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Tsuki AdventureTsuki Adventure is a realistic brand new game for Android and iOS by Hyperbeard. Check out our Tsuki Adventure guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Tsuki Adventure is a unique game by Hyperbeard where you will explore the village, city, fishing spots, and many more places. The main character in this game is Tsuki itself. At the start of the game, you find Tuski in the office, irritated by his colleagues. And later, you get the letter from Grandpa in which he mentioned the tree house and little carrot farm. That’s your home – Old Tree House, In the mushroom village. After it, Tsuki resigns from the job and moved to the mentioned place by train. There you met with Mari who will guide you; carrot harvesting, buying items from the Yari’s shop, and much more. Overall, it’s a good game with decent graphics, story-line. However, it’s not a fast-paced game; discovering new places, items take days. If you have just started playing it and have no idea how things work in Tsuki Adventure game, then our Tuski Adventure guide and Tsuki Adventure tips, cheats & strategy will help you.

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The tutorial will leave you to the Yari’s shop where you will be able to buy items in exchange for carrots. Buy the fishing rod as it will help you to catch the fish. If you have already spent the carrots on other items, then harvest the carrots again from little carrot farm. To switch between screen, swipe left/right and tap the icon at the bottom left/right.

Three main things in this game are Carrots, items, and timing. You can use carrots to buy items. But keep in mind that not all the items are usable. You can use some items to complete the Tsuki’s Diary, while some items are used by Tsuki automatically.

Timing – Whenever you open the game after being offline for some hours, you may discover a new Tsuki’s activity; Flying kite, Eating, Brooming, and more. For example; In the evening(real time), you may find Tsuki flying the kite. In the morning, you could interact with new characters. The more days you will spend in this game, the more hidden things you will discover. Let’s learn step-by-step: –


Tsuki AdventureAfter buying an item, you may use it and complete the diary’s memories. For example – Fishing rod, Ducky Float, and more. In the treehouse, look for the item which you have bought from the Yari’s shop. Tap it -> use item. For example: – To catch the fish, tap the fishing rod in the treehouse. Note: Only certain items can be used.


To travel to the city, you need a golden ticket. You can buy it in the village’s shop and it will cost you one thousand carrots. You will also complete one of the memories. Tsuki will take almost 8-9 hours(Real-time) to reach the city. After 3 days, Tsuki will come back to the mushroom village. 

In the great city, you can buy expensive items such as car key, VIP Card, and more from the great mart. At night, you could interact with the guys playing cards in the hotel and earn carrots. It’s all about timings. Everytime you open the game after being offline for hours, you may find a different scene. That’s why the developers have stated it as a passive adventure game. You don’t need to be online all day. Open it in morning, afternoon, evening, night, late at night.

Traveling To Yukiyama – Tsuki Adventure

Tsuki AdventureYukiyama is the new place where Tsuki can visit. The developers added this place in the latest update(Arrived today on Android and iOS). To visit Yukiyama, you have to buy Yukiyama ticket. It costs you 1000 carrots. However, you should go with more stock to shop items. Since the update has arrived today, we can not tell you the exact journey time(It’s 6 Hours :D)  and the cost of items(make sure to check the comments below for further details). Tsuki Adventure

After buying the ticket, wait for Jasper, the wolf(appears near panda shop). Wait until the late night(In my game, it appeared at 10:00 PM~). Tap him and he will ask you for the Yukiyama ticket. Follow the on-screen instructions to board the bus. You will also unlock a new diary entry.


When you first time travel to the great city, the game tells you that Tsuki will come back to the village after 3 days. But there are many players facing the issue that Tsuki is not going back. This could be a bug or it works automatically. If you want to go back to the village, then use the code; Countryroad. Go to the options menu -> tap the safe at the bottom-right corner. Enter countryroad. That’s it. It should work. If even this is not working, then contact the developers.


Like other Hyperbeard games, Tsuki Adventure also features lots of items/toys. You get these toys from Gachaboy who is near the Yari’s shop. You can gacha tickets from the village’s shop. If you have, tap the Gachaboy and choose “Okay Gimme”. Sharing the item will reward you carrots.


If you discovered Tsuki Flying the kite – There would be a small pond on the right side. Sometimes a duck appears (SOMETIMES). Interact with the duck to get eggs. You can sell these eggs in the village’s shop for carrots.

TSUKI Adventure Codes 

Tsuki500, Yaytsuki, Countryroad. Thanks to all those who provided these codes in the comment section. Update – These codes are now expired and do not work at all. 

You can get the codes from Hyperbeard’s social media pages; Facebook and Instagram. To enter the code, tap the menu button -> options -> tap the safe icon at the bottom-right corner.

So that’s all for now as Tsuki Adventure guide. Let’s read our top Tsuki Adventure tips, cheats & strategy.

Tsuki Adventure Tips: –

1.) Interact With Characters Daily And Befriend Them

If you explore a bit, you will find the characters near you. For example; Ken, Bobo, Mari, Snow, and more. Talk to them daily; even multiple times a day. This will increase the friendship and you could get free carrots as a reward. For example – Ken could gift carrots, you may get upon answering some questions and making the right choices.

2.) Catch The Fish, Sell Them For Carrots

After buying the fishing rod, use it. The game will teleport you to the fishing spot where Tsuki will catch the fish. When you see (i) sign, tap Tsuki to hook the fish or item. You can sell the fish in the shop to get carrots. However, other items such as boot, the bottle do not worth.

3.) Accept The Ad Offers For Carrots

Tsuki AdventureSometimes, you get the Ad offer from the characters. For example; From an Owl, Giraffe. Accept it if you want free carrots. Always read the story-lines to make the right choices.

4.) Open The Game At The Right Time

As mentioned above, after being offline for hours, you may discover a new activity. We would recommend you to must open the game in early morning, morning, afternoon, evening, night, late at night.

5.) Keep Buying The Items

You will discover new diary entries as you buy and use more items. Sometimes, Tsuki automatically uses the item. For example – Carrot Chips. You may find Tsuki eating these chips in the treehouse.

So that’s all for now as Tsuki Adventure tips. If you have discovered something new in the game, share it in the comment section. It will help others too. We will soon update this post with more information like a list of characters, items, locations, etc. Make sure to read the comments below – you may find the information that you are looking for.

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  1. I recommend saving up carrots before buying a ticket to the city since the carrots which you get through the mail from your village friends disappear after a while unlike how in the village, the giant carrot will always be available to pick up when ready.

  2. Buy monster catcher to catch the beetles. To use the monster catcher, go to the tree house and you will find it near the Tsuki’s bed. Tap it and use.

  3. To get the eggs, go to pond side using the monster catcher. There you will find a 🦆. It appears often. Tap it multiple times. That duck could drop an egg randomly.

  4. To play the card game, go to the great city and head to the hotel which is at the left. There you wil find some guys(elephant) playing card game in the bar. Tap the elephant and confirm. You have to tap the ! icon to check the result. But I won’t recommend u playing it. I almost lost all the carrots there. Tsuki don’t have luck 🙁

  5. My tsuki is on its way back to the village from the city via bullet train 😅. In the city i bought the lord of the carrots 2 that Chi has been asking for. I also has met Bobo’s brother but i could not befriend him easily because im not sure he will show up at what time.

    I also noticed that if you have 1000 carrots in the city you will stay in presidential suite but if u have lower than 1000 carrots u will stay in cubicle hotel where u will find an elephant to play poker with.

  6. My tsuki is on its way back to the village from the city via bullet train 😅. In the city i bought the lord of the carrots 2 that Chi has been asking for. I also has met Bobo’s brother but i could not befriend him easily because im not sure he will show up at what time.

    I also noticed that if you have 1000 carrots in the city you will stay in presidential suite but if u have lower than 1000 carrots u will stay in cubicle hotel where u will find an elephant to play poker with.

  7. At the city, i accidentally bought Arcade VIP Card for 250carrots. They said i could get an unlimited access to BEON arcade. But i couldnt find anything to play in those arcade. Any help?

  8. What do I do with all the stinky boots and bottles I fish out while fishing? Is there any way to get money from selling them or are they useless?

  9. @Sam As of now, there is no purpose for either the boots or bottles. I kept them in my inventory for almost 2 weeks and nothing has happened so far. You can’t get money/carrots from them at any shop either. Unless it gets updated and a purpose for them is added, I can’t be sure.

  10. I am staying at the Presidential Suite but I can’t get to the bar to play Poker with the elephant. Is only when I leave the app and at times go in again at night then Tsuki already there. Once I leave the place, I can’t get there again. Is it suppose to be like this?

  11. @MP Thanks MP, this code is working. Mu Tsuki is now back to village 😀. But it’s not working in old version of the game. You will need to update and then enter countryroad in safecode popup in option menu.

  12. You can have 100 carrots for watching an add by talking to the horse while staying in Presidential suite. In can be happen if you have at least 1000 carrots on your wallet.
    But, i noticed that you can be friend with someone on the bar at budget room. Just buy something and make your carrot less than 1000 to get the cheap room.
    I got boxing gloves from Boho’s brother. Good luck.

  13. Be friend with boho, he’ll give you a bow. Then you can go to dojo. Or sometimes, tsuki just suddenly appear in dojo in the morning.

    • From the above comments:-
      yaytsuki – 1000 carrots
      Tsuki500 – 500 carrots
      countryroad – go back to the village in no time
      first two code were tried in old update Not sure they work in latest.

  14. You can talk to Momo for matcha diary, red heart with Bobo to get bow and random occasion of horse offer his shi~ for carrot farm fertilizer and add stars (more carrot farming). I wonder if the golden ticket might be a doorprize from carrot chips 😆

  15. guys how do you get the boxing thing?
    also how much is an iphone in the big city market?
    how many carrots do u recconend bringing to the big city market?
    i’m so sorry for all these questions

  16. I left for the great City on December 2nd, and it’s the 9th today and Tsuki is still in the Great City, do I just keep waiting until Tsuki gets home or do I need to activate it somehow or else he stays in the great City forever

  17. Should we try to buy everything from the shop in the city too? Seems like mostly the items are modern tools like smartphone, TV, laptop, even a car, which seems a bit contradictory to the whole point of Tsuki going to live at the village. I think the description for the TV even says something about mindless entertainment for your brain or sth ‘negative’ like that.

    • @Jo. The things sold in great city have use. If you buy tv, it will be installed as hanging above tsuki’s bed when he’s home. Occasionally, tv will have an exclamation mark when you go into app. It offers to give free carrots for watching ad too.
      And tsuki can buy a car. With the car, tsuki can go to jungle. Another place to unlock more adventures.

  18. If you befriend the bartender at the capsule hotel bar, he will give you a pack of cards to remind you of him. He also tells you that he’s planning on travelling and visiting your village.

    Not sure if the card is useful in the village or he will actually visit though, my Tsuki is still in the city for now.

  19. Buying the kite helps you to go to the park. I have been in the city too long and came here to get tips. Thanks for the codes. At the Presidencial Suite, the horse sometimes does not ask you for your time (*´∇`) I got gloves from Kimbo the panda bear and went out for some dessert with him.

  20. My Tsuki is now sitting at what appears to be a train station of the Great City. I’m guessing he’s boarding the train (looks like a bullet train and not the more old-timey train he got on to come to the city) and going back to the village soon but sadly there is no new diary entry about this (so far).

  21. How do we know that tsuki has befriended a character? Every character has a different coloured heart beside the messages. What does those colors signify?

    • @Anonymous To use the ticket, tap Frank(Dog) near the pole(utility pole). He will ask for the golden ticket. Choose “Here You Go” option and that’s it. After an hour, you will be on the train.

  22. how do i meet frank to buy the ticket to leave the village? what will momo give me when we’re friends?
    how do i unlock the hardware store?

  23. The card game in the city is based on reaction speed. If you click the second the ! Shows up your odds increase. Usually I get 5 or 6 in a row then one loss. Then quite a few wins again. If I get two loses in a row I quit and come back later, mostly because I’m afraid they program the odds to change as you play. Though it may also be reaction time slowing down as I play. I don’t know for sure but it wis working well enough for me this way. Good luck.
    d (^-^) b

  24. To win card game, click only bartender turn left, if lose, change to click when bartender turn right. 80% be winner, GOODLUCK!!!

  25. @frances d
    The gloves ? By befriending the panda at the arcade
    You need 1000 to get to the city. Once there, if you want to buy all the items, I’d say bring at least 25000, perhaps a little bit more.
    Selling fish or eggs is a good way to make more money.

  26. While playing cards I don’t think it’s reaction time. I’ve hit later and won and right on and lost. And vise versa. Also someone said about which way Clive the bartender is facing which is also inconsistent. The conclusion I came to is just that of learning the game. When Tsuki first starts playing I lost like 10 times in a row and the more I play the more I win. So he slowly gets better the longer you stay at the table to play. Now I will get 5-6-7 in a row before a lose. Givin Krieger and Rahul a run for there 🥕’s! Have fun guys.

  27. I confirm what the article said: Ken can give you carrots, a thousand to be precise. I always gave him carrots when he asked me and before giving me back the carrots he asked me if I remember how many I had given him. No need to know.

    Also at the very beginning of my journey, he let me in the bar once, but never did it again (though some times I could see Tsuki drinking at the bar but without having done anything). Is it the same for you guys?

  28. Hi,
    I’m looking to see if anyone have an idea about this. I get offered those fertilizer bags and i’d use it on the carrot but i can only reach 3 stars before it resets again the next day. Is there a way to continue increasing the star? Is there a specific reward if it gets to 5 star? Does the cow(?) only come once a day?
    Thank you!

  29. @Miva I haven’t tried this myself but once I saved the fertilizers up and when the cow came again, I thought I could stack the gift and get 6 fertilizers (I know it says MAX but I thought maybe there would be another stack beside it or sth) but nope. You can only have 3 at a time.

    I’m thinking next time I will save the 3 fertilizers, wait until the cow comes again, and I will first use the previous 3 up without harvesting the carrot, then watch the ad to get 3 more and use those immediately to hopefully get 5 stars.

  30. @miva
    You’ll unlock a new diary when you get 5 stars, the biggest carrot ever, it said.
    Try to have red heart with girrafe and turtle, it will add a new diary, a scene where the three of them are gossiping people in village. Good luck.

  31. To get all 5 stars with fertilizer, save the first MAX. Then when Wygu offer come comes again, use the first 3 saved, except the waiting offer from Wygu and use the next 2. This will give you the max amount of 5 stars. Each Star is worth 20 carrots. Using the max of 5 Stars will give 100 carrots. It will not give anything extra so it really doesn’t benefit waiting but fun to collect that way.

  32. How do I get the 5 star carrot? Wagyu came by once when my carrot was fully grown, but hasn’t since. Does he only come when the carrot is growing?

  33. @Jo @Gree @MP
    Thanks guys, I’m curious to see the diary entry so I’ll wait for the cow to show up today. He didnt show up yesterday for me, maybe it was the timing? I didn’t really open it around the same time I saw him. It was pretty late (or too early).
    Hopefully I can get that 5 stars!

  34. The bouncer in geisha house borrowed 10 carrots from me twice and then 50 carrots twice- all in oe day. I hope he pays me soon haha

  35. Prices for City items
    (May not be accurate, this is from memory. Correct me if I’m wrong.)
    Computer – 4500 carrots
    Remote control – 2200 carrots
    Car – 15000 carrots
    Phone – 4200 carrots
    Ceats Headset – 2800 carrots
    Lord Of The Carrots 2 – 400 carrots
    Onigiri – 40 carrots
    Noodles – 50 or 80 carrots
    I’m saving up for the car and remote control, and I would’ve bought all the items 🙂
    Stuff in the city is expensive af and I was not prepared lol.

  36. I was buy lotc 2 but haven’t chance to read it in presidential hotel (lock a diary) because i giveit to chi the girafe. Hopely not to buy it again 😅

    Computer 4200
    Phone 2500
    Headset 880

  37. So far i have 44/54 diary entries. Talk to everyone who has heart on their talking bubble. If the heart turns to red color it means the character becomes your friend. You will get firework from the fox (i don’t know how to use it), bullseye (bow) from bobo, house shaped clock from moca (don’t know how to use it either), boxing gloves from kimbo, and 1000 carrots from ken (he says those are the carrot he lend you) lol.
    I wonder what the 10 left diary entries would be and what is the purpose of the store on the left geisha bar 🤔
    And i wonder will bobo, kimbo, and their father reunite again? 😅

  38. @Gebrela
    Same here.
    The fireworks will be used when the game decides. So you have a diary entry I don’t have and vice-versa. 🙂
    Did you talk to the bartender in the city?

  39. @Bloop Yeah, I saw at the beginning game instructions. Maybe the thief appears at late night or Tsuki has a lot of expensive stuffs ^^

  40. @adrienhb
    I have visited the great city twice and both stayed in presidential suites 😅 i didn’t have enough carrot to buy remote control, laptop, and car key but not poor enough to stayed in capsule hotel 😅 so i didn’t talk to the bartender. I’ve seen a video in youtube that tsuki and the bartender talked about detective. Do you know what is it?

  41. @Gebrela
    From my second visit in town and when you’re staying at the expensive hotel, it seems you are sent to the cheap hotel when you play during the night, after midnight I think.
    I’ve just arrived in town to buy the car, I’ll try to go talk to the bartender.
    Town is pretty boring… nothing to do. I almost miss fishing.

    • @Lamba Use the kite or monster catcher item. This will send you to the pond side(at the right side of that screen there is a small pond). There you may interact with a duck in morning or evening. However, after the update I have not seen it.
      Edit – Today I got some eggs from the ducky 🤗

  42. Message in a bottle seems only there to be sold. It is not a unique item.

    The duck comes and goes. Fishing will get you money faster if you’re ready to tap on your screen for a few hours (not necessarily at once). Just go fishing and keep taping, no need to look at the screen. Do it while watching a film for example.

  43. Hi guys, so the only characters that can be interact and progress in the city are Kimbo and the bartender, right? Not much to do in the city except gambling.

    Btw, you can get negative carrots when you gambled and lost. I thought having only 5 carrots is safe and only earn but nah.

    Hope there will be update soon!

  44. When Chi asked me for the book, i already had it so i gave it to him, but now Chi still keeps asking me for the book. Does this mean I need to buy another one to give to him again?

  45. I have the book but Chi never asks me for it! And when I first played the game, Bobo would regularly ask me for a duck egg, but back then I didn’t have the kite or bug catcher yet so I didn’t know how to get that. I went to the city once and since then he never asks me for the egg anymore.

    Does giving Chi the book and Bobo the egg unlock diary entries? Both of their hearts are already red.

    Also, the bartender told me that he heard that a detective named Sherlock was in the city investigating alien life. I think I saw Sherlock, there was a big bear in a trench coat walking around among the others in the city sometimes, but I couldn’t talk to him. When I tapped him nothing happens.

  46. In the Dojo, I see that one can fire the arrow as Tsuki slowly raises his bow – but I don’t know how to get him into Kai (full power).

    Does anyone else have the answer for using the bow properly?

  47. I had a chat with Moca and he mentioned that there’s a plan for the village to be expanded. Hopefully that means an update is coming soon :0

  48. So I think once you get the red heart with bobo, he no longer asks you for the duck egg. Which stinks because now I finally have it for him.

  49. Happy new year everyone.

    Do not buy your toys in the city. Twice I got some I already had. It never happened in the village.

  50. If you want to increase carrots in short term, after collect carrots you just set after that 2 hours (sometimes you can meet Wagyu for free fertilizer). But it will lost the meaning of this passive game.

  51. I declined Ken’s offer for 1000 carrots because I assumed he’d give them to me anyway 🙁 any idea if I’ll get the chance to accept them another night?

  52. Hey there,
    Ken keeps asking me for carrots, although he already paid 1000 carrots back to me.
    Did this happen to any of you?
    Will I get another 1000 carrots from him at some point?

  53. Does anyone know what to do when you stay at the presidential suite? I have like 1500 carrots and I can go into the shop and interact with one person at the mall and interact with people passing by. As well as that, I can interact with the person at the presidential suite. Does anyone know what to do? Does the person at the suite tell you about the detective or something?

  54. Does giving the panda the egg and giving the giraffe the book give you a diary entry? Because I’ve already full on red-heart befriended them and they no longer ask for it. I’m now on 44/54 diary entries and I hope the missing 10 are all city things.

  55. I think the Detective you guys are talking about is the bear man with a long coat and a hat. I can’t make him talk to me even though I click him like a thousand times whenever I saw him passing by.

  56. I’ve become friend with bobo (panda at the ramen store) but he never asked me for the duck egg. What should i do? Everytime i clicked him he just offered me some ramen or talked about his family.

    So far i’ve unlocked 48 diary entries. Now i’m saving up the carrots to buy all stuffs in the city that hopefully can fulfill my diaries.

  57. Does anybody know can I catch insects or something else with the monster catcher? And in my inventory next to the “Monster Catcher” there is number “(6)” , what does it mean? Please somebody tell me! And I haven’t got anything with the monster catcher yet, there’s nothing in my inventory that I maybe got with the monster catcher.

    And the promo codes that everybody says that they work, they don’t work with me. Only the “Countryroad” works. Maybe they worked only on december?

  58. I saw a thief at night and it was a raccoon. It didn’t unlock any diary, it just give you extra carrot. You can unlock “The story of the light house ” by touching the light house board. Or “Chilling by the lake” and “Chill by the lake” by laying by the lake with Chi and bring your ukulele to the lake.

  59. Hi,

    Let’s try to make a list of things you can get.
    – Arcade VIP Card
    – Bullseye
    – Carrot Book Pro
    – Carrot Chips
    – Carrot Onigiri
    – Carrot Ukulele
    – Cazda R8
    – Ceats Headset
    – Challenger
    – Clive’s CarrotCard
    – cPhone XS Mini Max Plus
    – Cup Noodle
    – Dragon Spinner
    – Duck Egg
    – Ducky Float
    – Gacha Ticket
    – Golden Ticket
    – Kimbo’s Gloves
    – Lord of the Carrots
    – Lord of the Carrots 2
    – Mail
    – Moca’s Cloak
    – Monster Catcher
    – Ocean hunter
    – Photo of Us
    – Red Butterfly
    – Rubber Duckling
    – Skipping rope
    – Spicy Curry Noodle
    – Star Shooter
    – TV Set

    Things you can fish
    – Anchovy
    – Bass
    – Bottle
    – Bule Gill
    – Carp
    – Catfish
    – Chub
    – Clownfish
    – Cod
    – Dead Fish
    – Flying Fish
    – Halibut
    – Herring
    – Lionfish
    – Message in a Bottle
    – Pufferfish
    – Salmon
    – Sardine
    – Stinky Boat
    – Sturgeon
    – Swordfish
    – Triggerfish
    – Tuna

    Did you find other items of fish ?

    Still missing 22 toys (yeah I didn’t list them… too long) and 6 diary entries…

  60. Why would the owl out of the tree house sometimes said “Hey, that’s a no deal” arter i said “sure” for 50 carrots? (I used wifi.)

    • @Ybm Yep it’s out on iOS, but not yet on Android(Update – It’s out now on Android as well). They have also added a new place Yukiyama, three new friends, one snowboard mini-game, 13 new items in Pakku’s shop 😃

  61. Aaargh!
    I was missing 4 diary pages, I’m now missing 40!
    Let’s go fishing again.
    By the way does anyone have managed to get the car diary page?

  62. 8000?
    Are there more than two new items at Yori’s? The camera is funny, too bad we can’t keep the pictures in the game.

  63. New location!
    Just got back from buying a car and tv tho cri, I thought I was done
    Remember to get some duck eggs, fish, make some deals, look out for codes, and collect eggs everyone
    There’s more grinding yet to come @[email protected]

  64. Does anyone have tips about Yukiyama? I think it’s a seasonal thing, but I just got another diary entry from buy a ticket and talking to the dog to go to Yukiyama.

    • You can do fishing in Yukiyama place and earn carrots. Go to the screen where Tsuki sleeps(left side). Tap the fishing rod near bed and go to fishing. Catch fish and sell in the Pakku’s shop for carrots.

      And today In the night, Tsuki was taking a hot drink in the room and one charcater named Maska(dont know the exact name though) came and ask for the help. I helped by letting him come in the house. After that I dont know what exactly happened but he said I am taking away ur carrots. 😐😐😐Then he runs away, I didnt checked the carrots So I cant tell you whether I lost some carrots or not.

  65. They just updated the game, there are now 90 total entries to find and a Yukiyama city to go to. They also have some new items, like a Polaroid camera.

  66. @Bill
    You didn’t know how many carrots you had? It’s always on the screen. 🤔

    Are there a lot of objects to buy in Yukiyama?

  67. I feel like fishing on Yukiyama is a bad idea – the police officer and the pedestrians all mention that fishing is illegal. I think if you’re caught, it might hinder your relationship with the officer.

    • Fishing in Yukiyama unlocks a new diary entry called ice fishing.
      @Adrienhb Actually, I didn’t remember the exact number I had at that time bcz I purchase many items from the shop and collect mail. 😀

      • @Anonymous You were right! One more thing I would like to add is to go on fishing when Pakku(Rooster) is also there. Otherwise, Sherrif Inu will come there and you will be fined(50 carrots).
        @YBM Super Skis, Ice Pop

        • Its two days only and my Tsuki is going back to village🤨. I wish I could spent more time there. countryroad still works though😂🤣

          • Today something strange happened. My Tsuki was in the village, don’t know what happened, I opened the game 3rd time, it takes me to the snow place automatically where Tsuki was skiing. A new diary entry downhill skiing got unlocked. And btw, the countryroad code still works for me. I wish I could explore more there. Has anyone played the mini-game?

  68. There are 2 weasels: I don’t remember the name of the had one, but the good one is definitely named Masako. Just a warning though, the bad one might be named Masako, too. One will steal your carrots, the other will give you carrots. It’s 50 whether he takes or gives.

  69. If you have cup noodles in your bag, and you’re at Yukiyama, you’ll get a new diary entry. At 10:20 pm, I found Yuki eating cup noodles by the onsen

  70. Thanks for all the details. I’ll continue to fish before going to Yukihama.
    Has anyone gone back to the first city since the update?

  71. @Anonymous: Me, I keep on tapping the duck but he just said quack twice, never talked again and never gave me any egg. The only egg I had in my inventory also went missing.

  72. In Yukiyama, you have to go fishing at night! Click on your fishing rod on the left side of Tsuki’s bedroom and it will teleport you to the fishing place. Pakku will be there as well so you can also interact with him while fishing. Don’t go there during the day because Sherriff Inu will always be around and you’ll be fined (50 carrots) if you get caught by him.

  73. @bill how can I go fishing in yukiyama? I can’t see any fishrod in my hotel. Could be like in the big city where according to the number of carrots you will stay at different places and be able to do different things?

  74. @Rara, you have to buy the ice pick (1200 carrots, I think, but don’t quote me on it!!) to fish at Yukihama. Then the fishing pole will be in your room. I guess he uses the pick to make his own hole? Regardless of the reason, that’s how that works.

  75. My heart level for Pakku is still stuck at yellow. How long do you think Tsuki will stay at the mountain? I had an error on my 2nd day while in Yukihama, when I came back to fish Tsuki is already in his home in village sleeping. I thought it was natural so I just went on to chat with Ken and shopping at Yori’s shop. When I came back later he’s in Yukihama again lol. The items I bought at Yori’s still in my inventory.

  76. Couple of tips before you head to Yukiyama:
    – Get that deck of cards from the totally-not-talkative-or-fun-to-interact-with Clive guy from the city hotel, a monkey will want to play a game with you. Buuuut, you don’t need these cards to get a full ass red heart and gift of friendship with him
    – Buy two to three instant noodle cups in the village because these mountain dwellers go buckwild for them. Again, though, these don’t seem entirely necessary to earn their affection.
    – Bring with you about 10,000 carrots. There’s a couple high ticket items you can buy here. But you can always sell fish you catch there (after buying that 1200 carrot ice pick, of course).

  77. Why does everyone at Yukiyama want cup noodles? The sherriff wants some and the monkey in the onsen wants some. The monkey also wants to play cards, if you have a deck, you can do so.

  78. I finally got one of those yellow ball to get a special toy (some poison for that one). I like the idea to buy some toys to make the ball go down, but nine balls for one ne item? That’s a lot.

  79. Does anybody make a friendship with characters from Yukiyama (Jun, Pakku, Inu)? Maybe they will ask for something, like characters in Village asked (egg, Lord of the Carrots 2)? As I understood, they ask before the heart goes red. And never after 🙁 So, I want to be prepared.
    Or I’m wrong with this theory?

  80. @Peter: Prepare lots of cup noodles that you can buy in Mushroom Village coz two characters will keep on asking you for them. I wasn’t prepared so when I got back home I bought at least 4 before I go back to Yukiyama. Bring at least 10,000 carrots to buy everything available in Pakku’s store. Jun will ask to play card game so it would be handy if you already got them from the bartender in the city.

  81. When I fished in the day time (for test purposes ) In addition to the 50 cartit fine my Tsuki was thoroughly thrashed by the Sheriff .. he was back in his Onsen room in the corner with a reddish glow fom the beating.

  82. Does anyone know what the different colored hearts mean? Bobo’s Heart used to be purple for me but now it’s yellow. A couple of the other characters hearts have changed colors as well.

  83. You can fish in Yukiyama during the day, it’s just that you have to keep an eye out for the sheriff – make sure you leave before he reaches the ‘no fishing’ sign. You can get a lot of carrots by fishing in Yukiyama – even the “useless” items like seaweed, aluminium cans and driftwood can be sold for 1 carrot each.

  84. @ybm: Thanks.

    Since I arrived in Yukiyama, Uni asked me only once for cup noodles and Jun once too but for the spicy curry noodles! And he gave me a banana.

  85. The codes snowman and snowbunny don’t work for me – I’m using them in Mushroom village, perhaps they only work in Yukiyama…

    Countryroad still worked!

    If you fish in the daytime, Sheriff Inu may be walking around. You won’t get caught unless he walks past the ‘no fishing’ sign, so keep an eye on him! It’s safest to fish at night, and at night you can also befreind Pakku the penguin.

  86. ALso take a photo of the yellow duck on the pond and the giraffe knocking on your door. You will be rewarded a diary entry for each of it.

  87. Okay, so, I can make fast money in the village by fishing, but is there a way to make money outside the village? Other than harvesting, I mean.

  88. Guys, shiba’s offers actually work! I gained like 4,000 carrots completing different offers. Just click the carrot at the top right of your screen & click free offers!! Your welcome 🙌🏼

  89. If you change the time on your cell phone you will get the carrots every 2 hours. and if you change the date on your cell phone you will get the bonus carrots for each time you log in.

  90. There is a (new?) horse character who visits the Grand Luxury Hotel during the day. He offers to “teach you how to invest” and you watch and ad for 100 carrots.

  91. Yukiyama – You can gain a diary entry by buying the ” Lord of the Carrots 3″ (forgotten whether it is 500 or 800 carrots) in Pakku’s store. Tsuki will read it in the onsen of the place he stay.

  92. Guys, when you click Officer Inu and he ask if there’s any trouble, just click the upper option and then you can GO FISHING without worrying that he will fine you because he would be away.

    Different fish in daytime. I dont get to sell those rubbish items at 1 carrot though even if I sell in different location.

  93. @ Tsukeey
    To get to the Great City you see Frank the Conductor when he’s next to the Ramen shop. He’s there in the daytime. He’ll ask if you have a ticket.

  94. Guys I keep “talking” to Clive and the heart is red but why won’t he give me the deck of cards T_T I think Tsuki might be leaving tomorrow so this is my last night, but I don’t want to go back to the Great City until I have 15000 for the car and that won’t happen before I visit Yukiyama again, but Jun wants to play cards…

  95. @Anonymous
    Why do you need to go to Yukiyama to get 15000. You can easily get them in the village with the carrots you get by watching the ads (around 1000 per day) and/or while fishing and selling the fish.
    And you also need 1000 to buy a ticket.

    @Canada R8
    It seems you can’t use the car. You’ll see it near your home.

  96. Im going to yukiyama and tsuki go rock climbing for a day and at tomorrow moring I find a monk upon the hill , tsuki can interct with him but few hour later he went back to yukiyama, i dont know how to back there . I need make a friend with him

  97. @Adrienhb I’m not saying I need to get 15000 at Yukiyama, it’s just a lot to save up. I have a silver ticket in my bag, and I could buy another ticket for Great City, but I spent all or my carrots to go to the cheap hotel at nights so I could talk to the bartender. However, if I go to the Great City again, I want to get the car as well so I won’t have to go back again. Cost-benefit analysis makes the trip worth the time and money only if I do more than one productive thing. I could also go to Yukiyama, but Jun will ask for the cards, which I don’t have, so I will have to go back again. Thus, to waste the least time and make the least trips, I now have to save up 16000 carrots for the ticket and the car before going to the Great City. (In other words, this was a long and needless rant from a very lazy person)

    Also, has anyone gotten a diary entry from Tsuki becoming the co-owner of Momo’s tea shop? And for some reason, I just can’t get the heart to red for the turtle who is obsessed with tea…dangit I just switched over to the app to check his name and in the 5 minutes I typed all this HE’S GONE

  98. I really wanted there to be a mini-game when I bought the “game carrot” or “carrot boy”, lol… It’s a lot of money for just one diary entry. One thing that would improve the playability of this game immensely, would be – more mini-games! 🥕🐰🥕

  99. One of the major reasons I keep playing this game is because of the mysteries… Like the “trenchcoat bear” who is investigating aliens…
    I would kill for a twist looking into that aspect! 👽🐻👽

  100. If you take a picture of bambo the deer who comes to ask you for help at your door and will give you 50 carrots, you get a new diary entry.

  101. I’m so sad I can’t go to the City!!! I declined the invitation many times because I wanted to save up carrots first before going. Now only Jasper appears to take me to the mountains. I don’t want to go to the mountains 🙁 I have already bought a golden ticket but there is no invitation to go to the city. What can I do?

  102. @Bianca it’s probably that you open the app at all the times Jasper is there. Jasper and Frank switch based on the times, so if you see Jasper, try waiting 15-30 (or even 45) minutes before going back into the app. Also, did anyone else know you can sell Gacha tickets for 50 carrots each?

  103. Updated Lunar New Year Version
    Yesterday, Tsuki got red packets(ang pau) from everyone( Bobo, Ken, Yori, Momo) in Mushroom Village. I’m not sure with characters in Yukiyama/Great City.

    Other than that, there is a shop handled by Ming. He sells Lunar New Year’s stuffs. Don’t know if there will be any diary entry if i buy those stuffs…

  104. I just updated and the icon is so cute help. And there’s a Chinese New year stall that sells like peanut cookies and stuff so cute help. Still waiting for the fellow animals to give me my red packets );

  105. The code LNY888 works. Thank you ❤️❤️
    I just bought the lunar new year snacks and there’s no diary entry.
    What is the red packet (ang pao) for? It’s only worth 5 carrots. Any idea?

  106. The red packet is for shaking :). Your friends gave you carrots. 50 each, I believe. Except for the bouncer, ken?… he put only 3 carrots inside, so you can sell his envelope for 5.

  107. Anonymous:
    Thank you. I’ve just opened the envelopes and got 50 for each, except from Ken hahaha. If only i read your comment before open the game 😓

  108. None of the codes have worked for me 😔 (=u.u=) that thing keeps pooping up and I haven’t gotten anything. Also I just bought a firework from the Chinese New Year stand. How do I use it?

  109. I bought carrot chips and got a diary entry from it. And I saw last night that tsuki brought friends to the house to eat the new year snacks. And one box gone after that. Too real.

  110. Taking a picture of the lion dancers (what you call a dragon) doesn’t do anything special.

    Has anyone seen Bambo during the Chinese New Year?

  111. For yukiyama village, the weasel called Masako or something, the one that either gives or takes 50 carrots from you has slightly different dialogue to differentiate. At least that’s how it’s been for me.

    For when Masako is stealing I think she/he said something like “can you left me in?” And when she/he is gonna be giving you carrots it’ll be like “it’s really cold out” or something

    Basically just watch for the tone, of bad Masako talks more on getting in your house while good Masako will politely ask.

  112. @adrienhb:
    Then i just wasted my 888 carrots hahaha 😭
    Yes, i saw bambo on momo’s teashop. I forgot if he was on my door or not.

    It’s a nice info. Thank you.

  113. Hi! I am not able to get the free carrots from the owl and the surveyor or the fertilizers from the cow. I used wifi connection. What do I do?

  114. Buy more carrot chips and keep it in your items because I got 2 diary entries from it. One when tsuki ate and another when tsuki invited chi to come over and eat.

  115. I’m finally at yukiyama now. I bought a carrotboy and it gave me a diary entry! Watch out when playing cards with Jun, you may also lost carrots like when you play in the city. Fishing at night here is much easier than in the village though.have yet to see the two masako thought one of the characters have been hinting me that one is bad.

  116. Masako is outside my door now. At first he says “pleae help me!can you let me in”? I clicked no and click on him again and then he said “it’s really cold outside,can I come in?”

    Which is the good masako?

  117. Hi Mary .. see Pengyu’s post on 2/7 ., it seems “it’s really cold outside, can I come in?’ is the giving Masako. In general the giving one is more polite about requesting to be let inside.

  118. The laptop that I bought from the city gives a diary entry in yukiyama. So cuteeeeee.

    @Gebrela Bilova still trying to be friends with him too. I think we just have to keep talking to him when there are options to click.

  119. I’ve just friend with inu with real red heart and we’re fishinh together at night 😆
    But still trying to be friend with pakku. He just asked me what else i like to do other than fishing, maybe the heart will change after this

  120. @Bill 65 diary entries! Gained two new ones today – when tsuki Went to eat soba in the restaurant and when tsuki Went to drink fermented carrot juice.

    Ok it’s really fun now because now pakku’s heart is orange 🧡 when it was blue previously 😆

  121. Are there certain times of day that work best for any of the random diary entries? I’m still missing “This is Life!” (cup noodles), Laundry Day, Chi and I (carrot chips), Blowing Bubbles, and The Best Night Ever! (I know this is a night thing, and I have Star Shooter, just wondering if a certain time of night is best?) from Mushroom Village and I’ve been playing for months.

    I’m also missing O.M.Burger and I’m on my last day in The Great City. I’m afraid I might have to come back a third time for just one diary entry lol.

  122. @Gebrela the mandarin oranges seem like they’re for display, you can see them In the house on that table with the other Chinese New year snacks if you bought them.

    Currently in the city trying to stick up on the spicy curry noodles for when I go back to yukiyama. But it’s hard to earn any carrots in the city, so you’re better off fishing in yukiyama…

  123. Hi guys! If Tsuki is climbing or going up the mountain ( wearing the same suit as the Yukiyama residents – the brown suit like Sherrif Inu) in Yukiyama, just let Tsuki be. And it should take about a day for Tsuki to climb and you will find a new talkable (heart) character there.

    However, I’m not sure how long Tsuki will be at the top of the mountain.

  124. I caught a bug that gives you infinite carrots. In the latest update of Chinese new year, you get red packets from your friends (red heart ones). Here’s how to exploit it:

    Step 1: You open the items tab
    Step 2: click on the red packet icon (now do the stuff to open the packet and all, you’ll get 50 carrots)
    Step 3: Once you’re done, the red packet icon still remains. Just repeat from step 2
    Step 4: Profit.

    Beware though, you only get one chance each red packet because the red packet icon disappears once you close the items tab. You will receive the carrots in the increments of 50.

    Enjoy the Chinese new year.

  125. Thanks for all the tips here.

    I found a glitch somewhere that allows me to endlessly gain carrots and I was able to reproduce it on iOS and Android. It’s just too time consuming pressing the same buttons many times. Lolz. But I’m now able to buy all the expensive stuff in the city and still have 123,679 carrots. I’m now more curious in completing the diary entries and making all those hearts red. 🙂

  126. @chivinitz It happens randomly. You’ll know it when you’re able to scroll the items WAY beyond the last item you’ve got. When that happens, there’s the 2nd part that needs planning. It’s better shown on video. I will need to put up one on Youtube. Lolz.

  127. Today my tsuki going up to the mointain wearing straw cloak and i let him be because maybe he would meet bobo’s grandfather. But minutes ago i found tsuki drowning on the snow and there’s no way to anywhere but back to yukiyama. I couldn’t find bobo’s grandfather.
    Whaat should i do? Please help me. I’ve been waiting for this moment for tsuki to climb the mountain 😭

  128. @GB
    As mentioned above: you need the ice pick and once at the bottom of the cliff, just have to wait to start to climb it. The climbing part is long.

  129. I can finally reach the top of the mountain and meet kubo, but still no diary entry tho :’)
    I talk to him and now he is purple hearted.
    Does anyone know how long will i be there?

  130. I brought noodles with me in yukiyama and I got a diarie entrie : eating in the onsen
    I wasn’t excepting it i’m so glad !

    I think the item you give to the character doesn’t give diaries entries, it just help increase the heart with the character, see it like a bonus because I gave chi the book, chef inu the noodles and nothing happenned

  131. You can get « Fish the police » diary entry just by opening the game. No need to get caught by Inu while fishing in the morning.

    10 diary entries to go. Where are they?!

  132. One trick for you guys. When Inu aka the sherfif asks whether there is anything suspicious, just say it is in the onsen. Then Inu will be distracted rushing there to have a check. You then can fish at day time without being caught by Inu.

  133. Came back to yukiyama once again and while I was sleeping, tsuki went skiing so I got a diary entry. Hoping to get sheriff inu’s heart to red.

  134. This is only Day 2 for Tsuki in Mushroom Village. He had 1000 carrots this morning but the Train Station is still closed. Any idea on which day it will open or under what circumstances will it be opened? Are the train and bus tickets only on sale at the store at the Train station or Yori’s Shop?

  135. Anyone knows how to get the remaining diary entries? I have 14 left and I’ve practically bought what I can buy from each place 🤔…

  136. Did anyone get a gift from sheriff Inu? I have a red heart with him, but no gift. Also did anyone make friends with Bobos grandfather yet? I have only visited once so far. I have 72/90 entries, maybe we have some different ones Mary?

  137. With the telescope I got a diary entry in Yukiyama at the onsen! I got it automatically.
    Tsuki was looking at the stars 🙂

  138. At last the UFO diary entry!
    Take a picture of the stars way past midnight (2:15 when I took it) above the onsen.
    7 entries to go.

  139. @becca not sure which ones we got similar though. I just got the car diary entry today! Finally.

    Still waiting for tsuki to climb

  140. @Mary that’s true! I’ve been to Yukiyama 5 or 6 times now, but only up the mountain once.

    Does anyone know who Ken’s friend is that moved far away?

  141. Hey with the new update, I got all the toys. Too bad it would have been fun to find them.
    And there are now 106 entries in the diary. Though I’d like to climb the mountain, can’t wait to go back to the village.

  142. @becca im guessing it’s the bartender in the city as he keeps saying he might go to the village for a visit. I wonder when my tsuki will climb the mountain …

    @Adrienhb 106 entries?! I thought I was going to fill up my diary soon and now they’ve added more oh no.

  143. Omg I just updated and the carpentry is finally open?! The one beside the tea shop omg. I have so much carrots to get his stuff 🤣

  144. Anyone else exchange recycling items at the carpenters store yet? I’m not seeing that recycled meter change at all. I thought it would give store credit ?? Or something

  145. @becca & Mary .. it could be Bobo.. Ken says he moved far away.. or this carpenter.. he works at night and right next to the geisha house & he’s obviously been gone since we’ve been waiting forever for him lol

  146. @SakiH I tried to recycle but nothing happens too. But you can still sell them at other shops for 1 carrot if you’re low on carrots.

    The new wallpapers are very interesting. And there are new items in yori’s shop: a pinwheel and a kendama.

    @SakiH & Anonymous that could be possible as well. Maybe he will appear soon….

  147. Use the polaroid camera to take a picture of the bear in a trenchcoat when you’re in the city! It will unlock a gold diary entry

  148. You have to recycle at least 200 items to see something changing on the recycle machine.
    With more than 2000 items recycled my bar is half full.

    Oh and I still have toys to find, it was a bug.

  149. Good ideas about Kens friend! I thought it also could be Bobo’s brother as he moved away?
    @Adrienhb thanks for info about recycled items!! I am still getting all the Gacha toys showing up- they aren’t there when I first open the menu, but after I’ve swiped through, when I swipe back they have all appeared.

  150. This is my 6h trip to Yukiyama. And it is driving me crazy that Tsuki is not climbing the mountain. I have already bought the pick axe and straw wear…. just climb Tsuki, Climb!

  151. @Becca – you’re right! It could be Bobo’s brother too!
    Grr that recycling is going to take forever! Has anyone gotten any upgrade plans offered in any of the stores yet? Would love to build that 3rd floor 🙂

  152. From what I remember, you start climbing the mountain in Yukiyama early in the morning. I can’t remember what time exactly but I think it may have been before 8. You’ll be climbing for a hecka long time tho

  153. Is there any point in buying the headphones or cell phone in the Great City? Trying to figure out what to focus my carrots on.

  154. @Mysweetetc
    I have unlocked two diary entries with the phone. With the headphones I once saw Tsuki using them at NMV in the city, maybe taking a photo of that may get diary entry? I didn’t have a camera at the time, so I’m not sure!

  155. @Mary Normaly, Tsuki will always try to climb at Yukiyama. If he is at the red pole reading(theres nothing to interact with, we see him standing and only his back), he is preparing to climb! Don’t go back in the village

  156. There is a new character in the city walking by the shops called insurance dog, he gives up to 300 carrots in return for watching an ad!!

  157. @Lolipop nice info thank you. When i was at Yukiyama i found my tsuki stood reading something and did nothing then i took him back to the village. Didn’t know that he was gonna climbed 😭

  158. @Lolipop omg I didn’t know. My tsuki could have climbed long time ago. Am going to buy a ticket to go yukiyama again now to try again

  159. I am happy that it help all of you :D, hope that it will work out and your Tsuki finally climb this mountain !
    @Anonymous I am at the city and I don’t see the bear too, I have no clue either 🙁

  160. I found Sherlock (trenchcoat bear) at 7 pm in the arcade Area ! When you take a picture of him you get a diary entry like said before me 🙂

  161. Thanks for all the advice, I’ve been playing for weeks without knowing what to do to unlock the diary entries and getting the gifts from tsuki’s friends

  162. So frustrated! I still haven’t “climbed” while visiting Yukiyama. My Tsuki was standing reading the post and I closed the app. A few hours later he was in a different part of town. I own the cloak and all the items. I also just bought the car, but no diary entry yet.

  163. The only way to befriend somone is tapping until u reach the red heart? I’ve played this game for about a few months and climbed the mountain.. It’s still hard to befriend the grandfather (What was his name again?) ’cause I can’t meet him often..

  164. @Jessica I didn’t get any diary entry when I bought it or these days.. ;; And in my experience, tsuki started to climb the mountain and couldn’t go forward when he met the cliff. I guess you’ll need the straw cloak and the ice pick. I don’t know what conditions make tsuki climb the mountain, but I’m not going to the yukiyama ’cause of the items in the city and the card.. still didn’t get the card from the bar..

  165. How do i get the cards from Clive from the city hotel? He hasn’t give me even with a red heart and i have talked to him many times

  166. Tsuki is getting boring to me. I didn’t get any diary entry even i just bought car, pucky snack, and one new wallpaper. I’ve visited city and still couldnt get the cards. I’ve visited yukiyama then and still couldnt be friend with pakku, the heart was always yellow. And my tsuki still didn’t climb the mountain even he stood on the pole for a while, but then the scene changed to tsuki skiing. And i got no single diary entry except the “i am addicted” or the laptop one. I only get 71/106 diary entries and dont know how to get the rest. Oh tsuki, you don’t have to be this hard

  167. There is a ghost in the dojo at around 3 am, take a picture for an entry. After you get a bunch of upgrades from Dawn, the beaver, you also get a lot of new diary entries. There are too many for me to specify, but there are a good 5-ish

  168. Correction: you can’t just buy some of the stuff. A lot of the entries require you to remodel the home and add a 3rd floor or a kitchen, which you have to recycle to open that option. For example, I had to recycle somewhere around 20000 to get a kitchen. Then, in the Great City, I found a Keureg coffee maker and bought it. When I got back, Tsuki had coffee and it was logged into the diary.

  169. Did anyone fill the recycling meter yet? I have lit two lights on the side, still 3 to go… how I wish I didn’t sell all my junk before the update… it’s going to take ages! I think this must be how you get an extra room? Back to fishing….!

  170. @Anonymous the pucky gives you a diary entry, you just have to wait for tsuki to eat it. You have to keep talking to pakku to get his heart to change colour even if he has the same dialogue everytime. If I didn’t remember wrongly, if you buy instant noodles from the city or yori (forgot which one) it will give you. Diary entry when tsuki eats it.

    I’ve seen on a YouTube tutorial that the ghost appears at 1.59am you may try? And If you wait till 3.50am, they say you might catch a thief near your Bathtub but you have to talk to Ken to get the dialogue about the thief first.

    I think you’ll have to recycle at least 3000 rubbish to get the upgrade? And then I think you can go to the city to get another kind of camera after that…hope it helps. Some of these things I haven’t done yet but I just watched YouTube for help

  171. Sorry correction. The ghost appears at 2.59am not 1.59am. but if only you’re staying up then you should try to get the picture of the ghost

  172. Just realise after the latest update, Jasper not only has front view but both side view as well so cute!!!

    Side note: after I updated my app, my recycling bar suddenly appeared to be 3/4 filled up. So if yours doesn’t look filled up, maybe just update your app.

  173. Purchase a hang glider from the Great City. Use it at the top of the mountain. If you wait long enough before checking on Tsuki again, he crash-lands into the frog’s presidential suite in the Great City, which is another diary entry.

  174. In the Great City insurance dog shows up every 30 minutes, and gives you 300 carrots for watching 15-30 seconds ad. You can make a lot of carrots while in a city that way, just com back to the game every 30 min.

  175. I’ve been playing for a while and Tsuki just will not climb the mountain. I’ve been to Yukiyama so many times and I’ve seen him standing at the red pole but he just won’t climb

  176. @Eknar
    After several visits to Yukiyama and looking at the post I finally started my hike to the top. I left the app running in the background when I saw Tsuki waiting at the post. If you have the cloak and ice pick you can climb all the way to the top, it does take a long time to get there. I hope this helps.

    I got a new diary entry “scary Ken” this game after taking Ken’s picture multiple times, I don’t remember how many.

  177. Did anyone see the bear with the coat in the cuty after the update? I was going to get the diary but I couldn’t see the bear in my latest visit to the city…

  178. @Vivian
    You can find the bear in the arcade around 7pm. It seems after the update this changed. Take a picture of him and get a diary entry. I read @lolipop’s post and it worked.

    Also Tsuki finally drove his car & I got an entry! While visiting Yukiyama I got a food, a boxing, and two snowboarding entries. I found out you can do a snowboarding mini game where you tap the screen and Tsuki jumps over obstacles, only it was too late and I crashed. 😕

  179. Does anyone know how many Easter eggs Nugget hidden? I only found 5… and I don’t know what the egg can do… I can’t sell or recycle them…. it just stay in my backpack for now.

  180. I was in the great city and I tapped a random character going by (unfortunately, I don’t remember how they looked or their name), they offered me 100 cans of trash if I watched an ad. I got the 100 cans, but I’m wondering what’s the charas name?

  181. @Tsukiqiu
    I just saw him today and can’t remember his name either lol! But I noticed some cans on the ground in the Great City and you can tap on those to collect as well!

    Also found on Easter egg so far, on the nightstand in my hotel room (presidential suite). Are there any more in city before I go home?

  182. momo’s table
    near dawn’s house
    under the carrot sign at carrot farm
    Train station rooftop
    up on the big tree where tsuki plays kite/catching bugs
    at dojo, under the target
    dojo fisrt floor, betwee 2 small frame near the stair
    at dawn’s shop beside the big saw

  183. 4 eggs in the great city so far:
    – 2 at the cheap hotel (behind Clive and near the beds)
    – 1 at the hotel (very easy to find)
    – 1 at the arcade near the drums

    Thanks for the list of the eggs in the village.
    It seems there is one on the roof of the train when it is moving but I’m not sure in which direction (apparently village to city after 7 hours…)

  184. Just downloaded the new Easter update and I’ve only found three eggs. Has anyone else found them? Or know how many total there are?

  185. Does anyone know how many trash I need to fill up the recycling bar?
    P.S. @Jessica thanks for answering my question! I got the diary XD

  186. @ Anonymous, I haven’t been back yet. I just arrived in the city and found one in the suite. Also you can pick up trash and I randomly received a facial ticket on the train ride to the city.

  187. Sorry all the new comments didn’t load for me, before I posted. Also it was a gacha ticket that I received (not facial🤦‍♀️)

    I’ll have to try harder for some of the eggs. I’ve looked and tapped where @ Anonymous listed, I guess in need to try again. The eggs are really tiny.

  188. I’ve bought the folding screen… anyway has anyone got more easter eggs more than 16 eggs? I found 1 egg in the house of yukiyama village and 1 egg on the left wooden floor.. and 2 more in the top of the mountain.. There is a youtube video related to the easter eggs but there are 16 eggs too..

  189. @Jenn &Tsukiqiu
    The character’s name is called Eddie. Yes he says he’ll give you 100 cans for free but he’s actually giving plastic bottles instead. Finally something.. I was getting tired of fishing to get rubbish.

  190. Does anybody got the prize for the Easter eggs-game?
    How many eggs we should find?
    I have 11 right now, and I’m in the Great City.

  191. So it means I have all the eggs from the great city and Mushroom village. I only have to go to Yukiyama now. So for those who collected all the eggs, did Nugget give you something in exchange ?

  192. I’ve bought the suprise box ! And there’s eggs decorations all over tsuki’s house and on the ground. They light up at night too. I find it really pretty but it might seems expensive only for decoration and there is no diary entry.

  193. I’ve been to yukiyama at least 6 times and yet I’ve not climbed the mountain … No chance of getting the eggs either at this rate

  194. Mary, I have the same problem. I have been to yukiyama at least 6-7 times and tried everything, but Tsuki does not want to climb 🙁

  195. Hi Mary and Molly, I just back from Yukiyama and Tsuki climbed for the first time. If you guys want to try to climb try to play it at 9am. But it take so long to climbing, it’s like testing your patience cos feel like want to give up.. lol.. Good luck for you guys.

  196. @Anonymous I saw somewhere that i have to play between 9am to 12 noon and I did haha yet tsuki is still not doing anything. Oh well haha. Anyone know how much rubbish is it to fill up all the dots and bars to be able to buy the upgrade?

  197. It takes about 35000 to fill all the bars and get everything…so far. I’m nowhere near that amount. And climbing took almost 20 hours and of course I didn’t notice an egg on the climb up..lol Now I have go back to get the last egg

  198. where are the eggs in yukiyama? i only found two and i’m afraid that my tsuki might go back soon and i’ll have to come again to find the ones i’m missing

  199. There are 5 eggs in Yukiyama … 3 are in the Climb. 1 is along the way up the climb .. 2 are at the top. I missed the one on the way up… so I am on my way back to Yukiyama… hoping I can get a climb in. Lol..

  200. Does Dawn’s irrigation system blueprint provide any benefits? I have 17000+ carrots bc I have nothing to buy since it takes so long to collect enough trash to fill the recycling gauge, and it seems like that blueprint is the only thing that might potentially be worth the payment right now.

  201. @anonymous yes you can. Collect the rubbish to recycle at dawn’s place.

    @other anonymous think it helps to fill one star at your carrot tree so you kind of get more carrot and it helps to water the tree too. Go to the city to collect rubbish. You can collect at least 1000 pcs of rubbish there to recycle which helps to fill up one dot at dawn’s.

    My tsuki is finally climbing after going yukiyama 8-9 times. So happy ahhh

  202. I am not sure if it is just me but I seems hacking by change the time setting on the phone cannot get the daily entry now.

  203. @Jane yes… I have problem too. I have used all my carrot to buy the train ticket to the Great city to earn carrots….

  204. Oh no? No bunny? Means I’m going for an egg hunt for nothing… At least I’ll get a diary entry and see kubo!!!

    Anyone else knows what happens after you get the 3rd storey upgrade and the items that go with it? Anything else ?

  205. New Update in Game but don’t do it if you still need Glitch for getting Bottles in the Big City. Update wiped out that glitch.

  206. Sorry my bad, not the irrigation one, but the first blueprint, forgot the name, you bought that and get you a fishy flag.

  207. The update also gives you a new place called the moon that’s in the city. If you choose to travel when you talk to the person then you’ll be travelling in a blimp of some sort… There’s a club inside too.

  208. @other anonymous getting on the blimp is free, but the membership requires you to buy using real money. See the carrot with the + sign on the too right hand corner? Click it and you can see the membership that you can buy for $2.49. considering to buy it myself soon…

  209. I can’t seem to enter the moon building in the city like to the last time as it can be entered without membership. Only the parts that require the membership we can’t enter. Anyone has the same problem?

  210. @ Mary when I clicked for more info on Club Moon it said there is a 3 day free trial then it’s $1.99 each month. I think I’ll wait awhile before trying it out. Still trying to get my third floor.

  211. My game doesn’t open. It says that it needs the permission , I press the okay button but it doesn’t open. Is there an update? If there is, why doesn’t it seem to me?

  212. Anyone else getting kinda bored with Tsuki? I’ve been playing for a while now and there’s nothing really else to do. Except climb the mountain which my Tsuki refuses to do for some reason

  213. i just purchase 1000 carrots but when the purchase is successful the app is closed by itself and when i opened the game again my carrots doesn’t added 🙁 what should i do?

  214. Cup noodles :
    The sheriff aton Yukiyama sometimes ask for it, you might wan to stock up some.
    Playing cards :
    Jun at Yukiyama will ask if you wanna to play a game of cards.
    Duck egg :
    Bobo sometimes will ask for duck eggs, when you are at Tranquil Garden check out the lake on the furthest right. Keep tapping the duck for multiple eggs. (Monster catcher/kite/etc will lead you to Tranquil Garden) Most of the time i find the duck around in the late afternoon/evening.

  215. And does anyone knows who lives in the treehouse which is named M in the forest? In addition, I got to the forest by driving and you need a lot of carrots… more than 20thousand carrots..

  216. From playing this game and I’ve only been playing it for a week or so, I’ve learned the best way to get carrots and save quick is go to the Great City, from there you will experience 3 people at once, all ad watching but worth it! Each time you do this you get 500 carrots in total! Not only that you get your letters too!

    First is the horse in the presidential suite at the restaurant, in the striped purple PJ’s. Sometimes he says he’s busy so just keep talking he will give you 100 after talking about investing!

    Second is a brown dog that walks the streets of the great city, has a little briefcase I think and a long red overcoat! He’s he best! He gives you 300 carrots! Always spot him!

    Third is the cow that’s a street cleaner can he is grey wearing yellow clean stuff! He gives you 100 bottles that you sell in the shop for 100 carrots! sometimes there’s the odd can or bottle on the street too!!

    I’m currently trying to go the Jugafuchi Forest, I had to countryroad myself back to Mushroom Village from my first trip as I’ve learned you need ALOT of food to go to deep in the forest! So I’ve went back and took myself to the great city to stock up on carrots, as you also need a lot of carrots to buy everything required for he adventure! Once I’ve saved enough im gunna stay in Mushroom village and buy as much food and as many snacks to keep me going on the adventure to the forest!

    I hope my tips help everyone! And thanks for everyone else’s tips! ☺️

  217. You need to purchase the car in the big city to be able to drive into the forest. You’ll need lots of carrots for the car .. & gas along the way. Plus items in the store at the destination

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