State of Survival Biocaps: How To Earn Biocaps?

Biocap is the premium in-game currency in the State of Survival: Zombie War. Read on for State of Survival Biocaps info – how to earn for free

Like most of the other games, the State of Survival game also has a premium in-game currency, which is Biocap. You can use Biocaps to complete the construction, upgrades instantly, or for other needs like resources, premium items, etc. But unlike the rest of the resources, Biocaps are hard to get – in today’s post, we have shared all the ways to obtain the State of Survival Biocaps. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Follow The Community To Get 500 Biocaps⇓

State of Survival BiocapsYou can get up to 500 Biocaps free by following the State of Survival on Facebook, Instagram, Discord. In the game, tap the events button on the top-right side of the game screen. In the recommended events tab, slide to the last banner; community. Tap the banner and it will take you to the community page where you can follow the official page on FB, Insta and join the chat in Discord.

Also, another reason to follow the community is that they publish the gift codes or redemption codes there – now and then, on special occasions. Tap any one the social media icons on the community menu -> join/follow -> go back to the community screen and get free 500 Biocaps.

Check Out The Mails⇓

State of Survival BiocapsThe developers often give Biocaps for free as a maintenance reward. Tap the mail button in the bottom-right corner -> system -> there you can check compensation rewards. Sometimes, because of the glitches or bugs, players get into trouble and the developers give compensation rewards. So make sure to claim these rewards if available – because they have the expiry date.

Use The Incubator For State of Survival Biocaps⇓

Tap the research lab -> incubator. There you can invest the Biocaps and grow it. A variety of growth plans available – the higher the period, the more the rate of return. For example – if you invest 800 Biocaps in the 15-day scheme, you will get 960 Biocaps at the due date. You can withdraw anytime you want – but you would not get the extra Biocaps before the due date of the scheme.

Complete The Intel Post Tasks⇓

State of Survival BiocapsIntel Post has over 12 missions and from these missions, you can earn hundreds of Biocaps without spending real money. Tap the intel post building -> intel tasks -> tap the task to check the reward. In most of the Intel Tasks, you have to defeat the horde of zombies. So focus on completing these intel tasks for State of Survival Biocaps.

From The Daily Missions⇓

State of Survival BiocapsBy completing all the daily missions, you can get over 6 chests. From all these chests, you can earn speed-ups, governor credits, skill books, etc. The first chest you get after earning 40 activity points. This small chest contains 71 Biocaps, speed-ups, and governor credits. So make sure to complete the daily missions.

Check Out The Events⇓

Must join an alliance for free Biocaps. In the Alliance Throwdown event, you can earn hundreds of Biocaps. Also, from the rapid growth event. Complete the event tasks, rank-up and claim the maximum reward.

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So this would be all in this post on State of Survival Biocaps.

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