Redecor Gold Coins & Cash: How To Earn And Use?

Gold Coins and the Cash aka Money are the two basic currencies in the Redecor – Home Design Game. Read on for Redecor Gold Coins & Cash: how to earn free and use?

Redecor Gold Coins & Cash⇓

In the Redecor game, players use the gold coins and the in-game cash/money to purchase the material items that they have already unlocked. Please do note that you can only purchase the items which are already unlocked; items with locked icon can not be bought with cash or gold coins. Some material items cost cash while some cost gold coins. 

At the top-right side of the game screen, you can check the number of gold coins and the cash that you have. 

How To Earn Gold Coins & Cash For Free In Redecor?

Redecor Gold Coins Cash

There are several ways to earn free coins or cash in Redecor; the first method is claiming the free daily gift from the shop that becomes available every 24 hours. Navigate to the shop menu and scroll down until you see the daily gift banner -> claim the daily gift to get the rewards; you may get free coins or the cash/money. 

Another way to earn free cash or gold coins in the Redecor game is by voting the designs; it’s the easiest way to earn free cash or gold coins in this game. In the challenges tab, tap on the vote button at the bottom or go to the complete tab under the challenge menu -> vote. You will have to vote 5 to 10 designs and after you complete this task, the game will give you free cash or coins. 

And, at last, one more way to earn free gold coins or cash in the game is by submitting the designs or participating in the challenges. 

Complete Daily Tasks To Earn Cash or Gold Coins⇓

Redecor Gold Coins Cash

Daily Tasks also grant free bucks and gold coins. All you need to do is complete some tasks and then you can claim the rewards. You can find the daily tasks in the “Season/Star” tab at the bottom menu of the game. 

Level Up To Claim Season Rewards⇓

Redecor Gold Coins Cash

Season Rewards also include coins and cash. As you level up, you get free rewards; only at some levels though if you have not bought the season pass. In the top-left corner, tap on the level status(round-shaped icon) -> season rewards screen will appear where you will see the rewards at every level. 

How To Convert Gold To Cash In Redecor?

Players can convert gold coins into cash. Navigate to the shop and scroll down to the bottom. There you will find the “buy cash” “convert gold to cash” section -> you can exchange 5K, 10K, and 50K gold coins for cash. Unfortunately, the game does not let you convert cash into gold coins. 

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4 thoughts on “Redecor Gold Coins & Cash: How To Earn And Use?”

  1. Your article is no longer accurate. They’ve stopped giving the coins for voting and I’m not sure why. They also reduced the daily allotment. I’m sure they’re trying to get people to actually buy coins which really sucks.

    • I agree! And with it costing 2000 coins or 2,000 diamonds to buy a single plant for the nightstand my cash and coins are nearly depleted.

      • Yeah I’m not too happy about having to buy a plant EVERY TIME! Why can’t we at least get 5 of them each time like everything else we buy? I’ve NEVER understood that? It’s so stupid and EXPENSIVE!!!