Lucid Adventure Reroll Guide – Aim For A+ Tier

Superplanet’s gacha RPG Lucid Adventure is now available on Android & iOS platforms. Read on for Lucid Adventure reroll guide to get a high-tier hero

So you have just started playing Lucid Adventure game. Rerolling is quite simple as the game gives you reset function, using it allows you to start over and reroll for a top-tier unit. In this Lucid Adventure Reroll guide, you will learn how to reroll. First, make sure to check out our this post where we have listed the top-tier heroes in the game: –

Lucid Adventure Reroll Guide

First, complete the tutorial and you will be rewarded with a bunch of in-game items right after you finish it. It’s short and quite easy to complete. You will need premium tickets or diamonds to recruit the heroes in Lucid Adventure. The heroes ranked between A+ to D. With the premium summons, you might get B to A+ Rank heroes. Although, the drop rate is terrible and you are likely to receive more B-rank heroes than the A+ Rank heroes.

So complete the tutorial and claim the rewards from the mailbox. You will get some diamonds. And, x2 premium tickets as a reward after the tutorial. Once you are all done, tap the Pub & Bar option in the bottom-left corner -> there you can summon the heroes.

Normal Recruit – C or D-rank heroes. Premium Recruit – B to A+ Rank heroes. Use premium tickets and diamonds.

Play the adventure mode – if you want to get more premium tickets, head to the adventure mode of the game and clear the stages. you will get a premium ticket as a first-time clear reward.

Steps To Reroll On Android & iOS: –

Once you are done with all the summons – if you have got the heroes that you wanted, then continue. If not, it’s to reroll. Tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner on the main screen. Tap reset account button -> enter the code mentioned there in the box -> reset. This will erase all the account date and your game will start from scratch.Lucid Adventure Reroll Guide

Restart Lucid Adventure and voila! you can start from the beginning. You don’t need to download the 100 MB data over and over again to reroll. It’s pretty simple. Skip the story and move straight forward to the tutorial -> finish it and perform all the steps written above for a perfect reroll.

We would recommend you to reroll at least for A or another A+ rank hero. You do get an A+ rank hero for free after completing the tutorial. The majority of the users get Sora(it seems the default).

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So this would be all in this post on Lucid Adventure Reroll guide for beginners.

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