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New to the Merge game? Master all of its core concepts with these Merge tips packed with a strategy guide, cheats

Merge tips and guideMerge tips and guide: –

This article covers how to play Merge game, about the units, summons, main characters, and other things such as battle progression, team formation, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Merge tips and guide: –

Getting Started With The Basics Concepts

In the Merge game, your objective is to form a great squad of units to crush the enemies in battle modes such as solo, raid, and 1v1. At the beginning of the game, you have access to the solo mode where you are free to grind and fight. Other players will also be able to join you in the solo mode – they can slay you down and eliminate you from the map or you can just walk away and fight PvE enemies to earn the points. The more score points you get in the solo mode, the better the rewards the game grants. 

The two main currencies in the game are coins and jewelry. You can earn the coins for free by scoring points in the solo mode. For the jewelry, you will have to complete the achievements or the daily missions. You can use the gold coins to level up the units. Jewelry – you can use it in the shop to buy chests containing high grad summons. 

Other currencies include soul stones; you use it to level up the main advanced summons. And, at last, the cumulative score, which you earn by playing the battles. 

On the home screen, you use the magical summon the energy to summon the units and merge them to get the next tier unit. We have a unit guide below. Also, on the home screen, you can assign the units on the hero gates – assigned units will help you in the battles by following you during the battle progression. 

Merge tips and guideGuide To Normal Summons And Advanced Summons

Units or summons are of two types; normal and advanced. Normal summons includes the units from tier 1 to tier 10. The higher the tier, the more powerful the unit is. Advanced summons include the units from common normal grade to legendary grade; legendary > hero > rare > normal. 

Units are classified into factions; undead, demon, beast, and warrior. If you add a certain number of units from a particular type in the team, you will get bonuses. For example – Undead faction gives more HP, demon faction increases recovery amount from blood thrust, beast faction increases defense, and warrior faction increases rage. 

Setting Up The Formation

Merge tips and guideFor the battle, you can set up one unit on the leader slot(the second hero gate from the left side on the home screen is the leader slot). During the battle, you control the main character/leader while other units follow you around. So make sure to choose the leader and other units wisely; usually, higher tier units and higher-grade units. 

Also, one thing is to set up the formation. On the home screen, tap the star icon below the message icon at the top -> there you can change the formation; you can choose the distance between other units and leader and the direction. All you need to do is tap the unit, which is not a leader, and move around in such a way that they could cover the leader so that leader can be protected. 

Guide To The Battles In Merge

The goal in the battle is to earn as many points as you can in a single turn. At the top-right, you can check the score points. Slay down the enemies and you will get the score points. 

Other than slaying down the enemies, you need to get stronger further; collect the stars on the map so that you can level up. Leveling up will give you three abilities – you can select one of these three abilities. Abilities or skills can grant the massive buff to the leader; like attack boost, recovery, poison attacks, AoE attacks, and much more. Tap the (?) on the ability to read its detail and select carefully. 

The sky blue bar displays the HP of the character and the orange bar, which is below the HP bar, displays the skill meter – when it’s full, your character will launch the strike – if there is an enemy in attack range. 

Tips For The Battle

There are melee role enemies as well as ranged-enemies. Melee enemies will come close to you and attack you. Ranged enemies can attack you from a range – if you are in their attack range. 

The first tip here is to choose a “ranged unit” as a leader so that you can attack from a range. 

Against melee enemies – to defeat them, keep a distance between you and the target(must be in the attack range though) – since they can not attack from a range, they will come close to you to strike. But, since you are maintaining a distance(keep moving away slowly and slowly – but they must be in attack range) – your ranged attacks will be effective and they will continue to suffer damage as long as you are keeping a good distance. 

Against ranged-enemies – they can also strike you from a distance. But, you can dodge their attacks – all you need to do is keep moving in a circular direction(or zig-zag) so that their attacks would not hit you. Most ranged enemies attack in one direction – since you are moving here and there in a circular direction, you can dodge their attacks. Keep an eye on their orange bar – when the orange bar is full and you are in the attack range, they will unleash the attack – so make sure to dodge/move at the right time. 

Defeating powerful enemies(mini-bosses with high HP) gives you EXP and you can level up quickly. They are mostly melee-type – so choose a ranged leader and keep attacking them from a distance. 

On the battle map, collect the hearts to recover the HP. Collect the stars to level up. Watch a video ad to resurrect. 

Level Up The Units

You can level up the advanced summon units as well as normal units. Tap the unit icon in the bottom-left corner; to level up the normal units, you need cost and that must have summoned enough number of times. Use the summon energy to get those normal units. When you merge two tier 10 units, you get an advanced summon unit. 

To level up the advanced summon units, you will need green color soul stones and coins. 

Progression In Merge Game

  • Summon the units with summoning energy on the home screen
  • Keep merging the units so that you have high-tier units or high-grade units
  • Assign leader carefully
  • Complete the daily missions for free jewelry
  • Go to the shop and claim free units(tap the + button next to gold/jewelry status at the top -> special offer)
  • Level up tier units and characters to increase their power
  • Get bonuses by adding a certain faction of units in the team

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So that would be all in this post on Merge tips and guide for beginners. Got more tips to share? Comment below. 

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