Tom and Jerry Chase Best Characters: Mice, Cats

Wondering what characters are the best ones in Tom and Jerry Chase? Find out in this Tom and Jerry Chase best characters list; cats, mice

Tom and Jerry Chase best charactersTom and Jerry Chase Best Characters: –

First of all, you need to understand that there is no “specific” character, which is best or worse in the Tom and Jerry Chase game. All the characters that are available in the game have unqiue skills – based on their skill usage, you can figure out the “best character” for yourself. Based on their skills, in our opinion, these characters are the best; Jerry, Detective Jerry, Tom, Lightning, and Robin Hood Jerry. Equip perk cards wisely to make them better. 

In this article, we have listed all Tom and Jerry Chase characters; mice, and cats that you can play + their skill details + strengths so that you can figure out which one is best and suits your gameplay style. So, let’s check it: –


Jerry is a free character in the Tom and Jerry Chase game with specialties in healing and supporting allies with the skills + also, Jerry possesses CC skills. 

  • Inspire – with this skill, Jerry can increase the movement speed, jumping ability + restore the HP + dispels the wound – for self and allies that are nearby
  • Cheese Porter – with this skill, cheese-pushing speed gets increased + gains boost in movement speed and jumping ability + restores a small amount of HP, removes wounded and weakened states
  • Hammer Time – with this skill, Jerry can stun the cat and inflict DMG
  • Bird Whistle – with this skill, Jerry summons Canary to inflict damage 

In our opinion, Jerry is a great character to play. With healing and buff skills, you can support the allies – and, with the hammer skill, you can stun the cat, which is pretty great. 

Detective Jerry

Detective Jerry is one of the best characters in the Tom and Jerry Chase game. Why? Because of the great skills that make this character invisible during the play, reveals the location of the cat on the map, block the cat’s view by throwing a smoke bomb, etc. These skills help you escape in difficult situations. 

Robin Hood Jerry

Robin Hood Jerry excels in agility attribute and also possesses quality abilities that boost the jumping attributes of allies and self. If you want a fast character, pick Robin Hood. This character is hard to catch. 

Pirate Jerry

Pirate Jerry is one of the strongest characters in the Tom and Jerry Chase game. While playing as Pirate Jerry, you don’t get afraid of cat – instead, you fight from the front. With the skills, you can inflict great damage to the cat, slow down the cat, and can destroy the rockets. Quite good in the DMG attribute. 

King Jerry

King Jerry is the “tank” and “supporter”. With his shield and defense skills, you can block an attack + grant invincibility to nearby teammates. The supportive skill, which is the lightning rescue, increases the Cheese Push when all teammates are healthy. 

Mousekeeper Jerry

Mousekeeper Jerry possesses CC skills, healing skills, and DMG type skills. A great package overall! 

  • Sword & Apple – with this skill, Mousekeeper Jerry eats an apple and restores the HP + removes the negative status effects. 
  • Fighting Will – with this skill, Mousekeeper Jerry increases attack (self) + recovers faster from weakened 
  • Sword Waltz – a DMG type skill that inflicts DMG and stuns the target
  • Block Sword – with this ability, Mousekeeper Jerry raises sword in front to resist the cat’s hit, making him immune to damage and able to beat the cat back, stunning it for a while. 


Tuff is not a good character in our opinion. Take a look at his skills: –

  • Bowling Ball – Tuffy curls up into a ball and rolls for a short distance
  • Healthy and Strong – after eating food, increases max HP, immunes to explosives, recovers HP over time
  • Bazooka – launches a rocket against cat

Mousekeeper Tuffy

Mousekeeper Tuffy excels in protecting teammates with the helmet and inflicting damage. 

  • Courageous Strike – lands courageous strike and inflict damage; can cause stun too
  • Courageous Champion – gathers courage faster
  • Helmet – protect the teammates with the helmet

Devil Tuffy

Devil Tuffy excels in inflicting burst damage. 

  • Telekinesis – draw and throw throwables
  • Mark of Darkness – gains mark of darkness and stack them – at 2, recovers HP over time. At 3, gains an attack boost. 
  • Devil’s Horns – duplicate nearby enemies. 


Tom is the free cat character in Tom and Jerry Chase game. And, quite good in our opinion. His skills are impressive and help you catch the mice – raging charge skill gives you speed boost and immunity to negative effects. Mouse Exterminator skill gives a speed boost and HP. Mouse Grabber is one of the best skills – a gadget actually, that you can use to pull mice from a distance. Frying Pan skill stun and bling nearby mice. 


Butch is another cat character in the Tom and Jerry Chase game. He might not have good catching skills or speed buffs like Tom but regardless of that, he can do a good job. With skills, you can stun the mice and catch them easily. 


Topsy is known for his clone skill – it’s pretty great but hard to master. With the clone skill, you can create another Topsy during the play switch the positions. Topsy also has CC skills; energetic skill reduces the attack interval CD after hitting a mouse + mice that break free from him have their speed decreased + removes their buffs. 

Another CC skill is bubble blower – it helps you to trap the mice. Capture Net – capture the mouse and throw it to the ground to inflict DMG. 


Lightning is good in chasing the mice – thanks to the skills. 

  • Lightning Shift – makes you teleport behind the mouse
  • Relentless Pursuit – hit the mice to make them slow and mark their location on the mini-map
  • Trash can – throws trash can to block the mouse’s path and make it slow/lose HP
  • Stinky Fish – dumps stinky fish from a trash can. If the mice steps on it, they will be affected by its smell – reduce HP, jump, speed, blocks recovery-related boosts, 

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So that’s all in this post on Tom and Jerry Chase best characters. 

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    • Sensor mines are really the best weapon in my opinion because they can save a grabbed mouse when in level 2 and its also useful for making traps like placing a mine near a door or a rocket