Pocket Build Guide & Tips For Beginners

Pocket Build is a free-to-play sandbox building game for mobile by MoonBear Ltd. Check out Pocket Build guide & tips, tricks to start strong

If you are looking for a game in which you can build what you want; zoo, castle, goblin land, city, and more, then Pocket Build would be a great choice as it lets you build whatever you like. Of course, there would be some goals or milestones you will want to achieve; for example; unlocking all the people, giants, goblin, buying all the items. Additionally, the game also offers you to create multiple worlds to build more customized cities, structures, places, and much more. If you have no idea how to play it or looking for basic tips, guidelines, then our Pocket Build guide and Pocket Build tips & tricks will help you.

Pocket Build Game Basics⇓

There are three types of resources you will need to buy more characters in the game and to buy premium items. People on the island helps you in gathering wood, food. While goblin helps you in mining gold. Pocket Build game features many people characters and all have different mining stats; for example; Knights mining speed is better than the peasant. Similar to people characters, goblins are of many types; normal goblin, warrior goblin, goblin king. The difference between these characters is of mining speed.

How To Get More Characters?

You need a set amount of gold, food, wood to obtain these characters. Tap the item menu by tapping the item button at the bottom-right corner. There you will see all the items listed in the genre filter. Tap on the animal icon at the last and select people -> scroll right to see the list of characters. Similarly, choose goblins, animals, giants, items.

How To Create A New World?

You can create multiple worlds in Pocket Build to build the dream structures. On the main screen of the game, at the top-left corner, tap the globe icon(Pocket Town) option -> create a new world. You can switch back to the previous menu from the same screen.

How To Get Food, Wood, Gold In Pocket Build?

Wood can be obtained by chopping the trees. Food can be obtained by harvesting crops. And, gold can be obtained from gold mines. All you need to do is place trees near one of the people characters. And, place the gold mine near goblin. They will automatically mine the resources.

You can buy different types of trees, gold mine, crops from the item menu. Tap the item button -> tap the tree icon -> trees/crops/gold.

Goblins And People Characters Are Enemy!

Goblins in Pocket Build game are of evil nature. If they find people nearby, they’ll start fighting and at last, you will lose the character. You can revive him/her anytime. It would not cost you any item. But make sure to keep them at long-distance.

How To Save Progress?

If you don’t want to lose the progress, then make sure to log in to the game. Tap the profile avatar icon at the top-left corner -> login or create a new account. It’s an important step and lets you sync progress between devices.

Pocket Build Tips & Tricks⇓

1.) Get Better Characters ASAP

If you want to mine the resources fast, then get better characters having good mining speed as soon as possible. The game gifts you free characters – peasant when you start the game. But his mining speed is slow. So it would be better to spend some resources on buying characters first.

2.) Use TNT To Destroy Garbage

Pocket BuildYou can use TNT to destroy a large part of land instantly. Go to the item menu -> tap the skull icon -> explosives -> buy the TNT Bundle or TNT box. Place it where you want to explode. After it, buy the detonator from the same menu -> place the detonator near TNT. After it, tap the detonator and toggle the detonator button.

3.) Use Undo & Redo Feature

If by mistake you performed a wrong move, then you can undo it by tapping the undo key at the top-right corner. Similarly, the Redo button is also there that lets you restore what you have done.

4.) Show Your Creativity!

Since the game does not force you to build or focus on a specific task, you will have to think, imagine, and build. There are many players who have built a modern city, kingdom, Zoo, goblin zone, and much more. Simply build whatever you like. You can get ideas by exploring the item menu-> there are loads of items to use.

So that’s all for now as Pocket Build tips and Pocket Build guide.

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  1. Soo what i wonder just for clear clarification. Are the more resource expensive chars better and faster? For example…. elf girl vs pesant girl is there a difference? Cause if there isint I’ll just flood my world with peasants and add the otheres as flavor later xD

  2. For some reason when I plant crops they will not grow back after my peasants or others harvest them… is this a glitch? And if so how can I fix it?

  3. The one thing that I was wondering, is there a way to expand the scale to see more map and export an image?