Stellar Hunter Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Stellar Hunter is a new mobile game by LTGAMES. Read on for the Stellar Hunter guide & tips: crew, exploration, recon, and much more.

Stellar Hunter Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this Stellar Hunter guide, you will learn how to play this game, about progression, tips on getting stronger, crew characters, and other aspects such as planet exploration, upgrades, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: Stellar Hunter guide and tips for beginners: –

Get Started With The Stellar Hunter Game Basics⇓

Stellar Hunter Mobile Game Guide

(1) Basic Intro – Stellar Hunter is a space-theme RPG packed with Roguelike elements. In the game, you will build a squad of top-tier crew characters and explore the planets in the galaxy. It would be better to follow the story missions as they guide you through all the basic functions of the game + provide lots of rewards. 

(2) Fame: To level up in Stellar Hunter, you will need to accumulate enough fame points. The best way to accumulate these fame points is by completing the story missions. In the lower-right side, tap the mission board option and check out the story mission details; read it carefully as the quests are not auto – you will need to find out the mission destination and then head to it and then start exploring. 

Raising the fame level will help you unlock the new content in the Stellar Hunter mobile game: –

  • Dailies, Planet Olive, Hero Barabba unlocks at Fame Level 4
  • Guild, Hero Hans unlocks at Fame Level 5
  • Rankings, Arena Mode, Planet Ketuvim unlocks at Fame Level 6
  • Sky Hero unlocks at Fame Level 7
  • ….and so on. Keep leveling and you will eventually unlock all the planets in the ga,e

Stellar Hunter Game Guide To Crew Characters⇓

Crew characters or heroes or members can help you in completing missions, fight enemies, and planet exploration. Some heroes or crew members are unlocked as you progress through the story mode or level, while you can also obtain them from Tavern. At the bottom menu, tap “tavern option” -> tap on the crew character that you have not obtained so far -> recruit -> spend the coins or diamonds. Check out these Stellar Hunter codes for free diamonds. 

How To Make Heroes Stronger In Stellar Hunter⇓

Stellar Hunter

Once you have got a new hero, you might want to develop it so that you can add it to your squad. There are several ways to make heroes stronger in Stellar Hunter: go to crew menu -> select a hero -> 

Level Up: tap the + button in the top-left of the hero profile -> use EXP potions to level up the hero. Raising the crew member’s level is the easiest way to get stronger. Once you reach a certain level, you will be able to promote the hero’s class.

Equipment: equip all sorts of gears to your hero; Gun, Boots, Armor, etc. 

Class Promotion: reach a certain level first. Then tap on the class option on the right side of the hero profile screen under the crew menu(like, Bio, Ranger, Vanguard, Hunter, Psych, etc.) -> class -> a class tree will appear -> tap on the next promotion slot to check what items would be needed to gain next promotion. Mostly, you are required to have a certain number of combat data chips, data core, and specific core materials. 

You can gain the combat data chips or core materials by playing the game or by spending star coins in the store. 

Affinity Bonus: bond with the crew characters in the Tavern to raise affinity bonus and get boosts. 

How To Give Gift Items To Heroes In Stellar Hunter Game?Stellar Hunter Mobile Game Guide

Head to the tavern -> tap on the crew member -> choose gift -> select gift. You can get the gift boxes from the battles at planets or by making recon progress in planets; at the bottom of the screen, slide to the second tab of the menu -> recon -> there you can check the planet progress -> when you achieve the milestone, the game gives you crates containing gift boxes and other rewards. If you have the gift boxes, go to the warehouse -> gift boxes -> open all; you will get the gift items like music box, beer, clockwork, star ring, gummy star, etc. 

Stellar Hunter Guide To Workshop⇓

In the workshop, players can recycle the useless items and get the crafting material to create gears and items. You can craft all sorts of gears in the workshop; epic, legendary, armor, weapon, etc. And, also the items; AP Booster(AP or action points are required to play the game), EXP Potion, etc. 

Guide To Gears⇓

In the Stellar Hunter game, players can get gears through crafting or from the store. To craft, navigate to the workshop -> gear -> choose rarity and type -> if you have the materials, start crafting. To buy from the store, tap the store option at the bottom menu -> diamond -> there you will find a lot of gearboxes; tap the search/magnifying glass icon to check what it contains. Based on the drop rate, you get the rewards. 

Equip high-tier grade gears to Crew Members and they will perfrom well. 

Getting Free Diamonds In Stellar Hunter⇓

Diamond is the premium currency in the Stellar Hunter mobile game. You can get it for free by watching the video ads or using the codes. Tap the announcement/event board icon in the lower-left corner -> this will open the event screen -> in the lower-right corner, you will see the option to get diamonds for free by watching a video ad. And, you can check the gift codes here. Other than codes and video ads, you can also get diamonds by completing the event missions.

Stellar Hunter Progression Guide For Beginners⇓

(1) Missions: We would recommend you to focus on the missions in the beginning; these missions give a ton of fame EXP, star coins, and valuable items. Missions; story, bounty, event, and dailies. 

Stellar Hunter Mobile Game Guide

(2) Explore/Recon Progress – Travel to different-different planets and complete the recon progress. You can unlock new planets by increasing the fame level. To check the current progress, slide to the 2nd tab of the menu -> recon -> there you will see the planet recon progress. 

(3) Events: Keep an eye on the events. 

Others: –

  • Complete achievements
  • Do dailies
  • Participate in the arena mode
  • Join an active guild in Stellar Hunter
  • Craft High-Tier gears
  • Collect and build crew members – equip gears, level up, etc. to build their score
  • Promote class

Send Crew Members On Exploration⇓

Stellar Hunter Mobile Game Guide

Players can send the crew members on idle AFK planet exploration to yield resources. Different-different planet yields different resources. Navigate to the second tab of the bottom menu -> exploration -> tap on the + squad option -> select a crew member and tap start. After a certain amount of time, that crew member will return with resources. 

Know Your Crew Members⇓

Crew members have unqiue abilities that can help you in battles or planet recon exploration. Make sure to get familiar with each member – if you want to build the best team. For instance; Didi in Stellar Hunter has healing skill. Navigate to the crew menu, select a crew member and tap on its skill icon on the top-right -> the game will display its info. 

Also, see – 

So this would be all in this post on Stellar Hunter guide, tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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