Perfect World Mobile guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the Perfect World Mobile game? Master all of its concepts with this Perfect World Mobile guide packed with loads of tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Perfect World Mobile guide and tips: –

This guide covers how to play Perfect World Mobile game, about the classes, skills, leveling, and other things such as in-game currency farming, equipment, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Perfect World Mobile guide and tips: –

Choose The Class Wisely

There are five classes featured in the Perfect World Mobile game. And, each class offers unique skills, attack style, buffs, etc. to the player. For example – some classes excel in dealing damage to the enemies – opting this type of class helps you to deal massive damage to the enemies and you can clear the waves in PvE modes quickly. While some classes excel in other states such as soaking damage(tank), supporting(healing), close-combat(melee DPS), etc. If you don’t know how to choose a perfect class in PWM, then make sure to check this article: –

Tips To Level Up Fast In Perfect World Mobile

Perfect World Mobile Guide, Tips & CheatsRaising the level quickly and unlock all the functions of the game is one of the challenging tasks in any MMORPG. Let’s learn how do you level up fast in Perfect World Mobile – 

  • Complete The Quests

Focus on completing the quests to get free EXP and level up fast. At the top-left side of the game screen, tap the scroll icon which expands the quest – a new quest window will open where you can check active and available quests. Most of these quests give you free silver coins, spirit, and EXP. Find the quests which grant EXP to the character and complete them asap to level up quickly.

  • Check Out The EXP Events

There are lots of EXP events in the game in which you can participate and grind thousands of EXP to level up quickly. On the left side of the mini-map, tap the events option, and head to the EXP tab – there you can check all the EXP grinding events that you can play any time. These events are: –

  1. Phoenix Valley
  2. Paperclip for a Villa
  3. Phoenix Creek
  4. Monster Massacre
  5. Stone of Madness
  6. Guild League
  7. Arena
  8. Path of Asura
  9. Divine Valley

Want to know about leveling up? ⇒ Check this leveling guide & tips

Get Stronger By Enhance The Skills

Perfect World Mobile Guide, Tips & CheatsIf you want to make the character strong, it’s important to pay attention to the skills; first, we would recommend you to read the skill details so that you can use them efficiently in the battle. Secondly, configure the skills – you have lots of skills to choose, but the skill slots are limited. You can pick a certain number of skills only. Make sure to choose the best skills for each character class to get the most out of it. To configure the skill, go to the skill menu and hit the skill config. button. On the next screen, you can quickly configure the best skills for your character.

The next thing is to enhance skills. It will cost you silver coins and spirit. Complete the quests to earn silver coins and spirit. Make sure to spend the spirit wisely – only on the skills that you use.

Get Stronger By Upgrading The Equipment

By refining the gears using mirage stone, engraving the charm(rage charm, maiming charm, energizer charm, sharpness charm), and by equipping and upgrading the soulstones, you can upgrade the equipment. The equipment stats such as HP, ATK, DEF, EVA, HIT, etc. directly affect the character stats. Enhancing or upgrading the equipment is one of the best ways to power up a character in Perfect World Mobile game.

Join A Guild To Get More Benefits

Apply for an active guild(if you have created a guild and looking for members, feel free to comment your guild name and server info in the comment section below). You should apply for an active guild because there are lots of perks you get for free. These perks include the entry in guild quests, guild events, guild contribution points, etc. Participate in all these activities to get rich rewards.

Set Up The Instant Boosters

Perfect World Mobile Guide, Tips & CheatsAt the bottom-center of the screen, tap the + button and you can slot boosters as well as recovery items. During the battle, you can use the selected item instantly. For example – when low on HP, use the HP potions to recover the health. Keep playing the game to get these items.

Participate In The Events

In Perfect World Mobile, you will need lots of items or in-game currency to power up the character. Most of these items or in-game currencies can be obtained by playing the event modes. So make sure to participate in each event mode and grab all the free items.

  • Phoenix Valley – EXP and Silver Coins
  • Heavenfall Tower – Orb, Engraving Chest
  • Guild Quest – EXP, Guild Contribution Pts.
  • The Pinnacle – Elysium Stone, Blessing Stone, Mirage Stone, EXP
  • Paperclip for a Villa – Soulstone, Silver Coins
  • Guild Beast – Guild Contribution Pts.
  • Bandit Battle – Superior Skill book, EXP, Guild Contribution Pts.
  • Phoenix Creek – EXP, Silver Coins
  • Cultivation Clan, Elder – Overhaul Gem, Guild Pts, EXP
  • Celestia Hunt – EXP, Psychic Gem, Gold Coin
  • Spring Safari – Sacred Book, Silver Coins, Guild Pts
  • Cultivation Dungeon – Supreme Skill Book, Eidolon, Universal Unit, Equipment
  • Challenge Dungeon – Universal Unit, Astral Antena, Windtalker’s Armor, Devil’s Ashes, Equipment
  • Group Dungeon – Equipment, Crafting Material
  • Monster Massacre – EXP, Silver Coins, Mirage Stone, Treasure Map
  • Arena – EXP, Silver Coins, Time-Limited Items

Grab The Freebies In Perfect World Mobile

At the top of the screen, tap the benefit available button and there you can claim free rewards; log in reward, online reward, level up milestone reward, and redeem the codes. For example – you can get the free silver ingot by playing Perfect World Mobile for (45) minutes.

Collect The Certificates To Receive Artifact

Go to the Artifact menu and tap on the challenges listed on the right side. Read the details and hit the Go button. In these challenges, you participate in the events and get certificates. Once you collect a certain number of certificates, you get a free artifact(powerful equipment for your character class).

Get Familiar With In-Game Currencies

There are more than six in-game currencies in Perfect World Mobile – silver coins, gold coins, silver ingot, contribution points, and gold ingots. Among all these, silver coin is the basic in-game currency – easy to obtain(complete the daily events, quests to get thousands of silver coins). On the other hand, the gold coin is the rare in-game currency – you can obtain it by selling items in the trade stall, participating in the Exorcists’ Trial mode.

Silver Ingots can be obtained from the events, trade(sell the items). And, at last, the premium in-game currency; Gold Ingot. You need to top-up to get this currency. You can use gold ingots in the mall to buy a variety of items such as outfits, enhancement material, skill book chest, scrolls, stones, etc.

Silver coins are used in enhancing the gears, upgrading the skills, and more ways. For buying items in the market(trade->market), you need silver ingots.

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So that would be all in this Perfect World Mobile guide, tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to comment below.

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