to the next days or from the cooler. All these characters give a permanent boost to the businesses. Head to characters tab by tapping the card option in the footer menu -> tap on a character avatar to check his/her info – some characters boost all the businesses, while some characters provide a boost to a certain business. For example – Hagar permanently boosts the Cash4Cans business. Dean grants a permanent boost to all the businesses.

You can upgrade these characters when you have enough of their duplicate cards, which you can obtain from cooler. Upgrading costs Pilz. You can get Pilz by watching the video ads(drone), from the cooler, by completing the quests, in exchnage for Tok’ins.

Participate In The Events

Reach day 5 asap to unlock events. From the events, you can earn Pilz, Party Tok’ins, and Character Cards.

Get Free Party Tok’ins

Go to the shop and scroll down to the bottom. There you will find the offer to get free party tok’ins by completing offers or following the developers on social media.

Complete the quests and get the cooler – you may get Party Tok’ins. Progress to the next day to get Party Tok’ins. Also, participate in the events to earn Party Tok’ins.

Automate The Business

In each business, you can recruit a character to automate the business; tap the reload icon and spend the cash to recruit the character to automate the cash collection.

Keep An Eye On The Shop

Head to the shop and there you will find the daily card deals that you can buy with the Pilz. Keep an eye on these offers and grab the card that you need. Also, you get freebie cooler after every few hours in the shop that gives over 250 Pilz, and up to 25 cards.

So this would be all in this post on Fubar: Just Give’r guide, tips, cheats & tricks for beginners.

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