Princess Connect Re Dive Best Team: Priconne Best Team

Wondering how to build the best team in Priconne A.K.A. Princess Connect Re Dive global? Read on for Princess Connect Re Dive best team building guide!Princess Connect Re Dive Best Team Priconne

Princess Connect Re Dive Best Team: Priconne Best Team⇓

Princess Connect Re Dive A.K.A. Priconne has three main game modes; PvE, PvP, and Clan Battle. To dominate in each one of these game modes, you will have to strategically curate the best team based on the enemy’s strength, weakness, and conditions. To help you out in building the Priconne best team A.K.A. Princess Connect Re Dive Best Team, we have shared a brief team building guide here: –

Priconne Best Team Building Basic Tactics⇓

A usual best-balanced team would be tanky units in the front row, damage dealers, and the supporters in the middle/back row. Tank units in the front row will have the job to absorb the most damage and protect the damage dealers and supporters in the backline.

These tanky units have taunt skills, shield skills, and self-healing skills. With the taunt skills, they force enemies to target them but not anyone else in the team. With shield or barrier skills, these tanky units can protect the whole squad. And, the self-healing skills help these units raise their own durability to survive for long. 

Damage dealers also play a massive role in the team; without them, you would not be able to crush the enemy squad. And, the supporters or magical units can also help you; by stunning the enemies, applying debuffs, healing allies, providing buffs to allies, etc. 

So the first thing to do to build the best team in the Princess Connect Re Dive game is to get familiar with each unit you have; read their skills, stats, and know their strengths. Check their roles, position, and other info.

And, go with a proper setup; enough tank units in front, enough damage dealers, and healer/supporter/CC.

Princess Connect Re Dive Best Team For Clan Battle Mode⇓

In the clan battle mode or when you are fighting the boss, you need to target the single enemy or the boss – some units do extremely well in the clan battle mode and we are going to share the complete list of those units. You can use those units in the team and build the best clan battle team in Priconne: –

Front Row: the best front or tanky units to build the best clan battle team in Princess Connect Re Dive are Kaori, Makoto(MUST, OP UNIT TO BUILD THE BEST CLAN BATTLE TEAM), Tamaki, Jun, Also, Djeeta

Middle Row: the best middle row units to build the best clan battle team in Priconne are SarenMitsuki, Others; Kokkoro, YukariShinobuMonika

Back Row: SuzunaShiroi

Princess Connect Best Team For PvP⇓

PvP Arenas are the main source of getting jewels in Priconne A.K.A. Princess Connect. And, to get more jewels, you will need to dominate in the arena and reach a high-rank. And that can only possible if you have the Princess Connect best team for PvP. In this Priconne best team for PvP part, we are going to share the list of units with an astonishing performance in PvP: –

Front Row: ShizuruDjeetaNozomi(best), KukaMiyako(Great), Tamaki(Best), Kaori, Jun

Middle Row: Monika(Best), Ninon, Saren, Anna, Yori. Mitsuki.

Back Row: Hatsune(Best), Rino(Best), IO, Maho, Yuki. 

Priconne Best Team For PvE⇓

PvE gets challenging as you progress; a good PvE team would help you beat the stages easily. In this Priconne Best Team for PvE part, we are going to share the list of units that dominate in PvE and you can use them to build your PvE core team: –

Front Row: – NozomiMiyako, Jun, Others; Djeeta, Shizuru, Kaori, Makoto.

Middle Row: – KokkoroYukariSaren.

Back Row: – MahoChikaSuzunaYuiShiori. Others: Hatsune, IO. 

Also, see – 

So this would be all in this post on Princess Connect Re Dive Best Team: Priconne Best Team. 

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