Boxing Star – How To Increase HP, Defense, Reflex, Defense Stats?

If you don’t know how to increase the health or HP, reflex, speed, defense, power stats in the Boxing Star game, then this post will guide you

Increase HP Reflex Stats Boxing Star

When you level up in the Boxing Stars game, all the stats; HP/Health, reflex, speed, defense, and power get increased. That’s the short answer. Additionally, you can further improve the power/speed/defense/HP stats by equipping and upgrading gears. To level up, win the matches in story mode, PvP(league, additional matches). Upon getting the victory, the Boxing Star game will grant EXP to the character. After gaining a certain amount of EXP points, your character’s level will increase and all the stats will also increase.

Checking The Stats – Boxing Star Game⇓

To check the stats, tap the menu button -> at the top-left corner, tap your name or avatar -> on the next screen/profile menu, tap the magnifying glass icon next to the stats to expand the details.

HP Or Health Stats⇓

You can increase the health stats by leveling up or equipping/upgrading the protective gear. Head to the menu -> gear -> manage -> protective -> you can equip two types of protective gear; HP and DEF. HP type gear increases the health. For further improvement, you can upgrade it.

In the higher league, you will face strong A.I. players with great HP stats. So we would recommend you to also play the story mode to earn EXP.

Power Stats⇓

The power stats can be increased by leveling up the character, equipping and upgrading gears; Jab, Hook, Uppercut. Head to the gear menu again -> tap the Manage button -> gloves. Since you have only three slots, you will have to ignore one stats or unequip mega gear. Mega gloves come with powerful skills, can be activated when you are high on hyper.

How To Increase Reflex Stats In Boxing Star Game?

What is reflex stats? Reflex stats indicate how fast(immediately) you can gain control over your character after an action(punch, uppercut, or more; either it gets successful or not). If it gets missed, then how long does it take to perform another action; block, evade, hit again, or more.

How to increase -> There are two ways to increase reflex stats in the Boxing Star game; level up or modify the gear’s option. To modify, go to the gear menu -> modify -> select the gear -> change option. You can check all the options in the options list. This is the weird option though. You need option mod to change the option. Prior to it, you can lock an option by checking the box next to it. You’ll have to spend more option mods if you do this. You can obtain option mods by dismantling the high-rank gears.

Speed/Defense Stats⇓

Level up or equip/upgrade gears to increase the character’s speed/defense stats.

Evasion Stats

This is another weird thing in this game. The game collects the data as you play the game; it will go up or down depending on your actions in the battles; Jab, Hook, and Uppercut actions. It’s random.

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So that’s all for now on how to increase stats in the Boxing Star game.

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  1. I totally agree. Trying to upgrade gear through the modifying tool is useless. I still dont know how so many people get gloves with S stats. Any clue?

  2. Trying to figure out how to modify gear options that i want for a particular glove. So example uppercut skills, speed and reflex so of course i have one.

    How do I select the ones I want from the option list. I select t one to keep then the option is change all for 500 didnt get the ones I wanted and end up spending 4000 and ending up with none of the ones I wanted.

    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks you for your help, support, and consideration in this matter

    • @Lucy In the option list, you can just check the options available for all the gears. It will change the gear modification randomly with the options in the list. If the gear has two options already, you can lock it to prevent it from being changed.

      Sometimes it does not even change. To be frank, it is the useless feature in the game that make me very angry. I have spend loads of coins and everytime i got disappointment.