Star Healer Recipes Guide: List of Cooking Recipe

Read on for the Star Healer Recipes guide covering a list of all cooking recipes; also, check out the ingredient farming guide and the recipe effects. 

Star Healer Recipes Guide List of Cooking Recipes

Star Healer Recipes Guide: List of Cooking Recipes

In Star Healer, players can cook various recipes and gain boosts or buffs such as HP, ATK, CRIT, and more. In this Star Healer guide, you will learn about all the recipes; name, effect, satiety, and ingredients requirements. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content:

Star Healer Recipes Guide: List of Cooking Recipes

Gugu Cake Recipe

  • Banana Egg + Gugu Fruit
  • Stat: HP
  • Effect: 3
  • Satiety: X1

Cola Fish Recipe

  • Windmill Fish + Fancy Water
  • Stat: Shield
  • Effect: 2.4
  • Satiety: X10

Magic Water Recipe

  • Devil Tentacle + Angel Tentacle
  • Stat: Armor
  • Effect: 0.18
  • Satiety: X10

Cola Briquet Pie Recipe

  • Fancy Water + Snowvelvet
  • Stat: ATK
  • Effect: 0.3
  • Satiety: X10

Omelette Recipe

  • Banana + Egg Fine Rice
  • Stat: Crit DMG
  • Effect: 0.21
  • Satiety: X10

Rogy Sope Recipe

  • Gugu Fruit + Snowvelvet
  • Stat: Penetration
  • Effect: 0.24

Potato Lattice Recipe

  • Jade + Fancy Water
  • Stat: Capacity
  • Effect: 0.1
  • Satiety: X10

Egg Pancake Recipe

  • Banana Egg + Windmill Fish
  • Stat: Load Speed
  • Effect: 0.045
  • Satiety: X10

Rice Roll Recipe

  • Landscape + Windmill Fish
  • Stat: ATK Speed
  • Effect: 0.0045
  • Satiety: X10

String Recipe

  • Landscape + Fine Rice
  • Stat: Affection
  • Effect: 2 – 5
  • Satiety: X1
  • Affection; X2

Poached egg Recipe

  • Egg Seed
  • Stat: N/A
  • Effect: N/A
  • Satiety: X1
  • Affection; X1

Star Healer Recipes Guide: List of Ingredients

  • Poached Egg
  • Fine Rice
  • Landscape
  • Snowvelvet
  • Banana Egg
  • Devil Tentacle
  • Angel Tentacle
  • Gugu Fruit
  • Windmill Fish
  • Fancy Water
  • Jade

Star Healer Recipes Guide: List of Seeds

  • Egg Seed
  • Rice Ball Seed
  • Landscape seed
  • Snowvelvet seed
  • Bonana Seed
  • Devil’s Tail Seed
  • Angel’s Tail Seed
  • Gugu Fruit Seed
  • Windmill Fish Seed
  • Happy Leaf
  • Potato Seed

Star Healer Recipes Guide: Ingredient Farming Guide

So this would be all in this post on Star Healer Recipes Guide: List of Cooking Recipes.

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