Ragnarok M Eternal Love Walkthrough To Stone Sword Quest

Ragnarok M Eternal Love Stone Sword QuestRagnarok M Eternal Love Quest Walkthrough – Go to the south gate to find a stone sword with a golden hilt near the wall. Complete!

TL;DR, To complete this quest, you have to find a stone sword. At the top-right corner, tap the mini-map -> zoom in and near the south gate, you will find a narrow route to the dark monsters’ area. There you will get the stone sword with a golden hilt and inlaid with a ruby. Tap the stone sword to complete the quest. Check the picture above. That’s it. The quest is now completed, progress to next quest!

This is the quest where newbies are getting stuck and struggling to complete it. The quest hints you that the sword is near the wall at south gate location. And, most of us ignore that narrow route, behind Smile Assistant. That’s pretty tricky! When you tap the stone sword, some dark monsters(level 15) will appear and you will have to defeat them; that’s the next quest.

If you are on a low level, it would be better to farm EXP by killing low-level monsters first and level up. Then spend attribute points in building your character before you battle against dark monsters.

Additionally, if you don’t know where you are on the map, then tap the mini-map -> tap the world label at the bottom-left of mini-map -> the blue pointer will reveal your location. Tap on Prontera South Gate -> Go. By default, you start the journey from the south gate.

So that’s all for now as Ragnarok M Eternal Love Stone Sword Quest walkthrough. Hope you find this helpful.

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