Food Fantasy Game Recipes List – Fixing The Development Failed

Food Fantasy game features a variety of recipes and as a restaurant owner, you must discover all in order to serve the customers. Check out Food Fantasy Recipes

It’s very easy to figure out the ingredients quantity and location in Food Fantasy game to discover the recipe as the game provide a complete list of recipes in the game menu. We will combine it for you here and make it easy for you by sharing Food Fantasy Game Recipes. First of all, you should know that you can check all the recipes and ingredients from the game menu. You can even check the ingredients location; as there is a specific stage where you can farm a specific item. For example; stage 8-2 is good to farm or obtain rice. Here’s how you can check Food Fantasy Game Recipes and Ingredients list & location: –

Food Fantasy Game RecipesGo to the restaurant screen -> choose the research option -> after it, go to the develop tab -> tap the recipes button to check all the Food Fantasy Recipes. Tap the Ingredients button to check all the ingredients and their location. Done? Here’s the complete list of recipes featured in Food Fantasy game and the number of ingredients required to discover.

Food Fantasy Game Recipes List: –

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As you unlock new locations in the game, you will be able to cook new recipes. Here’s more(Glorivelle Location): –

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Sakurajima Location Recipes: –

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So these are Food Fantasy Game Recipes. Keep in mind that some recipes can be obtained by completing the missions. So make sure to pay attention to the special missions. You can find the ingredients by defeating the enemies in the battle. As mentioned above, there is a specific stage to get a specific item. Go to the develop menu -> tap the ingredients button -> tap the ingredient to obtain Рhit the obtain button and you will get the stage details where you can obtain it easily.

However, it’s very time-consuming. To save the time, use the sweep feature. Before you start the battle or hit the consume button to start the battle, on the same screen, at the left side -> tap the sweep button and confirm. It only works on the stages you have already completed(3-stars).

We would recommend you to go step-by-step. Tap the recipe button(See the picture above) and tap the recipe icon. As you clear the stages, the difficulty level will increase and it would be hard to obtain 3-stars. Make sure to summon the souls and after a certain number of summons, you will definitely get UR Rank soul. We would recommend you to focus or upgrade SR Or UR Rank souls only. Use R-Rank souls in other tasks such as restaurant management, orders or delivery.

So that’s all for this post. You should read the guide, tips & cheats here to master the game. Or simply search the keyword Food Fantasy(search bar is below) for more articles.

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