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Magic: ManaStrike is a real-time strategy game for Android and iOS by Netmarble. Read on for Magic: ManaStrike guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Magic: ManaStrikeNetmarble, the publisher behind BTS World, Fishing Strike, KOF Allstar games, has just released a brand new game called Magic: ManaStrike. The game offers classic real-time battles where two players clash on a magical battlefield and try destroying Guardians. As soon as you destroy the Guardian, you will get the victory. Or if you eliminate more sub-guardians than the opponent, you will get the victory. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Magic: ManaStrike guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Magic: ManaStrike tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Magic: ManaStrike Guide, Tips, Strategies: –

The battle in Magic: ManaStrike has a max limit, which is 3 minutes. The ManaStrike activates at the 2-minute mark – if both the player fails to meet the minimum requirement of the victory, it adds 1 minute as extra time. Your goal is to destroy the main guardian or more sub-guardians of the opponent in this certain time. You can use cards or Planeswalker cards to inflict damage to the Guardians, Sub-Guardians or enemy cards/units.  As you destroy the sub-guardians, you will gain the victory points – the player with more victory points get the battle victory. As a battle reward, you get ManaStrike packs, which contain cards, gold, and other in-game items. Also, you get the rank points – required to rank-up. As you rank up, Planeswalkers and Guardian level will increase.  Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Magic: ManaStrike tips, tricks & strategies: –

Focus On The Best Cards & Planeswalker

There are so many cards to choose from Magic: ManaStrike game. The first tip we would give to you is focusing on the best cards and Planeswalker. Do not waste coins on upgrading useless cards. If you are a newbie, read these two posts to find out the best cards and Planeswalkers in the game –

Learn About The ManaStrike

As said above, ManaStrike activates at the 2-minute park. This is the special event in the game where you will recover the mana fast(mana is required to use the cards). Also, it gives you one extra Planeswalker card as a bonus.

Learn About Planeswalker

Planeswalkers are the special units – unlike normal unit cards, you don’t need mana to summon or use them on the battlefield. During the battle, you can acquire Planeswalker cards by destroying the enemy’s sub-guardians. By default, you get 3 Planeswalker cards at the beginning of the battle. After deploying Planeswalker on the magical battlefield, you can use his/her skill card. All of them have unqiue skills – so make sure to select the one based on the skills or colors. For example – Jace’s Planeswalker skill summons two illusions with the same attack as Jace but with an HP of 1.

If Planewalker gets knocked out of the battle, you can use the second card to deploy him/her again. As said above, you have 3 Planeswalker cards – so you can summon him/her up to three times – and, each time, you can use his/her skill once. It’s a good idea to utilize these cards at the right time because these special units have amazing skills and can turn the result of the battle.

You get one more card as the ManaStrike begins. Planeswalker’s mastery will increase as you use him/her in the battle and get the victory.

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Build The Best Deck Of Cards

Magic: ManaStrike game features over 70 cards. There are three types of cards; creature, spell, and building. Spell Cards – you can use these cards anywhere on the battlefield to inflict massive AoE Damage. For example – Ratchet Bomb is the spell-type card that inflicts damage to enemies in target area. Hysterical Blindness spell blinds enemy creatures and Planeswalkers for a short period and makes them silent.

Creature-type cards are the units that move on the ground or fly. Some creatures only attack buildings(Guardians or buildings), while some creatures attack Ground units as well as Air units.

Building-Cards – place buildings on the battlefield to inflict damage. For example – Barrack is a building card that summons soldiers. These soldiers attack ground units.

At the top-left corner of each card, you can check the mana cost. Now, here are a couple of tips to build the best deck in Magic: ManaStrike –

  • Must include low-mana cost cards – at least two so that you can quickly use them(x2, x3 mana cost)
  • Include spells – that cause massive AoE damage with CC effect like stun – at least two
  • Creatures – air units, ground units with ranged abilities/tank-stats

New cards are unlocked as you rank-up in the game. And, you can obtain these cards as a reward by destroying the enemy’s guardians or from the shop.

Head to the card menu and check out each card you have in the inventory. Check the card’s type; spell or creature or building. For spell-cards, check its effect; AoE damage with CC skill or other bonuses. For creature-type cards, check their attack-type – ground, air, building, check the cost and other stats such as HP, Movement Speed, etc.

Must include a tanky creature that you can deploy to soak damage and then deploy a ranged-type creature behind him/her to inflict damage from a distance.

Tap the menu button in the bottom-left corner, head to the leaderboard to check the top-rank players’ deck. There you can find the top tier cards. For the list of cards, head to the menu -> collection. Tap on a card to check its details.

Go to the Card menu -> there you can change the cards, tap Planeswalker portrait to change Planeswalker. New Planeswalkers get unlocked as you rank up in the game.

Follow The Basic Tactics In Magic: ManaStrike

Place the melee/tanky units with high HP stats in front to soak damage from the enemies. Behind this tank unit, place a ranged-attacker to cause damage from a distance. Use the spells at the right time – to inflict damage on a large number of enemies. Summon Planeswalker and use his/her skill at the right time.

Practice In The Training Mode

In Magic: ManaStrike, you can play the training mode and try the newly created deck’s performance. Head to the card menu -> tap the training button on the top-right side. This will take you to the practice mode where you will play against AI. It’s the best way to check the card’s potential. Or you can also check the preview in the card profile.

Check Out The Shop In Magic: ManaStrike

Head to the shop -> daily shop -> there you can claim free gold. Use gold to improve/upgrade the cards. Also, the daily shop features unit’s cards that you can buy with gold. You will need duplicate unit cards for making an upgrade.

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So this would be all in this post on Magic: ManaStrike guide, tips for beginners. This article was last updated on January 31. 2020.

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