Perfect World Mobile Leveling Guide – Tips To Level Up Fast!

How do you level up fast in Perfect World Mobile game? Check out this Perfect World Mobile Leveling guide and get all the tips to level up fast

We have already shared a bunch of guides on Perfect World Mobile game. In this one, you will learn how to level up in Perfect World Mobile game and what are the top ways to level up fast. Let’s not waste any time and head to the main content – Perfect World Mobile Leveling Guide.

How to level up in Perfect World Mobile?

A certain amount of EXP(experience points) is needed to level up the character in PWM. The player can check this certain amount of EXP in his/her character profile menu. All you have to do is tap the character avatar at the upper-left corner and on the next screen, under the stats section, you can check the amount of EXP required to reach next level.Perfect World Mobile Leveling Guide

Let’s learn about the EXP cap and how to earn EXP.

Perfect World Mobile Leveling Guide – How To Earn EXP –

  • Daily Events
  • Cultivation
  • Group Dungeons
  • From The Quests

Perfect World Mobile Leveling GuideOne of the rich sources to grind EXP. Daily Events are the best source to obtain EXP and level up fast. Go to the Event menu and check EXP events & dungeons. In some of the events, you explore the map, talk to the NPCs and do some simple tasks to get EXP. While in the EXP dungeon event modes, you team up with other players and fight monsters. Keep in mind that you can not participate in these events or dungeon an unlimited number of times – there is a daily limit. So don’t miss any event and complete your Daily EXP Limit.

Perfect World Mobile Leveling GuideQuests – Finishing the quests such as cultivation quests, main quests, side quests give you EXP as a reward. To know about the rewards, follow these steps: –

At the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the quest scroll button and open the Quest menu. Once you are there, you can check all the details of each quest on a big screen. Under the quest rewards section, you can check the details.

How do you create and leave the party?

In most of the events, you have to team up with other players and then you can play that mode. To create a party, tap the flag/party-mgt. icon – upper-left corner of the game screen. On the next screen, on the left side, select an event mode –

  • EXP Dungeon
  • Cultivation Dungeon
  • Guild Event
  • Daily Event
  • Order of the Elements
  • Dusk Temple
  • Frostfall City
  • Clear Monster

Once selected, tap the create a party button. That’s it, now you are in a team. Tap the + button to invite friends, guild members. Turn on the auto-matching so that other random players can join. At the top of the team up menu screen, you can adjust the level limitation. If you want to leave a party, then tap the flag icon at the upper-left corner -> team up screen will open -> at the bottom-left of it, tap the leave button.

The Daily EXP Cap

There is a maximum daily EXP cap limit in the game. And, it’s affected by the player level and the server level. The experience points obtained from the daily events, cultivation, group dungeon modes fall under this daily EXP Cap. EXP earned from the quests would not count in this Daily EXP cap. To check this cap, open the event menu -> at the top-right side, you can check today’s EXP level cap. If you exceed this limit, the EXP earned will be converted in the spirit.

So that would be all in this Perfect World Mobile Leveling guide for the beginners. Also, see –

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