Merge coupon code: how to get and redeem the coupon codes?

Looking for the Merge coupon code? Find out how to get and redeem the Merge coupon codes and get the free rewards

Merge coupon codeMerge coupon code: – 

To redeem the Merge coupon code, tap the gear/setting icon on the home screen of the game. This will open a new page; settings. On the setting menu, look for the coupon section. Enter the coupon code in the box and tap the input button to redeem the rewards. 

Merge coupon code list: –

As of writing this, there is no “new” code for the game. Read the info below to know how to get these codes. 

How to get Merge coupon codes?

New codes for the Merge game are issued on the DAERISOFT, the publisher of the game, YouTube Channel. Subscribe to their channel and every new week, they issue a new code for all published games. Here’s the link to their channel –

About Merge

Merge is a mobile game (online) where you get to summon the powerful units with magical summon energy that replenishes over time and let you summon more. You can merge these units and discover a new one with more power than the previous one. With three units and one unit as a leader, you will be all set to dive in the grinding battles where you can fight PvE enemies as well as other players to score more points. You will make a ton of upgrades to get powerful, merge loads of units to get the high-grade advanced summons, and there is a lot more to discover. 

Read this Merge tips and guide for more information. 

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