Purrfect Tale Recipes 2024(Cooking Recipes) April

Looking for Purrfect Tale Recipes? We have compiled a list of available Purrfect Tale Recipes that you can cook using the right amount of ingredients. 

Purrfect Tale Recipes

Purrfect Tale Recipes 2024

The following cooking recipes can be made using Bamboo Steamer Pot: –

  • Bamboo Steamer Shrimp: X4 Fish
  • Mashed Potato: X3 Potato, X1 Flour
  • Steamed Bun: X2 flour
  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls: X3 flour, X3 egg, X3 carrot
  • Foo Young Steamed Egg: X4 eggs
  • Salmon Rice Ball: X2 fish, X2 flour
  • Piggy Bun: X3 flour, X2 carrot
  • Soup Bun: X3 flour X3 pork
  • Chinese Hamburger – X3 flour, X3 carrot, X3 pork
  • Steamed Pork with Rice Powder – X3 flour, 3 potato, X3 pork
  • Liangpi Noodles – X3 flour, X3 carrot. X1 pepper/chili
  • Foo Young Steamed Egg: 4 Eggs

Purrfect Tale Recipes

Purrfect Tale Recipes⇓

The following cooking recipes can be made using a cooking pot/wok; 

  • Dough Fritters: X3 flour
  • Fried Zigzag Potato: X3 potato
  • Fried Sweet Rice Ball: X3 flour 
  • Stir-fried Shredded Potato: X3 potatoes
  • Crispy Fried Pork: X3 flour + X3 pork
  • Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork: X3 potato, X3 pork
  • Braised Pork Ribs: X3 potato, X3 pork
  • Yangzhou Fried Rice – X3 carrot, X3 egg, X1 scallion
  • Fish Flavored Shredded Pork – X3 carrot, X3 pork, X1 sugar, X1 vinegar
  • Braised Pork Ball – X3 flour, X3 pork, X1 oil
  • French Fries – X3 Potatoes
  • Golden Corn – 3 Corn, 3 Flour, and 3 Sugar

Purrfect Tale Recipes⇓

The following cooking recipes can be made using stockpot; 

  • Glutinous Rice Balls – X3 flour
  • Dumpling – X3 flour, X 3 carrot, X3 pork
  • Plain Noodles – X3 flour
  • Tomato Pork Ribs Soup – X3 tomato, X3 pork
  • Milky Fish Soup – X3 fish, X 3 milk
  • Borscht – X3 carrot, X3 potato, X3pork
  • Congee with Pork and Century Egg – X3 egg, X3 pork
  • Black Bean Sauce Noodles – X3 flour, x3 pork, X3 carrot, X1 soy sauce
  • Hot Pot – 4 Pork,4  Fish, 4 Oil, and 4 Potato
  • Sukiyaki – 3 Pork, 3 Fish, and 3 Corn
  • Minced Pork Rice – 3 Pork, 3 Potato, 3 Egg, and 1 Soy Sauce
  • Army Stew – 3 Flour, 3 Carrot, 3 Potato, and 1 Chill
  • Spaghetti – 3 Pork, 3 Flour, and 3 Tomato
  • Oden – 3 Flour, 3 Fish, and 3 Corn

Purrfect Tale Recipes⇓

The following cooking recipes can be made using a frying pan; 

  • Omelete – 3 Flour, 3 Egg, and 1 Scallion
  • Dough Stick Pancake – 7 Flour and 7 Egg
  • Handheld Savory Pancake – 3 Flour and 3 Egg
  • Sunny Side Up Egg – 3 Eggs
  • Potato Pancake – 3 Potato and 3Flour

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So that’s all we got in this post on Purrfect Tale Recipes. If you know more recipes, share them in the comment box below. Thanks for visiting us!

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    • They do work or at least what recipes some of you are complaining about, since I haven’t tried them all. But you HAVE to keep going, like in my case the zigzag fries or wtv it’s called.

  1. in the picture guide the soy sauce and vinegar are actually opposites, the vinegar is the one with the little leaf logo not vise versa.

  2. Some of these recipes aren’t working for me. Are these the potential ways of unlocking them or the actual full recipie given by the game?