Tennis Clash Review – The Best PvP Tennis Game On Mobile

Tennis Clash is an online multiplayer PvP tennis game for Android and iOS by Wildlife Studios. Is it worth playing? Check out this Tennis Clash ReviewTennis Clash Review

Released on August 29, 2019, Tennis Clash game by Wildlife Studios has surpassed 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and listed in the top best sports game in the iOS App Store. It offers 1v1 PvP online tennis match battles. It has a lot of pros, as well as some cons, which we are going to share in this Tennis Clash review! So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Tennis Clash Gameplay: –

In the Tennis Clash game, you need gold coins to play the matches in different leagues. As you win the matches in the league tours, you will be promoted and get to play with pro players. You must have an active stable internet connection because you will be in the real-time arena.

The gameplay is pretty smooth – you can play it with one hand. It could be competitive because you will be playing with real players – not the bots. So you will need to use own tactics to win the matches. The simple controls make it one of the smoothest PvP tennis game – all you need to do is swipe to hit the ball; fast, slow, strong shots depend on how you swipe.

Tennis Clash also features seven characters – each with unique abilities and stats. You can make them the pro character by equipping rare or high-quality gears. If you win the matches, you will get the trophies – earn more and more to get promoted to higher-level leagues. The entry fee increases as the league level increase – so do the reward.

There are two in-game currencies in Tennis Clash – gold coins(use them for upgrades or pay the entry fee), gems(to buy gear cards, characters, string). You can earn gold coins by defeating the opponents in the matches. And, gems can be obtained from the bags that you receive when you defeat the opponents; free bags are also provided to the player daily.

Tennis Clash game also features Tournament mode. In this mode, you try to earn as many points as you can to climb up in the tournament league and win great rewards.

In addition to the league matches, tournament mode, you can also play event mode to earn more rewards. For example – the Bullseye Challenge event.

Monetization: –

Tennis Clash is monetized by Ads and IAPs. Ads – The player can watch the video Ads and receive a ton of coins. IAPs – you can buy gems and packs. You can use gems to buy bags or to open the bags immediately. There are lots of packs available that you can buy with real money and get stronger(have better stats). Also, you can spend on cards, characters.

Tennis Clash Review – Pros & Cons: –

Let’s start with the Cons first: –

The P2W Factor – you can play it for free – no doubt! But as you progress through the leagues, you will need better stats (along with the tactics and strategies) to beat the opponents. Those who spend real money can make their character good – by buying quality gear, their stats can easily be improved – stamina, agility, serve, etc. So if you are a f2p player, you could face the opponents with better stats than your character (in late game). And it would be hard for you to beat those opponents – even if you are good at controlling, hitting shots or use the best tactics.

So this is the negative thing about Tennis Clash.

Pros: –

Quality Graphics – Tennis Clash has the best graphics!

The Best PvP Tennis Game On Mobile – There are lots of Tennis games available on the mobile – but Tennis Clash is the best; thanks to smooth gameplay, great graphics, simple controls.

Competitive – It offers real-time PvP matches and you clash with real players – that makes it competitive!

At last, we would rate it 3/5 stars. It’s great – but pay to win! 

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2 thoughts on “Tennis Clash Review – The Best PvP Tennis Game On Mobile”

  1. As stated in some of the other reviews……. this game could have been a really good, looks really good for a phone app but…….. once you start winning if your not paying you start to loose repeatedly, and to much lesser opponents! As some stated, armature programmers I believe! How a ball can hang in the air for 5-10 seconds after bouncing is completely beyond me, not to mention it only happens for the opposing player, not for you! If your opponent has a poor connection you are the one that gets screwed! If you have a poor connection you are also the one to get screwed! Lol, how that works I don’t know…. How someone with the same player with “MUCH” lower attributes can beat you is perplexing, I mean attributes that are not even close! I swipe to hit the ball basically the same every time but, seem to hit the net more than I get it over now. Balls are outside of the circle every time now, way out! Mind you, this was after moving up a couple levels….it was pretty good until that point but…I don’t spend any money on the game therefore my winning days are over!!!! “Free to play games” always cater to the ones paying $$$$. Instead of advertising as “free to play” they should advertise as “free to play, pay to win”! Don’t waste your time! If you have money to blow and you get off by winning by doing so then have at! Just know, there are plenty of people out there that could smoke those paying money without spending a dime but, that doesn’t make the so called “developer” fat pockets!!!!