Infinity Kingdom Warehouse & Protection Barrier(Protect Resources)

In the Infinity Kingdom, players can raid each others’ kingdoms and loot the resources. Read on for Infinity Kingdom Warehouse info: how to protect resources!

Infinity Kingdom Warehouse & Protecting Resources⇓

Infinity Kingdom Warehouse and Protection Barrier

You can build X1 Warehouse in the Infinity Kingdom game and it will help you protect the resources from being plundered by the enemies. Also, it stores all sorts of resources such as food, wood, iron, gold, etc. But do not that it does not protect all the resources, just a part of it. If you upgrade it, the number of resources that this building can protect will increase by a massive figure. It’s important to protect the resources as you will need a lot to make upgrades and train troops. 

How To Protect Kingdom From Enemies?

Infinity Kingdom Warehouse and Protection Barrier

Another way to protect the resources in the Infinity Kingdom is by protecting the whole kingdom itself. Players can activate the protection shield which would not be able to let the enemy raid your kingdom. 

How To Activate Protection Shield?

In the upper-left corner of the screen, tap on the (+) icon button. It will open the castle bonus screen where you will find a lot of buff items including “Protection Shield”. Tap on the “use” button next to it and then choose a shield. Protection Shields do not last long for a long time; the longer the duration of the shield, the higher the cost of that protective shield. 

In the Infinity Kingdom. you can buy these shield buffs with gems or some gift codes also grant these shields for free. 

A 4-hour protection barrier aka shield costs X100 Gems. 

An 8-hour protection barrier aka shield costs X200 Gems. 

24 Hours Protection Barrier costs X500 Gems. 

And, 3 days protection barrier costs X1200 Gems. 

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Infinity Kingdom Warehouse Max Level⇓

Level 1 Warehouse stores 150K RSS, protects 15K RSS

Level 2 Warehouse stores 200K RSS, protects 20K RSS

Level 3 Warehouse stores 250K RSS, protects 25K RSS

Level 4 Warehouse stores 300K RSS, protects 30K RSS

Level 5 Warehouse stores 350K RSS, protects 35K RSS

Level 6 Warehouse stores 400K RSS, protects 40K RSS

Level 7 Warehouse stores 450K RSS, protects 45K RSS

Level 8 Warehouse stores 500K RSS, protects 50K RSS

Level 9 Warehouse stores 550K RSS, protects 55K RSS

Level 10 Warehouse stores 600K RSS, protects 60K RSS

Level 11 Warehouse stores 700K RSS, protects 70K RSS

Level 12 Warehouse stores 800K RSS, protects 80K RSS

Level 13 Warehouse stores 900K RSS, protects 90K RSS

Level 14 Warehouse stores 1M RSS, protects 100K RSS

Level 15 Warehouse stores 1.1M RSS, protects 110K RSS

Level 16 Warehouse stores 1.6M RSS, protects 160K RSS

Level 17 Warehouse stores 2.1M RSS, protects 210K RSS

Level 18 Warehouse stores 2.6M RSS, protects 260K RSS

Level 19 Warehouse stores 3.1M RSS, protects 310K RSS

Level 20 Warehouse stores 4M RSS, protects 400K RSS

Level 21 Warehouse stores 6M RSS, protects 600K RSS

Level 22 Warehouse stores 8M RSS, protects 800K RSS

Level 23 Warehouse stores 10M RSS, protects 1M RSS

Level 24 Warehouse stores 12M RSS, protects 1.2M RSS

Level 25 Warehouse stores 14M RSS, protects 1.4M RSS

Level 26 Warehouse stores 16M RSS, protects 1.8M RSS

Level 27 Warehouse stores 18M RSS, protects 2.2M RSS

Level 28 Warehouse stores 20 RSS, protects 2.6M RSS

Level 29 Warehouse stores 22M RSS, protects 3M RSS

Level 30 Warehouse stores 25M RSS, protects 3.5M RSS

Level 31 Warehouse stores 30M RSS, protects 4M RSS

Level 32 Warehouse stores 35M RSS, protects 4.5 RSS

Level 33 Warehouse stores 40M RSS, protects 5M RSS

Level 34 Warehouse stores 45M RSS, protects 5.5M RSS

Level 35 Warehouse stores 50M RSS, protects 6M RSS

Level 36 Warehouse stores 58M RSS, protects 7M RSS

Level 37 Warehouse stores 66M RSS, protects 8M RSS

Level 38 Warehouse stores 74M RSS, protects 9M RSS

Level 39 Warehouse stores 82M RSS, protects 10M RSS

Level 40 Warehouse stores 90M RSS, protects 11M RSS

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