My Little Terrarium Animals – Hints, List & How To Get

My Little Terrarium features cute guest animals that you can attract by planting trees. Read on for My Little Terrarium Animals, Hints & How to unlock all

At the start of the game, by default, you have one animal unlocked; the cat. To unlock the rest of the animals, you must place or plant a tree in the frame/terrarium, that you can purchase from the shop in exchnage for gold. For some animals, there is a specific requirement you must meet if you want to attract them to the terrarium. You can either watch the video ads to get the animals hints or discover by own. Here we have listed all the animals, their hints to attract them all. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

My Little Terrarium Animals, Hints: – My Little Terrarium Animals Hints

These are the animals featured in My Little Terrarium –


The elephant is one of the animals in My Little Terrarium that you can attract by placing “Baobab Tree” in the terrarium. Elephant Hint – you need to have two large plants in the terrarium to get an elephant.


My Little Terrarium Animals HintsPlace the tea table in the terrarium to attract Rabbit. Rabbit Hint – he appears only on the weekend. Saturday/Sunday. On busy days, he will disappear.


Go to the shop and buy epic plant; Eucalyptus. Koala Hint – he appears when two animals are already in the same terrarium. So place Eucalyptus in the terrarium where you have already attracted two animals.

Shiba Dog

Go to the shop and buy Cherry Tree. Place it in the terrarium. Water it, remove weeds and let it grow. Shiba Dog will appear when the cherry tree will grow +50%.


Panda is the cutest animal in My Little Terrarium. All you need to do is buy the bamboo tree from the shop. After that, plant three common plants near the bamboo tree. As soon as you complete this condition, Panda will appear immediately.


Meerkat Sisters only appear in a round-shaped frame. Go to the shop and buy a round-shaped terrarium. After that, buy Echino Cactus, the favorite plant for Meerkat in the game and place it in the round-shaped terrarium.


Buy Rose Bush from the shop and place it in the terrarium. The Fox will appear near 3 PM in the game.

Desert Fox

Head to the shop and buy Mamilaria Epic Plant. Place it in the cube terrarium. Desert Fox appears only in the cube-shaped frame. Tap the shop button -> frame -> cube terrarium.


You get the cat at the start of the game.


Head to the shop and buy a birdhouse. The bluebird will appear on a quiet night – between 10 AM and 7 AM.

Lesser Panda or Red Panda

Place tree stump in the terrarium. You can buy it from the shop. Red Pada will appear between 6 PM to the next morning(6 AM).


No Info. If you have, please comment below.


No Info. If you have, please comment below.

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14 thoughts on “My Little Terrarium Animals – Hints, List & How To Get”

  1. Does anyone know how to get the sand cat to appear? I have the white ghost plant and have tried different things, but nothing has worked so far.

    • My sand cat appeared in a round terrarium. Though the terrarium was already filled with other common and epic plants, I’m not certain if there are any other requirements.
      I did try to put the white ghost plant alone in a round terrarium. And the sand cat still appeared.
      Hope this helps.

  2. The Blue Bird needs a birdhouse. What issues are you having?

    You need to use the Cat Lab and be much further in the game in order to get the animals that do not show at certain times of day. I am not at this point yet either.