Life Simulator 3 Codes – List Of Offer Codes

Life Simulator 3 Codes – list of offer codes to redeem. Read on and check out all the info on codes – how to find and use them in the gameLife Simulator 3 Codes

Life Simulator 3 Codes – Offer Code: –

The latest Life Simulator 3 code is ONEYEAR. It gives you $250/month, x2 education tokens and x2 jail cards. You can use these education tokens to complete the education course immediately. And, jail cards can be used if you get caught while doing criminal level activities in the game. There are several criminal level jobs such as Pickpocket, Burglar, Bank Robber, etc. If you get caught, you will need to hire an attorney. If the attorney fails to make you escape the prison, you can use the jail card for instant release. With this code, you can get jail cards. Redeem now!


ONEYEAR Code was issued on the Playdrop Facebook Page on the occasion of 1 year of the game. 

Expired – the Spooktober code is now expired,

The code is spooktober. Go to the game settings and scroll down to the bottom. Tap redeem Offer Code button and enter spooktober in the box and hit the redeem button. This code gives +1 multiplier, increases the prestige level by 5(for example – if you are on level 3, you will reach the prestige level 7 immediately after using this code).

Additionally, this code gives one education token for free. This Life Simulator 3 code was issued on the occasion of Halloween event. And, it was issued on the Playdrop(the official FB page of the developers of this game). You can redeem this code once. After that, it will not work anymore. So use it asap.

How to find more codes?

The Life Simulator 3 codes are issued on the Facebook Page. So go to Facebook and search for Playdrop or Life Simulator 3. Like and follow their social media pages and keep an eye on their posts. On some occasions, the developers release new code. For example – on the Halloween event, they gave us a fresh code; Spooktober. It’s still working.

Steps to redeem offer codes: –

Open the app and in the footer menu, go to the last tab; settings(gear icon). On the setting page, scroll down to the bottom. There you will find the option to redeem offer code. Tap that button and enter the code listed above or any new code that you have got from their FB page -> hit the redeem button. That’s it.

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So this would be all in this post on Life Simulator 3 codes. If you have more offer codes, please comment below. Also, don’t forget to check the listed guides to get better in the game. Thanks for visiting us.

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