Last Shelter Survival: APC Durability, Troops March, Load

In today’s Last Shelter Survival article, you will learn all about the battles – what is APC, durability, troops capacity, troop load, etc.

Last Shelter Survival APC & APC Durability: –

Understanding the battle mechanics in Last Shelter Survival is extremely important. You should know all the basics as well as all the strategies related to the battle formation. And, if you are new to the game, you may find it difficult to understand all the things easily – as the game does not tell you in the tutorial. In this Last Shelter Survival Battle guide, you will get to know all these details. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content: – 


Last Shelter Survival APC DurabilityAPC or Armored Personnel Carrier is the transport medium that the units & heroes use to march different targets. For example – attacking zombies, raiding zombies, attacking other players, gathering resources. In all these things, you need APC. You get (1) APC for free at the beginning of the game – and, you can get more by reaching the base level (13) and building the barrack(2nd unit of barrack facility in the base).

Now, there are a couple of things that you need to know about the APC:

  • What is APC durability
  • How to restore APC durability

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Let’s get the answer to both these questions: –

What is APC durability in Last Shelter Survival?

As you use the APC to march different targets on the map; gathering resources, attacking enemies, etc. the durability of APC depletes. It is the consumption cost for each march. For example – if you send the units on march, a certain amount of durability will be charged as a consumption cost.

After choosing a target, on the APC formation screen, you can check the consumption cost at the bottom of the screen; the durability cost is displayed next to the spanner icon.

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How to restore the APC durability in Last Shelter Survival?

You don’t need to restore the APC durability – because, the game itself restore it automatically – you get (~10) durability points every hour. As per our information, you get (1) durability point every (8) minute.

What if you want to restore it instantly?

When you are low on APC durability and try to send it forcefully, the game lets you repair it. You need wrenches to repair it. Also, the cost will increase each time you repair the APC.

  • Tip – you can increase the ACP’s durability recovery speed by researching the technology called repair team

How to get Wrench in Last Shelter Survival?

Last Shelter Survival WrenchUsing the wrench, you can repair the APC. But, it’s a premium item and you will have to spend real money to get the wrench. At the top-right corner of the screen, tap the diamonds bar -> it will take you to the gift store. In the gift store, check the packages – the deals refresh every day – you may find the package which contains wrenches. Tap the menu option at the upper-right corner of the gift store screen -> there you can check different packages. P.S – It’s rare.

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Last Shelter Survival Battles – Troop Capacity, Troop Load

These two stats are shown in the formation screen. The troop capacity figure shows the number of troops that you can send on the march. You can not exceed this limit.

The troop load figure shows the number of resources an army can hold from the target point to the base. For example – suppose, you are going to gather lumber from lumber mill at the map – and, that lumber mill resource point has 800K lumber. But the APC load is 7K. So you would not be able to gather more than 7K lumber.

How to increase troop capacity in Last Shelter Survival?

There are several ways to increase troop capacity: –

  • Upgrade Barracks – upgrading barrack increases the max march cap
  • Choose Hero Wisely – some heroes boost the max march cap with their skills. If you don’t know about heroes, read this Last Shelter Survival Heroes guide.

How to increase troop load?

  • The more troops you send on the march, the more load points you get
  • Assigning a hero with the skill to increase troop load
  • Research load improvement technology in the institute

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Last Shelter Survival Formation Set-Up: –

Last Shelter Survival FormationThere are three slots for heroes as well as troops. The troops and heroes in the first slot fight from the front, those who are in the second slot fight behind the units leading from the front. And, at last, heroes/troops in the third slot fight from the backline/last.

So there are three lines/rows – front, mid, and rear.

And, there are three types of troop units – Vehicle, Fighters, and Shooters. You can train or get vehicles from vehicle factory, fighters from fighter camp, shooters from shooting range.

Depending on the task, you have to set up the formation –

  • If you are going to gather the resources, then go with the vehicles because their marching speed is quite high. Also, choose the heroes based on the task
  • For attacking, place the fighters in the front row, vehicles in the second row, and shooters in the last row. The first row should be a tank-type because the units placed there fight from the front. Shooters are good at dealing damage from a range – so better put them in the last row
  • Go with all fighters if you want a defensive formation

Play with different team set-ups for different tasks. Fighters – good at soaking damage, Vehicles – fast & can load more resources, shooters – good at dealing damage.

Also, choose the heroes wisely.

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How to train more troops at a time?

Upgrade the bunk facility at the base to train more troops at a time and increase training speed. Also, research in the institution.

How to unlock high-tier troops?

Upgrade the training centers to unlock next tier troops; fighter camp, vehicle factory, shooting factory.

So this would be all in this Last Shelter Survival battle. For more information, head to our old post: –

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