Pokemon Masters Best Team – Tips To Build The Best Team!

Wondering how to build the best team in Pokemon Masters game? Let’s have a look at this Pokemon Masters Best Team Building guide for the beginners

Building a balanced team or role-specific team in Pokemon Masters is not a tedious task as long as you have good knowledge of each hero; their skills, roles, special attacks, etc. In this Pokemon Masters Best Team building guide, you will learn all the tips & tactics to build the best team.

Understand The Sync Pairs Roles

Pokemon Masters Best TeamThere are three types of roles a character possesses; tech role, support role, and the strike role. The role of a character highlights his/her strength in a particular combat field. For example – the support type Sync Pairs in the game provide support to other allies in the team with their supportive skills such as healing ability, increasing their defense, weakening the enemy stats, etc. Let’s take an example to understand this statement;

We all get Misty as a free Sync Pair in the game. She is a support role Sync Pair. And, she has a variety of supportive skills: –

  • Bubble Beam
  • Catch Us If You Can
  • X Sp. Def All

1.) The bubble beam skill targets the enemy and deals damage. Along with the basic attack, there is a small chance of lowering the target’s speed. 2.) Catch Us If You Can – This is a supportive skill which heals the allies, increase the evasiveness. 3.) X Sp. Def All – Another supportive skill which can increase the special defense of allies.

When building the best team in Pokemon Masters, you should add a supporter unit in the game. For example – Rosa & Snivy.

The Tech Role

Now we have already learned about the support role, it’s time to learn about the tech role. Tech Role Sync Pairs possess the skills that you can use to apply debuffs or negative or harmful effects on the enemies. Their skills can stun the enemies or block them from accessing a particular skill. For example – Lt. Surge and Voltorb is a tech role Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters game. Their skills can paralyze the target, reduce the target’s Special attack. Whitney & Miltank – another tech role Sync Pair with the ability to paralyze the enemy, making the target flinch. Blaine & Pontya – Pontya can burn the target with Flame Wheel & Sunny Day skills.

So if you want to restrict the enemies from using their skills, these tech role Sync Pairs might help you in the composition of Pokemon Masters Best Team.

The Strike Role

These Sync Pairs are offensive and posses high DPS/Damage skills. Without these Sync Pairs, you would not be able to build the best team. For example – Olivia & Lycanroc is the most popular Sync Pair when it comes to Strike Role Sync Pairs. This pair lands critical hits and deals massive damage to the enemies. You can get the most out of these strike Sync Pairs by pairing them with a support role character who can increase their skills’ power; special attack.

Build A Balanced or Role-Specific Best Team

If you are stuck on a stage or want to clear a stage fast, you should try different role combinations. For example – if you want to crush the enemies asap, then the combo of strike role characters would be perfect. For a balanced team, it would be better to take Sync Pair from each role; two supporters and one strike unit. Or one tech, one support, and one support. Here’s the simplified version: –

  • To crush the enemies fast or faster griding

Strike+Strike+Strike. Add three strikers to the team because they have powerful offensive skills and help you to clear the waves fast. When building the best team for grinding, this formation would be the ideal choice.

  • The balanced one

In the balanced one, we have two formations; one tech, one support, and one strike. And, the second formation would be – two support units and one strike. Tech role heroes might not be helpful in some battles – but the supporters do help you at any time.

So now we have shared a complete guide to building Pokemon Masters Best Team, it’s time to share the recommended best team for each of the aforementioned formations.

Pokemon Masters Best Team

The first formation – all the strikes to grind fast or to crush the enemies quickly.

  • Karen & Houndoom
  • Olivia & Lycarnorc
  • Barry & Piglup

The second formation; two formations: two supporters and one striker or three heroes – each from all the three roles. 

1.) Sub-1

  • Rosa & Serperior
  • Phoebe & Dusclops
  • Karen & Houndoom

2.) Sub -2

  • Rosa & Serperior
  • Karen & Houndoom
  • Whitney & Miltank

These are just examples based on the formations that we mentioned above. You can place different heroes from the Dex when building the team based on above-mentioned formations.

Read The Skills

It’s better to read the skills of Sync Pairs – and, then you can easily make combos. In the Sync Pair profile page, tap the skill and read the details. For example – if you want to increase the critical hit or attack of a Sync Pair, then find out a Sync Pair who can increase the user’s critical hit or stats.

Check The Recommended Type

Pokemon Masters Best TeamBefore you ” GO” for the battle, check the recommended team type. The game recommends you to bring a specific element Sync Pair into the battle. In the battle, you will see the weakness effect over the enemies if you bring the suggested element unit.Pokemon Masters Best Team

Also, a tier list might help you figure out the best Sync Pairs, right? Check this –

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