Redecor Podium: How To Get Podiums?

Wondering what’s a Podium in the Redecor – Home Design Game? Read on for the Redecor Podium: how to earn or get Podiums!Redecor Podiums

Redecor Podium Feature⇓

Redecor devs recently added a new function to the game and it’s called “Podium”. It helps you track the wins from duels and the classic challenges. And, that’s all. It does not give any sort of buff or debuff or voting benefits. 

How To Check Podium In Redecor – Home Design Game?

Players can check the number of Podiums that they have earned so far in the profile menu of the game. In the bottom menu, lower-right corner, tap on the profile avatar tab icon -> under the profile, you will see the details such as wins, Podiums, 5-stars, average stars, career level, etc. 

How To Earn Podiums In Redecor?

To get more Podiums, you need to beat the opponent in the duel mode and make it to the top 3 in the classic challenges. The game gives you X1 Podium when you win the duel challenge, X1 Podium when you get one of the top 3 ranks in the classic challenge mode. If you are unfamiliar with the challenges, you can read the challenge guide here

How To Change Name In Redecor, Change Profile Picture?

To change your name in Redecor, navigate to the profile menu of the game(bottom menu, last tab from the left). Tap on the gear(setting icon) on that menu. A new screen will appear where you can see the current player name. Tap on the current player name to change the name. Return to the settings by closing the keyboard to save changes. 

To change the profile picture in Redecor – Home Design Game, go to the same setting menu(profile -> settings) -> tap on the current avatar frame or profile picture -> choose an image from your gallery to set it as a profile picture. 

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  1. Good day
    I notice that I somehow bought 20 Heat Treated Metal items.
    I do not know how that occurred but is there any chance that I can swop the items. for something else please? I don’t think I will ever make use of them.

    What must I do to play Redecor on my PC as well??