Magatsu Wahrheit Tier List: Weapon, Classes, Guide & Rerolling!

Magatsu Wahrheit Global is the latest RPG title from Mobimon Inc. Read on for Magatsu Wahrheit tier list, classes, weapon, guide, and reroll

Magatsu Wahrheit Tier List Classes Guide Weapon

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Magatsu Wahrheit Guide & Tips⇓

(1) Magatsu Wahrheit is an online MMORPG, now available in the English version. In the game, you will build the soul tree of character classes and fight the enemies in available game modes. Progression guide & tips: at the beginning of the game focus on the story mode, complete the missions/quests and farm the gears. 

(2) Tips to get stronger: – equip your character with top-tier gears, build the soul tree, enhance, focus on skill development, evolve, do limit break, and level up. 

(3) Follow the quests: do the story quests, battle quests, training quests, and event quests and farm the gears, common currencies, and premium currency that you can use to summon the top-tier weapons/gears in Magatsu Wahrheit. 

(4) Class Build: the game lets you pick the class freely. Based on the gameplay that suits your style, you can pick a class and build it further. The tip here is not to build all the classes; stick to a particular class, train it, and build it with soul tree and gears or x2 classes if you are free-to-play. 

(5) Join a Guild: it’s important to join an active guild in this game – you will get a lot of benefits. Visit this game’s sub-reddit and look for the guild recruitments(Reddit link is given below). 

Magatsu Wahrheit Classes(Class Guide)⇓

As per the current global version, this game has six unqiue classes available in the beginning: –

  • Warrior Class – Best Top-Tier Melee DPS
  • Knight Class – Best Top-Tier Tank Character
  • Priest Class – Best Top-Tier Support Healer Character
  • Hunter Class – Best Top-Tier Specialist Character
  • Gunner Class – Best Top-Tier Ranged-DPS Character
  • Wizard Class – Best Top-Tier Mage Character

Each class prefers a unqiue set of weapons/gears. For example; the gunner class character uses the gun to fight enemies. Wizard class character uses the staff, Warrior class character uses the sword, Knight class character uses the shield, Priest class character uses the time book, and so on. Also, you will get to build their soul trees that strengthen their abilities, stats, and performance in the battles. 

NOTE: these six classes are available from the start. To unlock more classes, you will need to meet a certain level requirement: –

  • GunKnight Class: Unlocks at Gunner level 70 & Knight level 50
  • Rogue Class: unlocks at Hunter Level 70 & Warrior level 50
  • Enchanter Class: unlocks at Priest level 70 & Hunter level 50
  • Paladin Class: unlocks at Knight level 70 & priest level 50
  • Spellcaster Class: unlocks at Wizard level 70 & Gunner level 50
  • Gunslinger Class: unlocks at Gunner level 70 & Hunter level 50
  • Ranger Class: unlocks at Hunter level 70 & Gunner level 50
  • Cleric Class: unlocks at Priest level 70 & Wizard level 50
  • Guardian Class: unlocks at Knight level 70 & Warrior level 50
  • Gladiator Class: unlocks at Warrior level 70 & Knight level 50

How to change class in Magatsu Wahrheit? 

-> Tap the menu button -> my character -> class select. You may need to complete the unit training quests to unlock the class before you can switch between the classes. 

Magatsu Wahrheit Tier List: Class Tier Rankings⇓

This is the Magatsu Wahrheit tier list ranking the classes based on JP version: –

  • Gladiator – Tier 1
  • Gunslinger – Tier 1
  • Paladin – Tier 1
  • Gun Knight – Tier 1
  • Rogue – Tier 1
  • Enchanter – Tier 1
  • Guardian – Tier 2
  • Spellcaster – Tier 2
  • Warlock – Tier 2
  • Cleric – Tier 2
  • Ranger – Tier 3
  • Spellsowrd – Tier 3

Tier Info: Tier 1> Tier 2 > Tier 3. 

Magatsu Wahrheit Tier List: Weapon Tier List⇓

This is the Magatsy Wahrheit weapon tier list(SSR grade best weapons): – 

  • Gambanteinn – Tier 1(Best)
  • Valheit Shield – Tier 1
  • Metro Noah Book – Tier 1
  • Heil Ribe – Tier 1
  • Valheit Book – Tier 1
  • Crystal Book – Tier 1
  • Infinity Edge – Tier 1
  • Courage Forsa – Tier 1
  • Civil Cannon – Tier 1
  • Metro Noah Shield – Tier 1
  • Thanatos Cannon – Tier 2(Good)
  • Len’s Keyboard Edge – Tier 2
  • Valheit Rod – Tier 2
  • Estray Cannon – Tier 2
  • Haley Veil – Tier 2
  • Welt Knight – Tier 2
  • Chaos Break – Tier 2
  • Ellis Shield – Tier 3
  • Hell Flare Blade – Tier 3(Average to Good)
  • Aqua Aura Blade – Tier 3
  • Land Grease Blade – Tier 3
  • KAITO Drum Shield – Tier 3
  • Argent Blade – Tier 3
  • Land Grease Rod – Tier 3
  • Picatrix – Tier 3
  • Metrono Cannon – Tier 3
  • Sacred Edge – Tier 3
  • Fiorel Edge – Tier 3
  • Lindworm Fang – Tier 3
  • Granada Heart Edge – Tier 3
  • Solital Ein – Tier 3
  • Electron Rod – Tier 3
  • Estreia Blade – Tier 4(Below Avergae to Avergae Ratings)
  • Ancient Sword – Tier 4
  • Hell Flare Shield – Tier 4
  • Mobile Shield Special – Tier 4
  • Crystal Shield – Tier 4
  • Infinity Rod – Tier 4
  • Sacred Rod – Tier 4
  • Hatsune Miku Megaphone Sword – Tier 4
  • Mobile Throwing Blade Special – Tier 4
  • Estreia Edge – Tier 4
  • Fiorel Cannon – Tier 4
  • Mechanical Life – Tier 4
  • Argent Cannon – Tier 4
  • Infinity Blade – Tier 5(Bad)
  • Hazyism Edge – Tier 5
  • Gravita – Tier 5

(1) There are specific types of weapons or gears available for all the classes in the game; classified into four tiers: UR-tier weapon, SSR-tier weapon, SR-tier weapon, and R-tier weapon. Of course, UR and SSR-tier weapons/gears are the best for the character classes. But hard to get for free(through grinding) – you will have to save and spend gems on the weapon gacha banners. Magatsu Wahrheit, unlike other gacha games, which offer hero gacha mechanics, has an “equipment gacha” system. 

(2) Each weapon has unqiue skills that your character can cast during the battle. Weapons’ skills play a vital role in the battles; so make sure to get familiar with the weapon that you are using. Navigate to my character menu -> equip -> you can select x5 weapons in a weapon slot, x3 types of armors, and x5 accessories. Also, you can gear up the character with support gears. Long press on a weapon or armor or accessory to check its info.

(3) Weapons: greatswords, shields, rods, book, throwing blades, and handguns. Greatsword for warriors, shields for knights, rods for a wizard, book for the priest, throwing blades for the hunter, and handgun for gunners. 

(4) List of SSR Tier weapons in Magatsu Wahrheit: – 

  • Courage Sword
  • Otrus Sword
  • Measure Courage Sword
  • Moon Sword
  • Gao Jing Sword
  • Mobile Sword Special
  • Watercolor Sword
  • Wahrheit Swor
  • Land Shield
  • Diamond Shield
  • Yerris Shield
  • Van Wilden Shield
  • Jarnavis Shield
  • Wahrheit Shield
  • Watercolor Shield
  • Wahrheit Shield
  • Mobile Shield Special
  • Magic Power Rod
  • Earth Rod
  • Witch’s Rod
  • Tempest Rod
  • Riptide Rod
  • Wahrheit Rod
  • Mobile Rod Special 
  • Watercolor Rod
  • Nature Book
  • Flindt Book
  • Star Magic Book
  • Grace Book
  • Caesar Cannon Law Book
  • Wahrheit Book
  • Watercolor Book
  • Mobile Books Special
  • Dragon King Blade
  • Beast Claw Blade
  • Nature Blade
  • Griffin Blade
  • Gravity Blade
  • Wahrheit Blade
  • Mobile Blade Special
  • Doron. Lega’s Gun
  • Mistral Gun
  • Krent. Ammo
  • Satellite. Dessert Gun
  • Melaleuca Kissing Gun
  • Wahrheit Handgun
  • Mobile Gun Special
  • Watercolor Cannon Gun

FAQ, Wiki, Communities⇓

Q.) What kind of game is this?

Magatsu Wahrheit is an open world MMORPG game with six classes/jobs – Warrior, Knight, Priest, Hunter, Gunner, and Wizard. 

Q.) Does this game feature PvP battles?

No, there is no PvP. You can team up with other players and fight together. 

Q.) Is this a gacha game?

It’s not a hero gacha game. Gacha system is only on the gears; accessories, weapons, and armors. 

Q.) Should you reroll?

No need to reroll.

Q.) Magatsu Wahrheit Reddit, Discord, FB Communities

Q.) Is there any Wiki available?

As of now, no English Wiki guide is available. 

So this would be all in this post on the Magatsu Wahrheit tier list, weapon system, classes, and guide for beginners. NOTE: this article is in development. 

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