Infinity Kingdom Guide & Tips, Cheats For Beginners

Infinity Kingdom is a brand new MMORTS game for Android & iOS by Youzu Singapore Ltd. Read on for the Infinity Kingdom guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Infinity Kingdom Guide Tips Cheats Strategy

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Youzu, the mobile games publisher, well-known for Light of Thel game, recently published a brand new MMORTS game called the Infinity Kingdom on mobile app stores. In the game, players all across the world build and expand their kingdoms of dreams. You will be playing as a lord of the Kingdom; the three kingdoms that are available to choose as per the current version of the game are; Ydvia, Vitas, and Ruslan.Infinity Kingdom Guide Tips Cheats Strategy

You can join any one of these kingdoms at the start of the game. Depending on the kingdom you choose, you will get to join an alliance. For example; if you choose Ydvia kingdom, you would not be able to join Vitas kingdom alliances or Ruslan kingdom alliances. We recommend choosing Ydvia Kingdom as it gives you rewards and VIP points.  If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Infinity Kingdom guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Infinity Kingdom guide , tips, tricks & strategy that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s check out the main walkthrough guide featured with loads of tips & tricks. 

Infinity Kingdom Guide: Tips & Strategy⇓

First things first – In Infinity Kingdom, you play as a lord who has to manage all sorts of kingdom activities related to offense and defense. By offense, we mean to say that you need to continue to focus on getting more strength so that you can smash down the enemies in PvE and PvP mode. It’s more PvP than PvE – so you always have to focus on getting stronger.

By defense, we mean to say that you need to improve the kingdom’s defense so that you would not get looted by other players. Players or Lords can attack each other to loot the items. Other than the offense and defense, you need to focus on economic strength too; buildings in the kingdom, resources production, technology, etc. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Infinity Kingdom tips & tricks featured in this guide – 

Infinity Kingdom Guide To Increasing Kingdom Power⇓

The first thing that you must know is how to get stronger in the Infinity Kingdom game. There are several things on which you can focus daily and gradually build the best kingdom. Here are the top best ways to make your kingdom stronger: –

Train the troops regularly – on the left-center of the game screen, tap the soldier helmet button and there you can train the troops. The more troops you have, the more power a kingdom gets

Technology – in the academy building in your kingdom, you can put resources and do technology researches in the offense, defense, economic fields to improve the growth rate. Keep researching and improve the kingdom power

Buildings – there are lots of buildings and facilities in the kingdom that you can build and upgrade. Each building in your kingdom affects the total kingdom power. So keep building and upgrading to raise the kingdom’s strength

Immortals – Immortals are the heroes that you send to attack a player or plunder a resource point. Get more immortals, upgrade them to raise kingdom power

Lord Talent – as you level up in the game, you will get lord talent points. Spend talent points and activate the lord talents for buffs

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Guide To Getting Immortals In Infinity Kingdom⇓

You can get immortals from the Hall of Immortals building. There you can spend philosopher stones or gems to summon the immortals. Also, you get free daily summons. You might get an immortal or his/her shards. Once you have enough shards, go to the immortals’ collection menu and fuse the shards to summon. Obtain philosopher stones from the chests that you get upon completing dailies. 

Learn About Immortals⇓

There are several types of Immortals in the Infinity Kingdom; cavalry, spearman, bowman, and shieldman. All the immortals in the game have unqiue abilities and strength; some immortals excel in inflicting damage, shielding troops, supporting troop units, while some have unqiue CC skills. Go to the Immortal menu -> tap on an immortal -> this will display that immortal on your screen, at the bottom, you can check his/her role/type/element; supporter, range, mage, bowmen, shieldmen, etc. 

You must use the immortal strategically to get the most out of their skills. Read their skills to know their strength. 

For more information, read this guide on Immortals

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Level Up Immortals To Increase Soldier Capacity ⇓

If you want to carry more troops in the march, then you must level up the immortal who is leading that troop legion. Navigate to the immortal menu -> tap the immortal -> tap the + button next to level bar -> use the EXP Rolls to grant him/her EXP. As the level increases, that immortal will gain more attributes; power, and troops.

You can check the info on the right side of the screen after selecting the immortal in the immortal menu. Higher the troop capacity of an immortal, the more troops you can carry. Higher the troops, higher the load(amount of resources that you can plunder from an enemy kingdom or resource deposit). 

Go to the troops management screen -> this is where you can add the troops and immortals. 

Dragon Cave In Infinity Kingdom⇓

When you reach the castle level 8, you will get to access the dragon cave. This is where you can hatch the dragon egg and upgrade dragons. You will need dragon soul crystals to hatch the egg. Obtain the dragon soul crystals from the market or by launching rally on bosses. 

Guide To Train More Troops At A Time⇓

If you want to train more troops at a time, you must upgrade the barracks. You can find the barracks in the kingdom; Shieldmen, Bowmen, Cavalry, Spearmen. Tap the military soldier helmet button on the left-center of the game screen to start training the troops. 

Keep Grinding In Infinity Kingdom⇓

Go to the map and you will find lots of resources such as crops, wood, stone, iron. Send your troops and immortal to gather these resources. Tap the search button and select the resource type; cropland, logging, iron deposit, etc. 

Kill Monsters – do you need equipment for the immortals? Kill the tyrant, Balan, Roque on the map. 

Raid In Well of Time⇓

Infinity Kingdom Guide Tips Cheats StrategyWell of Time is the PvE game mode where you proceed through the stages. You will earn gems, upgrade materials, EXP rolls, and many other items. Some stages in this game mode that you complete ith 3-stars can be repeated. Tap on the stage -> raid -> this will give you rewards immediately. You can raid only on those stages that you have completed with a 3-stars milestone. 

Improve The Defense In Infinity Kingdom⇓

Tap the wall -> garrison -> assign the immortal. Tap the wall -> fortification -> manufacture the fortifications to improve defense. Other than that, there are some technologies that you can research in the academy to improve the kingdom’s defense. 

Claim Free Resouces From Wishing Fountain⇓

Pray in the wishing fountain to get free resources. 

Join An Active Kingdom Alliance⇓

Alliance members help you shorten the time of building, upgrade, tech research. Also, you can get alliance gifts, tech bonuses, assistance, reinforcements, etc. So make sure to join an active kingdom alliance. 

Proceed Through Growth Quests⇓

In the bottom-right side, above the menu buttons, you can check the missions. Tap the mission button(pyramid) -> growth -> focus on these quests as a beginner to progress wisely. 

Complete The Daily Missions⇓

Infinity Kingdom Guide Tips Cheats StrategyYou can earn speed-ups, EXP, Gold, Resources, Gems, Philosopher Stones by completing the daily missions. So make sure to finish them daily. 

Claim VIP Points And Chests⇓

Tap the VIP button next to the profile avatar in upper-left -> there you can claim the free chest and points daily. VIP gives you passive perks. 

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So this would be all in this post on the Infinity Kingdom guide for beginners. If you have more Infinity Kingdom tips, cheats & tricks, comment below. 

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