Hero Wars Aurora: How To Get, Is She Good?

Aurora is one of the characters in the Hero Wars mobile & Facebook app. Read on for Hero Wars Aurora Info: is Aurora good, how to get her?

Hero Wars Aurora

Hero Wars Aurora⇓

Auror is a front-line tank class character in the Hero Wars game. She is available in the mobile version as well as the Facebook version. Here’s brief profile info: –

  • Name: Aurora
  • Position: Front Line
  • Main hero stat: Strength
  • Role: Tank
  • Special: Elf
  • Attack Type: Magic

Aurora Skills⇓

Aurora’s skills can stun, do damage, and absorb damage. She has active skills as well as passive skills. Let’s take a look at her skills and then find out whether she is worth investing in or not: –

  • Crystal of Selias: With this skill, Aurora strikes at the center of the foe team and inflicts damage to all the foes around the point of impact. The damage from this skill can be increased through upgrades. 
  • Crystalline Onslaught: With this skill, Aurora stuns and inflicts damage to a nearby target. 
  • Piercing Light: With this skill, Aurora casts a spark of light which inflicts all rivals in the way. 
  • Rainbow Halo: Passive skill of Aurora that helps her shield absorb the damage. And, after soaking up a certain amount of damage, the shield explodes and inflicts damage to nearby foes. 

Is Aurora Good In Hero Wars?

Aurora is a good tank in our opinion. But you will need to invest a lot if you want to see her true strength; like maxing out leveling, artifacts, skin, equipment, etc. Her skins boost Health, Armor, Dodge, and Strength. Her artifacts boost dodge, health, and strength. The passive ability unlocks at violent rank. If you are f2p, we would recommend focusing on Astaroth, instead of building Aurora. 

Aurora Strengths⇓

Aurora is good against magic teams, thanks to her violent skill “Rainbow Halo”, which reflects back 80% magic damage. Also, against CRIT teams because of her dodge. Max her out to see her full potential. 

How To Get Aurora Soul Stones In Hero Wars Mobile?

You can get Aurora Souls stones from the heroic chest and the chapters. Here’s the acquisition info: –

  • Heroic Chest
  • Chapter 2: 2-15 Stage
  • Chapter 5: 5-6 Stage
  • And, Chapter 9: 9 – 1 Stage

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