Magic: ManaStrike Planeswalker Guide – Colors, List, Top-Tier Planeswalkers

There are over 15 Planeswalkers in Magic: ManaStrike. Read on for Magic: ManaStrike Planeswalker guide and find out the best top-tier characters

Magic: ManaStrike Planeswalkers Tier ListPlaneswalkers are the characters in Magic: ManaStrike that you can add to the deck. All these Planeswalkers or characters have unique abilities; that they unleash during the battle automatically or the player can cast their active skills by using the skill card. For starters, we recommend checking the Magic: ManaStrike guide & tips for beginners. In this post, you will learn about Magic: ManaStrike Planeswalkers – the best top-tier ones, Planeswalkers’ colors, list, etc. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

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Magic: ManaStrike Planeswalkers, Cards Colors: –

All Planeswalkers and Cards in Magic: ManaStrike belong to one of the five colors; white, blue, black, red, and green. Each color has its characteristics and highlights the main abilities of the characters.

  • White Color – characters or cards of this color excel at healing, protecting allies. For example – Angel of Renewal is a white color card with healing ability
  • Blue Color – characters or cards of this color excel at CC skills. For example – Hysterical Blindness is a blue color spell card with blind effect
  • Black – characters or cards of this color have dark magic abilities like sacrificing nearby allies to power up, turn them into zombies, etc.
  • Red – characters or cards of this color excel at clearing the waves; they possess AoE and massive damage inflicting abilities
  • Green – characters or cards of this color excel at mana management. For example – Birds of Paradise is a rare rarity green color creature card that generates mana

Head to the collection menu of the game and there you can filter the cards by colors. With the help of color hints, you can easily build the best deck as it highlights the main strength of these cards.

Best Top-Tier Planeswalkers In Magic: ManaStrike Game –

  • Chandra – Red Color
  • Sorin – White Color
  • Will and Rowan – Blue/Red Color
  • Tezzeret – Blue/Black Color
  • Dovin Baan – White/Blue Color

Chandra – Red Color

Chandra Nalaar is one of the best Planeswalkers in Magic: ManaStrike game. She has AoE, the ability to attack ground and air units, and the basic attack is pretty good.

1.) Summon her in front of enemies to use the passive skill that fires a flying phoenix to inflict damage to the enemies in a straight line.

2.) She can attack air and ground units – the damage is pretty good.

3.) Her Planeswalker skill is Chandra’s Fury that you can cast using the skill card after summoning her to the magical battlefield. This skill does AoE damage and pushes the nearby enemies back.

Sorin – White Color

He is a Vampire with melee attacks. His passive ability is reviving the nearby allies with low Hp upon their death(activates when summoned to the battlefield). He is a melee unit who attacks ground units only- so he fights in close range – the damage is OK. His ultimate/Planeswalker skill is Dark Transfusion inflicts massive damage and grants self-healing.

Will And Rowan – Blue And Red Color

They are siblings and fight together. Also, among the best Magic: ManaStrike Planeswalkers. You can swap between these characters and activate their skill. Both have unqiue skills. Will can freeze the enemy units with the basic attacks – targets both; ground and air units.

Rowan’s basic attack does AoE damage to ground and air units.

Tezzeret – Blue/Black

He creates an air unit when you summon him to the battlefield. This Air unit does AoE attack the enemies. He is a melee unit with AoE basic attacks – but he only targets the ground units. His Planeswaklker skill is creating a Gravity Sphere with a stun effect.

Dovin Baan – Blue/White

He summons Ornihopters when you bring him to the battlefield. These two Ornithopters does range attack on the ground and air units. He is a ranged-unit who targets air and ground units. His Planeswalker skill does AoE attack and the best thing is the combination of debuff ability, which reduces the enemy’s attack and movement speed.

So these are the best top-tier Planeswalkers list in Magic: ManaStrike – based on our opinion.

List Of Planeswalkers In The Game: –

  • Ajani Goldmane – White
  • Gideon Jura – White
  • Dovin Bann – White/Blue
  • Nahiri – White/Red
  • Sorin Markov – White/Black
  • Calix – White/Green
  • Jace Beleren – Blue
  • Tezzeret – Blue/Black
  • Tamiyo – Blue
  • Kiora – Blue/Green
  • Rowan & Will Kenrith – Blue/Red
  • Lilliana Vess – Black
  • Vraska – Black/Green
  • Garruk Wildspeaker – Black/Green
  • OB Nixilis – Black
  • Chandra Nalaar – Red
  • Domri Rade – Red/Green
  • Nissa Revane – Green

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So this would be all in this post on Magic: ManaStrike Planeswalkers list, tier, colors guide for beginners.

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