Purrfect Tale Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Our Purrfect Tale guide covers how to play the Purrfect Tale game, cats, guides & tips on grinding cod and hearts. Read on for Purrfect Tale guide, tips & cheats. 

Purrfect Tale Guide- Tips, Cheats & Strategies


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Purrfect Tale Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In the Purrfect Tale game, you have plenty of things to do; from raising cute cats and dogs to progressing through journals and decorating the home and yard. With the help of cute cats and dogs, you will earn in-game currency called Cod, which you will be using to shop for decorative items or furniture and unlock WeCat moments. 

As of writing this guide, Purrfect Tale features X46 cats/dogs. And, over 140 furniture items. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. In this Purrfect Tale guide, we have shared a bunch of tips and tricks that help you in progression. Before we go further, we would like you to visit the Purrfect Tale codes page where we have shared a bunch of redemption codes that give free Cod. Also, see – Purrfect Tale Recipes

Now, let’s not waste any time and get started! 

Purrfect Tale Guide To Getting New Cats Or Dogs Or Residents⇓

Cats or Dogs are the resident characters in the Purrfect Tale game. You can get new cats or dogs or residents through gacha balls. On the main screen of the game, tap on the claw machine button in the lower-right corner. 

This will take you to the claw machine mini-game where you use the claw to get the gacha balls. You can use the controller in the lower-right corner to change the claw’s position. Tap the button that says “Use the Claw”. If you successfully collect the gacha ball, it will be sent to the storage. You can watch the video ad to open it immediately or wait until it’s ready to open. 

Please do note that these are the gacha balls and do not guarantee cat draw; you may get furniture items or Cod or heart instead of getting a cat. Keep using the claw machine, get these gacha balls, open them and repeat. You will eventually collect all the cats or dogs or residents in Purrfect Tale. 

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Purrfect Tale Claw Machine Would Not Grab The Gacha Ball/Capsule⇓

Sometimes the claw in the claw machine would not pick up the ball/capsule even though it grabs it. You will see it grabbing the ball but then it releases it. Why does it happen? That’s not your fault as it completely depends on the grab rate set by developers. To increase the odds of grabbing the gacha balls using the claw, we would recommend using the hearts. 

The free draws have lower chances of grabbing gacha balls; especially the big ones. 

Purrfect Tale Guide To Cats Or Residents⇓

Once you have obtained a cat or resident or dog, you will see it roaming around one of the unlocked rooms. Now and then, they will ask you to pet; keep an eye on the icons hovering over the head. 

To increase the resident limit, you will need to unlock new cat rooms. Tap on the archive option in the top-left corner -> there you can check the list of residents that you have unlocked so far. Tap on the + button next to resident limit under cat tab of archive menu -> spend Cod to unlock the new room. 

Or, swipe up/down to navigate b/w rooms on the home screen. Tap on the board -> unlock it with Cod. 

Purrfect Tale Guide To Affection⇓

When you pet the residents or cats or dogs, they receive affinity points. Upon reaching a certain threshold, they will give you a collectible item. Tap on a cat to check affection status; let’s assume it says 0/3 – that means 3 affinity points are required to reach the next affection level. Pet them whenever they request and you will eventually reach their max affection level. 

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Purrfect Tale Guide To Cod And Hearts⇓

Cod and Heart are the two in-game currencies in Purrfect Tale. Code is usually spent on shopping for furniture items such as tables, cat food bowls, wallpaper, TV, dresser, etc. Also, you can use Cod to buy clothing for your min-character. 

Heart, on the other hand, is hard to get. You will usually use it to grab the gacha ball using the claw machine, unlock new act stories, or for premium quality furniture items or clothing. 

Purrfect Tale Tips To Earn Cod⇓

  • Pet the cats whenever they request to get free Cod
  • Upon reaching the next affection level, you will get free Cod
  • Daily login also gives you free Cod in Purrfect Tale
  • Gacha Balls or Capsules can also reward Cod, use the claw to get ’em
  • Remove cat poo from the cat rooms for free Cod
  • Place cat bowl and add food, you will get free Cod once they finish it
  • Watch the video ads
  • Share the moments to get free Cod; you can choose to accept the basic reward or get more by sharing it
  • Unlock WeCat moments by progressing through Journal acts or stories or unlock decorative items
  • Finish Journal act’s chapters or stories to get free Cod
  • Using the Purrfect Tale redemption codes

Purrfect Tale Tips To Earn Heart⇓

  • Watch the video ads to get free Heart(sometimes the cat offer this or you need to tap on the free option in the lower-left corner)
  • From the claw machine draws
  • Increasing affection level of cats
  • From WeCat moments
  • Daily reward

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Purrfect Tale Guide To Furniture Items⇓

If you want to unlock WeCat moments, you will need to buy furniture items or decorative items from the shop. 

Purrfect Tale Guide To Journal Acts⇓

You will first progress through Journal Act 1, then Act 2, and more – it all depends on developers if they add new acts to the game. Journal Act stories not only reward Cod but also unlock WeCat moments and farm. 

Purrfect Tale Guide To Progression⇓

  • Use the claw in claw machine to get Gacha capsules and unlock new cats
  • Unlock new cat rooms to increase the resident limit 
  • Pet cats to receive Cod and affinity points
  • Each next affection level, you’ll receive new items or other rewards
  • Buy cat bowls and place them in the cat rooms, add food and receive Cod after some time
  • Progress through Journal act chapters
  • Watch the video ads to double the reward
  • Unlock new map location Yard
  • Keep an eye on Purrfect Tale Codes

Purrfect Tale Cheats⇓

As of writing this, no cheats are available for the Purrfect Tale game, but there are some gift codes that you can check here and use to receive rewards. 

Also, see – Purrfect Tale Recipes

So this would be all in this post on Purrfect Tale Guide and tips for beginners. Also, see – Purrfect Tale Redemption Codes

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