State Of Survival – How To Change State?

Do you want to change the state in the State of Survival game? Read on for State of Survival game info on how to change or join a state

State of Survival Change State AccountAs the name of the game suggests; “State of Survival”, when the player starts the game, it relocates you to a random state where you can build the base, grind the resources, build the army, and get stronger. There are two requirements that you must meet to join another state or change state or switch state in the States of Survival game. The first requirement is the player must have a rookie relocator item. And, the 2nd requirement is the player must not exceed more than 5 days in a state from the start of the game. Let’s learn everything in detail – State of Survival Change State guide for beginners.

State of Survival – Steps To Change The State: –

Step 1.) Upgrade the HQ to level 2. This will give you the rookie relocator item as a reward.

Step 2.) Collect the rookie collector item from the mail. All the players get this item as a reward as they start playing the game. In the bottom-right corner, you have to tap the mail option and in the system tab, search for rookie relocator item.

Step 3.) Go to the wilderness by tapping the button in the bottom-left corner. On the bottom-right side on the wilderness screen, tap the map button. This will take you to the state map. On the state map screen, tap the globe button, which is on the bottom-right corner. This will take you to the world map.

Step 4.) On the world map, choose a state that you want to join or switch from the current state or to change the state. After choosing the state, you will be navigated to the capital of the state. Tap the map option on the bottom-right side to switch to that state’s map.

Step 5. On the selected state’s map, tap on the area where you want to move or relocate or build a settlement or base. This will zoom-in to that location. Tap once again -> join state -> you must be new(less than 5 days in the game). And, you must have a rookie relocator item.

You would not be able to change the state in the State of Survival once you exceed the 5 days in the current state.

Although, you can create a new character and select any state. Here’s how: –

State of Survival Character Management Guide: –

In each state, the survivor can create two characters. Tap the chief avatar in the upper-left -> go to settings -> character management -> there you can create a new character in the current state or after creating 2 characters, you get the option to select a state manually where you can create a new character.

Or head to the settings -> account -> from there you can bind the account to Facebook, VK, Game Center, Apple or switch to a new account. Binding with only one social media channel is enough.

Also, see –

So this would be all in this post on State of Survival Change State or Character Management guide for beginners.

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  1. I tired a 3 new character and the rookie relokator didn’t have a single one charakter no mail AMD no inventary. I don’t know if introducing ppl and I stop liking this game because I can’t switch to a server where there are ppl from my real state because you don’t support my native language