Priconne Nozomi: Princess Connect Re Dive Nozomi Guide!

Is Nozomi good in Priconne Global A.K.A. Princess Connect Re Dive Global? Read on for Priconne Nozomi: Princess Connect Re Dive Nozomi Guide!

Princess Connect Re Dive Nozomi⇓

Priconne Nozomi

Nozomi is among the popular 3-star character units in the Priconne game who is known for her tanky performance in the front. In the battle, Nozomi stands in the front and contributes by boosting allies’ stats, provoking enemies and taking damage, and making them immobile. Let’s take a look at her skills: –

(1) Live on Stage: it’s the union burst skill of Nozomi. With this skill, Nozomi taunts all the enemies and grants boost to allies; boost all allies’ physical attack/physical defense/magic defense. 

(2) Glamorous Slice: with this skill, Nozomi inflicts physical damage and also stuns them. 

(3) Idol’s Encouragement – with this skill, Nozomi recovers HP of all nearby friendly units. 

(4) Radiant Smile – it’s Nozomi’s EX Skill that boosts her own physical defense. 

Is Nozomi Good In Priconne?

As of January 19, 2021: In our opinion, Nozomi is a top-tier tank in the Priconne game. She is good in PvP as well as in PvE. For Nozomi tier rankings, please check out our Princess Connect Tier List Here(Clan Battle, PvP, PvE)

How To Get Nozomi Memory Shards?

If you have got Nozomi from gacha, you might want to ascend her for further stat boost and ascension requires memory shards; Nozomi Memory shards can be acquired from the dungeon shop.  

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