Idle Light City Prestige Guide – Cells & Boosters

Wondering how prestige function in Idle Light City works? Read on for Idle Light City prestige guide – how to get power cells and use them

Idle Light City PrestigeIdle Light City by ADQUANTUM LTD is a beautiful game with amazing gameplay where you produce the bulbs, construct the buildings, lighten the buildings, and build a light city. We have already covered the Idle Light City guide. In today’s post, we will give you an overview of the prestige function in the game. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. Idle Light City prestige guide – power cells & boosters.

Idle Light City Prestige: –

To unlock the prestige function, you must build all the buildings in the A-Block. There are (12) buildings in the A-Block that you must build to progress or unlock this function.

Once you are all done, tap the upgrade button -> head to the prestige tab. There you can spend the power cells or perform the prestige. Tap the prestige button -> confirm it by choosing a particular method; the free one and the premium.

The free method – with this prestige method, you lose all the progress and start over in the game from A-1 building.

The premium method – with this premium method, you don’t lose the progress – but it costs you 75 gems.

In both methods, you get a certain number of power cells that you can use to buy powerful permanent upgrades like an increase in city profit, lightbulb power, etc.

How To Get More Power Cells From Prestige?

The amount of reward from the prestige, which is power cell, increases as you earn money. So focus on earning more money and get more power cells.

When To Prestige?

Since prestige takes your all progress and pushes you back to where you started, it’s important to perform it at the right time. We would recommend you to prestige when the number of power cells is enough for a booster/upgrade. Head to the prestige menu and check the cost of upgrades. And, then check the number of power cells that you can get from the prestige by tapping the prestige button.

If you are getting enough cells to buy or upgrade a booster, then do it asap and get the permanent bonus. If not, then keep earning more until you reach this milestone.

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So this would be all in this post on the Idle Light City Prestige guide.

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5 thoughts on “Idle Light City Prestige Guide – Cells & Boosters”

  1. I have a doubt.
    Once I have reset the progress and continued.
    Next time I gave diamonds for prestige and continued with the saved progress.
    Now it is showing that ‘Unavailable untill next prestige.
    What to do now?

    • Yeah, that happened to me, when You do the premium one, the next one must be a reset, You can’t do Double premium