Last Shelter Survival Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies 2022

New to Last Shelter Survival game? Check out this handbook version of the Last Shelter Survival guide available with tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Last Shelter Survival Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies 2022

This Last Shelter Survival guide covers “how to play Last Shelter Survival”, about the progression, change state, national quest, troops, and other aspects related to heroes, medals, their upgrades, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Last Shelter guide and tips: –

Getting Starting With The Basics Aspects⇓

In the Last Shelter Survival game, your main objective is to manage all sorts of base activities(related to building, attacking, defense) and grow the base by upgrading the facilities such as oil well, hospitals, institutes, food resources, and more. Since you are surrounded by dangerous creatures and other players can raid your base; another objective is to protect these resources. Yeah! Other players can attack your base and steal resources. Similarly, you can also raid other player’s base and steal resources.

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Last Shelter Survival

Basic Tips: – (1)We ecommend focusing on the main quests if you want to progress fast in the Last Shelter Survival game. (2)To increase the hero’s level(quickly), head to the world map, and hunt zombies. (3)Training troops is one of the regular activities in the Last Shelter Survival game. (4) Heal the troops in the hospital after the battle. (5) Hero’s skills impact the battle result. (6) You can activate buffs in the institute. (7) As you progress, the upgrading cost will increase. Make sure to upgrade the resources facilities to boost production. (8) Base’s class impacts the whole base’s activities.

Construction Vehicle In Last Shelter Survival

Construction Vehicle or builder is required to start the building or upgrading process. Without it, you can not dispatch the workers. Tap the spanner icon on the top-left side to check the workers. Tap the “Go there” button next to the locked builder -> on the next screen, you will see the requirements to unlock/get the third builder. For example – you get the 3rd builder once you reach the base level 7 and build a garage.

Last Shelter Survival Guide To The Resources

Food, Water, Fuel, Wood, Iron, and Electricity are the main resources in the Last Shelter Survival game. These resources are required for building, upgrading, marching, and researching. Read the tips, cheats part below to learn how to boost the resources production.

  1. Food – Farm(Near Rich Soil)
  2. Water – Water Filter(Near Water Source)
  3. Fuel – Oil Well(Near Oil Deposit)
  4. Electricity – Wind Turbine, Power Plant
  5. Lumber or Wood – Lumber Mill(Near Logging Site)
  6. Iron – Refinery(Near Iron Deposit)

You can not build these production facilities anywhere(freely) on the base. You have to build these facilities near the source. For example; Refinery can only be built near Iron Deposit, Lumber Mill can only be built near a logging site.

Look outside the base’s fence, you will find the iron deposit, oil deposit, water source like points. Tap them and choose to unlock them.

Last Shelter Survival Guide To The Population

In the Last Shelter Survival game, you can not build certain facilities if the population in the base is low. Here’s what you have to do to manage the population: –

  1. Build or Upgrade the house to increase the maximum population cap
  2. Transport water and food to the ration truck to attract the survivors(people)/to increase the population

Last Shelter Survival Guide To The Troops And Vehicles

You send troops and vehicles to invade the enemy base or zombies on the world map. Here’s what you need to know: –

  1. Train troops in the fighter camp or shooting range
  2. You can unlock high-tier troops units by upgrading fighting camp and shooting range
  3. Train vehicles by building vehicle factory on the base
  4. At the command center, you can promote or enhance the troop units
  5. Research combat-related technologies to promote troop units

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Last Shelter Survival Guide To The Last Shelter Survival Heroes

For beginners, it could be difficult to understand the hero’s mechanics in the Last Shelter Survival game. In this part, we have covered everything about the heroes you need to know: –

Heroes help you in several ways; you can send them on the march with army/troops, place them on production centers to increase production, and use their skills to get the advantage. Let’s learn step-by-step: –

Getting Heroes In Last Shelter Survival

You get the first hero for free at the start of the game. After that, you can recruit heroes in the heroes hall. Heroes Hall? After reaching a certain level, you can build this facility. To recruit heroes, you need recruitment tickets; there are three types of recruitment tickets: –

  1. Super – To recruit superheroes
  2. Advanced – To recruit advanced heroes
  3. Normal – To recruit norma heroes

You get free tickets every day. If you get a duplicate hero upon recruitment, the game will convert it into the hero medals.

Last Shelter Survival Guide To Medals

Medals such as courage medal, wisdom medal, and hero medals are used in upgrading the skills, in researching, and developing. You can obtain courage medal and wisdom medal by completing the quests, events, hunting the zombies. And obtain hero medals by recruitment(if you get duplicate).

Exchange Hero Medals

⇒You get a hero medal when you receive a duplicate hero upon the recruitment. The game converts it into the hero medal. You can exchange hero medals in the military academy – and, in return, obtain the wisdom medals. Use wisdom medals to level up the skill of heroes.

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Learn To Upgrade The Heroes

There are lots of types of heroes in the Last Shelter Survival game; combat and development/production/military. Best way to increase the level of heroes(combat type); appoint them as the leader in the barrack facility. Send the army to attack zombies.

If you get the victory, the hero will gain EXP. After gaining enough, the level of the hero will go up. At the bottom-right side, tap the hero option -> this will take you to the hero menu where you can check the complete list of heroes featured in the Last Shelter Survival game. Tap on a hero icon to check its skill and level. At the top-left side, tap the level option to check how much EXP is required to level up.

Best way to increase the level of heroes(development type); station them and activate the special skill. Go to the stationing management facility and tap the station button. This action will assign the hero to the best building. For example; Nora is a hero, can be placed on the farm. And when you use the rapid production on the farm, she will gain a huge amount of EXP.

To know about the heroes, go to the hero menu -> tap the hero -> tap the skill icon. Or check our Last Shelter Survival Heroes guide & Last Shelter Survival Activation Codes

Last Shelter Survival Guide To Management(Station)

You can quickly deploy the heroes on a specific job in which they are expert(depending on the skill). All you need to do is head to the station management facility -> hit the station button to deploy a hero. Once stationed, navigate to that facility and choose the rapid function to activate the skill(basic).

Cost: – Cost Capacity points are used to station the heroes. At the top-left side in the stationing management facility, you can check the remaining points. After consuming all, you can not station more heroes. Upgrade this facility to increase the cost capacity points.

Last Shelter Survival Guide To The Hero Skills

All heroes have unique skills. To upgrade the skill, you need wisdom medals(complete the quests, events, hunt zombies to get). And to unlock new skills, upgrade the heroes(read the leveling up guide above). Path: –  Main screen -> hero -> select a hero -> tap the skill to unlock -> confirm. There are three types of skills the heroes have: –

  1. Development Skills – To activate these skills, you need to station the heroes
  2. Leadership Skills – To activate or use, place the hero in the formation
  3. Combat Skills – Used by heroes in the battle; automatically.

Last Shelter Survival Guide To The Troop Management

In this part, we will learn how to manage the troops: –

  1. Go to the barracks -> formation -> here you can change the hero, adjust the number of troops to send in the battle
  2. Build a bunk building on the base to increase training count
  3. Garrison – Increases the city defense and siege defense resistance+lets you add defenders
  4. Research in the institute; to increase the troop capacity(load improvement), hero co-operation(deploy more than 1 hero for the attack), fighter training, shooter training.

Last Shelter Survival Classes

To unlock the class function, you must build the Class Hall in the base territory. In the previous version of the game, you had to tap the base for class function. But there was an update a few months ago that changed the way to access class function. To build the class hall, tap the build option in the bottom-right side -> class -> choose the class hall. Once the class hall is built, tap it -> class. There are four classes in Last Shelter Survival; Farmer, Raider, Trader, and Builder.

And, each class has two sub-classes. For example – Farmer class – Farm Expert and Defender.

We would recommend you to choose Farmer or Raider – as these two are the best classes in the game. How do you open the change class function? By enabling the National Chapter. And, at base level 10, the game grants Class Change Item/Token that you can use to change the class. When you change the class, the new class will start at level 1.

Level up the class by completing the National Quests and earn points. You can spend these points in the class manual for more buffs. As you keep spending the points in the class manual, you will eventually unlock the class cards. The class cards grant unique bonuses to the player.

Learn About The National Quest

The leader of the alliance that captures the launch center of the state becomes the president. All the alliances can fight each other during the launch center event to claim this capital. The president of the state can construct buildings like foreign ministry, agriculture institute, national defense, research room, etc. These buildings are required to enable the national quest.


The president of the state can enable the National Quest via the Launch Center. If you see this message – President didn’t place buildings, cannot view – then it means that the president of your state has not constructed buildings. And, because of that national quest is locked. To check the awaiting buildings, head to the event menu -> Battle for the Launch Center(Starting Soon or In Progress) -> Official Detail -> head to the Title tab -> there you can check the buildings that need to be constructed by the President.

If your state is dead, you can move out to other states during the State immigration event. During this event, commanders/players can change the states. If you are below level 6, you can change the state. ut after level 6, it can not be possible.

Learn The Attack System In Last Shelter Survival

⇒At the bottom-right corner of the game, tap the world map icon. There you will see zombies, players’ base, and resources area. If you want to attack the zombie, then tap it and choose the attack option. Before you go for the attack, make sure to change the formation(go to the base -> barrack -> formation). In the formation, you can change the hero and adjust the number of units you want to send for the attack.

To attack a player’s base -> tap it and choose scout. What is the scout? This feature will help you in obtaining the details of the enemy; power, troops, heroes, and more. You get the scout report in the inbox. If the enemy power is more than yours(leader), then don’t send the army. Otherwise, you will lose the units. And make sure to train the units repeatedly.

Arms Supply In Last Shelter Survival

⇒If you have been playing the game for a while now, you would know about the arms supply – when you reach base level 6, you will come across to an offer Arms Supply; Arms supply is the premium offer for the players. It allows you to build two exclusive buildings; Solar Power Plant, Construction Center. Solar Power Plant provides you more electricity supply than Wind Turbine. And the construction center can increase the building speed by 10%. Additionally, you get speed-ups, teleport token, and diamonds.

But it is a paid offer. You need to spend real money on it. Is it compulsory? No. You can continue with the default resources; Wind Turbine and earn speedups or diamonds by completing the events or daily challenges.

The Garage Building

⇒After a certain level, you will be able to build one more garage on the base; Vehicle Garage I. But it’s paid. To build it, you will have to spend real money. Is it compulsory? No. You can get more trucks or builders by upgrading the base level. For example; you get the third vehicle at level 7, the fourth vehicle at level 13. Read the construction vehicle guide above.

Guide To State

⇒In the Last Shelter Survival game, your city is established in a state. On the main screen, on the bottom-right corner, tap the world map icon. On the next screen, bottom-left side, tap the location icon. This will take you the state screen where you can see the launch center in the middle of the map. Tap the globe button in the bottom-right corner to see the world map – the world map displays all the states in Last Shelter Survival.

Move To Active State

You can not change the state after you cross level 6 base. So if you have just started, make sure to move to an active state. The game deploys you in a random state in the beginning. After completing the main chapter 4, the global map will get unlocked. Tap the blue color globe button in the bottom-right corner -> tap the location button on the bottom-left side on the map screen -> tap the globe button in the bottom-right corner to see the world map. Choose a state where you want to teleport. Make sure that the state has a president and all the buildings are built. Tap on a state -> this will take you to the launch center of that state -> check the buildings around it(there would be a glowing icon over them). Join the official Reddit or FB group – there you can find active alliances and states.

Once you choose a state no., tap on any empty place -> change zone -> tap the OK button. That’s it.

Move Buildings In the Last Shelter Survival

⇒To move the building, follow these steps – tap and hold down a building that you want to move – don’t lift your finger until you see the moving option. Then tap/hold and drag the building where you want.

You should organize your base in the right way; for example – training centers at one group location, the houses at a specific group location so that you can access all the buildings easily. Placing all the buildings randomly will mess up the things and you will be having trouble finding a particular building. So if you have messed up the base, then you should start organizing it right now.

Get The Most Out Of The Heroes

You should deploy the heroes wisely. For example; to increase the production of resources; station the heroes(development type) on the base. And deploy combat type heroes as leaders in the formation to increase the troop units’ strength. We would recommend you to check out the heroes’ skill. Or read the heroes guide above.

Use Rapid Technology Wisely And With Heroes

In the Institute facility, you can research the rapid production technology. Using this technology, you can instantly obtain the resources from production facilities such as farm, water filter, oil well, and more. All you need to do is tap the resource generator(i.e. farm) -> choose rapid -> start. Before you hit the rapid button, check the success rate. If the success rate is below 50%, then you may lose that facility. If the rapid function goes failed, repair the facility to set it back to the work.

Additionally, we would recommend you to station the heroes in these facilities(depending on their skill) to increase their level. For example; if there is a hero who has the skill related to the water filter, then place him/her there. The hero will gain EXP when you use rapid technology. And if you unlock their new skills, the production rate will increase automatically(if stationed). Upgrade the facility to increase the success rate.

Use The Speaker To Get Money

Last Shelter SurvivalOn the main screen, outside the fence, there are a large number of zombies. If you kill them, you will get money. To kill, tap the speaker to activate. You can activate the speaker after every 3:30 minutes. It is one of the best ways to get money in the Last Shelter Survival game.

Activate Buffs, Unlock High-Tier Units and Increase Production Rate

In the institute, you can research a wide range of technologies. For example; rapid production technology allows us to gather the resources instantly.

City development technology increases the income from resources.

Basic Combat technology increases the chances of obtaining courage medals, unlocks the high-tier promotion feature, rewards from the battles, and more. APC technologies; increase unit capacity, reduce the consumption of fuel, increases resistance, and more. In short, pay attention to the research.

Grab The 200 Diamonds For Free

By binding the account and joining the alliance, you can claim free 200 diamonds. To bind the account, go to the settings -> account -> bind. Head to the inbox to claim the reward.

Upgrade To Grow The Base

Upgrading is one of the regular activities in the Last Shelter Survival game. Without upgrading, you can not progress in the game. We would recommend you to give priority to troop training camps and production centers. It’s better to match all the buildings’ level with the base level. For example – if the base level is 6, then make sure to upgrade all other buildings to level 6 before hitting the base level 7.

Revive The Dead Units

In the battle, you may lose the troops. The player can revive the dead units in the clone facility after each Wednesday.

Join An Active Alliance

  1. First Benefit – Get 100 Diamonds
  2. 2nd – Get help from members
  3. 3rd – Take part in alliance activities and claim small gifts
  4. 4th – Check-in daily through embassy facility to get wages
  5. 5th – Complete the daily challenge to get rewards
  6. 6th – Donate to get rewards

How to quit an alliance in the Last Shelter Survival game? Tap the side menu -> alliance icon -> manage -> quit.

Unlock and Upgrade Heroes’ Skills

To enjoy more buffs, advantages, make sure to pay attention to the heroes’ skills. Unlock new skills to enjoy more buffs. Upgrade the skills to get more advantages from existing buffs.

Build and Upgrade The Towers

As you know, intruders can attack your base anytime and steal the resources. Build and upgrade towers to attack enemies trying to invade your base. Enemies can not attack these towers!

This is one of the best ways to avoid getting looted by others. Tap the build option -> military -> search tower and build.

To upgrade these towers, you need Alloy Barrel. Alloy Barrel is a premium in-game item in the Last Shelter Survival game(buy it using the diamonds).

Pay Attention To The Formation

Head to the barracks building; there you can set up the march. In the first formation interference, choose defenders. Because they have high HP and defense stats. In the second and third formation, choose supportive or ranged units. Ranged units such as survivors, archers, and more.

Defenders will protect the ranged units and ranged units will deal damage to the enemies from a distance. Train troops in the fighter camp to produce defenders or melee attackers. And in the shooting range, produce archers/survivors and more ranged units.

And, make sure to deploy the best hero next to the formation. You will be able to march with more troops if the level of a hero is high. And upgrade the skill of heroes to activate passive buffs. Go to the hero tab(on the formation setting screen) -> drag and drop to the hero slot.

Get Free Goodies, Here’s How

There are several ways to get free diamonds, resources, speed-ups, and much more in Last Shelter Survival game: –

  1. Complete daily tasks and earn points. Earn 500 points daily and claim 8 chests for free
  2. Complete the main task to get free speed-ups
  3. Participate in time-limited events to get free rewards
  4. In the events tab, head to the daily challenges menu. Complete the challenge and earn free rewards
  5. Kill the zombies to get free goodies; speed-ups, resources, and more
  6. Get your daily supply(main screen -> benefits -> go to the daily supply tab)
  7. Donate in alliance technology center and earn alliance points. Go to the alliance shop -> items; exchange for the items; speed-ups, march recall, and more

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So this would be all in this Last Shelter Survival guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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