Hotel Empire Tycoon – Can You Transfer Money?

Can you transfer money between hotels in the Hotel Empire Tycoon? Read on and check out this Hotel Empire Tycoon post for the answer!Hotel Empire Tycoon Transfer Money

Hotel Empire Tycoon Transfer Money: –

NO! You can not transfer money between hotels. If you are a newbie to the game and unlocked a new hotel, you may want to transfer the money that you are earning from the previous hotel to the hotel that you have just unlocked. But the game does not support this. Once you have successfully made the hotel from 0-star to a 5-star hotel, your job is done! Next, focus on the next hotel, earn stars, and unlock another hotel. All you have to do is make all the hotels 5-star. That’s it. Also, see –

I Have Completed All Hotels! What To Do Now?

Well, if you have completed all the hotels, it’s time to wait for the next update. When the game was new, there were only two hotels; The Codinental and The Stanely Resort. In the Hotel Empire Tycoon Version 1.1.0, they added Blue Crystal Resort – 1 month ago from this post. In version 1.2.0, they added Santa’s Shelter – 3 weeks ago.

So all you can do is wait for the next update to bring new hotels. We would recommend following the official Hotel Empire Tycoon Facebook Page for further updates. As of now, we have no information on new hotels.

So this would be all in this post on Hotel Empire Tycoon Transfer Money. If you have more questions or need help, please comment below. Thanks for visiting us!

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  1. Me too man Stanley resort 4 star I did everything I mean everything to the max I triple checked it and nothing at all 4 star only must be a bug

    • I had the same issue … found out what stopped me getting 5 stars … make sure the parking barrier that letting the cars in at the end of the road is maxed out!! Finally got my 5th star!!