Guardian Tales Dark Magician Beth Overview

Dark Magician Beth is the new hero in Guardian Tales English version – added on December 15, 2020. How good is Dark Magician Beth? Find out!

Guardian Tales Dark Magician Beth

Guardian Tales Dark Magician Beth⇓

Dark Magician Beth – a 3-star grade hero was added to the English version of Guardian Tales in the December 2020 update. In this post, you will get to know about her performance evaluation in PvP, PvE, and Colosseum. Also, we have shared detailed info on her skills, strengths, and stats. So, without further ado, let’s get started: Guardian Tales Dark Magician Beth Overview: – 

Guardian Tales Dark Magician Beth

Dark Magician Beth Evaluation⇓

As of writing this, Dark Magician Beth is one the best heroes in the Guardian Tales with top-tier performance in all the game modes; especially in the PvP Arena where she dominates the battlefield. In the Colosseum, she might not deliver the same performance as she does in PvP – but still good. And, speaking of PvE, Dark Magician Beth does well in PvE mode too. 

Dark Magician Beth Strengths⇓

(1) Her party buff: Dark Magician Beth provides +50% melee ATK. Good if you are running a full melee team. 

(2) Melee & Ranged: Dark Magician Beth inflicts melee damage with the normal skill, but ranged DMG with the chain skill. 

(3) Her attacks are fast. 

(4) It’s easy to control her; thanks to the auto-target attack mechanism. 

(5) She can inflict AoE DMG. 

Skills Of Beth⇓

  • Normal Skill: melee DMG. Uses the two-handed sword to inflict melee damage infused with mana
  • Chain Skill: ranged DMG + increases the melee ATK by 40$ for a few seconds. Triggers when you put the enemies in Downed State.
  • Special Ability: based on the number of enemies within x3 tiles, the attack power increases + negates incoming damage(15% ~ 60%)

Beth’s EX Weapon⇓

Dark Magician Beth’s EX weapon is “Predator” which empowers DEF, HP, Skill Damage, CRIT, and Dark ATK. Also, upon dark smash’s hit, reduces the dark type resistance and generates a shield.

EX Weapon Skill: leaps in the air and strike the ground to cause strike DMG and puts the enemies into the downed state(affected by the strike). 

How To Get Beth & Her EX Weapon In Guardian Tales?

You can get Beth and her EX weapon from the hero/equipment gacha or the mileage shop. 

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