The Walking Zombie 2 perks: best perks to invest in

If you are confused about The Walking Zombie 2 perks, then check out this post and find out the best perks to invest in

The Walking Zombie 2 Perks

As you progress through The Walking Zombie 2 quests, you will gain EXP and the character’s level will eventually rise to the next level. After every 3 levels, by default, you get one perk point. You should spend these perk points wisely – there are a variety of perks available where you can invest and get specific bonuses. But what are the best perks? In today’s post, we will give you an overview of The Walking Zombie 2 Perks so that you can spend the perk points wisely. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. For starters, we recommend checking The Walking Zombie 2 guide for beginners., The Walking Zombie 2 Codes.

The Walking Zombie 2 Perks: –

Nothing Perk

As per the perk details in the game, Nothing perk does nothing and advises you not to take it. Although, that’s not true. You get two additional perk points by activating the nothing perk in The Walking Zombie 2.

Animal Language

Activate it to level up fast, get more skill points and the perks. It is one of the best perks in The Walking Zombie 2.


With this skill, you get to read the books and it unlocks the perk bookworm. By reading the book, you can acquire more skill points. You can get books from the areas(open world base, search – woodlands, Springfield), trader, by killing zombies. Make sure to invest in trading skill to buy books at a cheap rate. For more information, check out this guide –

Berserker Perk

That’s kind of wounded-tiger like buff. When the character is low on HP(below 20% of the max health), he will inflict 20% additional damage than the base stats.

Good Student

It gives more skill points per level.


More Z Silver coins from trading the scraps.


It increases the number of skill points reward per level by 2 – but increases the perk point reward by 1. So you will get 2 more skill points per level – but perk point will be rewarded after each level 4 instead of 3.


It grants 10 skill points to a random skill.

Faster Healing

Increases the healing speed of the character by more than 40%.

Fast Hands

Increases the reloading speed.


Heals HP each time the character gains a level.


Let’s you inflict a critical hit as a first-time attack after entering a location.

More Criticals

Increases the chances of inflicting the critical hits in The Walking Zombie 2.


N/A. If you have activated this perk, please give its info in the comment section below.


Increases the talking skill of the character when you talk to a woman NPC.


Makes the pointer slower.

Speed Demon

Travel faster.

Extra XP

You get more XP from the quests and it helps you level up fast.

Better Criticals

Increases the critical hits efficiency – more damage from the critical hits.

Bigger Backpack

Increases the backpack size by 5 slots.


Activate this perk to deal more damage with grenades.


Makes the lockpick slow.

We would recommend investing in these best perks in The Walking Zombie 2: –

  • Nothing – two additional perks
  • Reading – to read books
  • Animal Language – Bookworm  – get skill points by reading books
  • Scavenger – more money by selling scraps
  • Lockpick
  • Extra XP – to level up fast

In the end, it’s up to you to invest based on the preference. Comment below and share the best perks based on your opinion.

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So this would be all in this post on The Walking Zombie 2 Perks guide – best perks for beginners.

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15 thoughts on “The Walking Zombie 2 perks: best perks to invest in”

    • Hacker Neo perk is unlocked by hacking a crate from space which is Ultra Hard, the line is moving fast and the area is little. This perk provides slow the line by 5%. The kidnapped by Aliens happened exactly as it saids, but until now I don’t know what are its effects.

      • You can obtain the skill ‘Neo’ by hacking any thing on very hard difficulty. So you could also simply hack the training terminal, which you can find next to Luke in the town of Springfield. If you fail nothing happens, so you can try as often as you like.

  1. Actually, there are some ‘Secret Perks’ in this game. I have unlocked 2 of ’em, and if you guys have unlocked more, please give me some details XD.

    • I have unlocked habitute perk from giving money to the dancer until a man ask me for help, this perk increase my health by 5