Infinity Kingdom Immortals Guide For Beginners

In the Infinity Kingdom game, Immortals are the characters who lead the troops. Read on for Infinity Kingdom Immortals Guide for beginners!Infinity Kingdom Immortals Guide

Infinity Kingdom Immortals Guide⇓

Immortals in the Infinity Kingdom are classified into multiple grades; common/green, rare/blue, purple/elite, and golden/epic. The higher the grade, the more difficult it would be to get the immortal fragments. But they are powerful too. Epic/Golden > Elite/Purple > Rare/Blue > Common/Green. 

How To Get Immortals In Infinity Kingdom?

Players in the Infinity Kingdom can get Immortals from the Hall of Immortals building. On the Kingdom screen, tap on the hall of immortals building. There you can spend gems on the normal and advanced banners. The normal banner features only rare and common immortals or their fragments. 

While the advanced banner features elite and epic immortals as well. 

Get Familiar With Immortals’ Characteristics⇓

All the Immortals in the Infinity Kingdom are different and possess unique skills and traits. Some Immortals are good in defense while some are good in ATK. Some of them lead bowmen while some of the cavalry. And, they all belong to one of these elements; Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Shadow, and Holy. 

Navigate to the immortals menu and tap on an immortal. At the bottom of its portrait, you can check its three traits. Just tap on a trait to check its details. 

Infinity Kingdom Immortal Troop Characteristics⇓

In the Infinity Kingdom, Immortals Characters have one of these troop characteristics: –

Shieldman – Restrains/Good Against Spearman

Spearman – Restrains/Good Against Cavalry

Cavalry – Restrains/Good Against Shieldman

Infinity Kingdom Immortals Attribute Elements⇓

Immortals are bind to the attribute element relationship where one element beats another: –

Water attribute is good against Fire attribute

Fire attribute is good against Fire Wind

Wind attribute is good against Fire Lightning

Lightning attribute is good against Fire Earth

Shadow attribute is the strongest and beats all Water/Fire/Wind/Lightning

Holy attribute is good against Fire Shadow

Immortals Strength⇓

All the Immortals have been assigned a specific position where they do well: –

Defense type Immortals are good at defense and position in the front row

Attack type Immortals are good at PHY ATKs in the front row

Range type Immortals are good at PHY ATKs in the back row

Magic type Immortals are good at Magical ATKs in the back row

Support type Immortals are good at healing in the back row

How To Level Up Immortals?

You can level up Immortals by spending EXP Rolls. Navigate to Immortals menu -> select an Immortal -> tap the + icon next to the level bar -> spend the EXP Rolls. If you don’t have any, do the quests/event challenges/PvE battles to earn.

How To Develop Immortals AKA Star Level?

Players can develop Immortals once they have enough of their fragments. You can get the Immortals fragments from the Hall of Immortals. Once the Immortal is developed, it will gain a higher level of Ultimate Skills and the basic stats will be improved. 

How To Unlock New Skills Of Immortals?

You can unlock new immortals skills by developing the immortals aka raising the star level. Go to Immortals -> tap on the ⇑ icon -> use duplicate fragments and currency to develop or star up immortal. 

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