Utopia: Origin Rookies – How To Tame Horse, Cow, Pig

Utopia: Origin Tame HorseWelcome Utopia: Origin Rookies! Let’s find out how to tame a horse, cow, pig, and make the exploration much easy and fast!

Since you are in the rookie stage, you might want to know how other players are riding animals like horse, cattle, cow, pig, and more. The horse, cow, and pig – these are three animals which you will see at the start of the game. If you explore a bit, you will find many more animals. For example; we have found zombie skeletons, T-Rex, bears, Lizards, and more while exploring the map. But all these animals are very powerful. For these animals, you must equip armor, good weapons. In today’s post, we will show you how to tame a horse, pig, and cow in Utopia: Origin. After learning the basics, we would recommend you to explore the map as much as you can; you will find many rare things. Let’s start!

Utopia: Origin – Taming Horse Walkthrough

We’re talking about the normal horse(not the blue or colorful one). To tame this horse, you need carrots, mount saddle, and a wooden club weapon.

  • Carrot: –

Utopia: Origin Tame HorseYou can find the carrots in the green fields(As shown in the above picture). Go close to the carrot plant and tap the hand icon to pick carrot. You need 3-4 carrots(Depending on the level of the horse).

  • Mount Saddle: –

Utopia Origin: Tame HorseYou need to craft this item. The material items required to craft mount saddle are; wood, leather. You can get the wood by cutting trees. To cut the tree, we would recommend you to use a wood AXE. However, you can also cut the tree with hands, but you will lose some health. Go close to a tree and tap the attack button to chop the tree. After chopping, a hand icon will appear on the screen. Tap the hand icon to pick wood pieces. [Notes – At the top-right corner, tap the crafting button -> then on the next screen, on the left side menu, tap the hand icon -> weapon -> there you get the weapon options; wood AXE to chop trees, Wood Pick for stone gathering, and Wood club for animal hunting].

Leather – Just like wood AXE, you can craft leather. To craft leather, you need an item named Hide. To get one leather piece, you need 2 Hide. Slay some pigs or animals on the map -> once killed, tap the hand icon -> pick the items; you could get hide. We have noticed that we get HIDE by killing level 10 pigs. You can try on other animals too.

Make –> Once you have enough wood and leather, it’s time to make Mount Saddle. At the top-right corner, tap the crafting button -> on the left side menu, choose hand option -> then choose items option at the top -> there you will see the list of items; craft material, companions & mounts, functional items, and more. In the companion & mounts section, select the mount saddle -> make.

  • Wooden Club: –

Head to the crafting menu again -> then choose hand option -> then weapon -> wood club -> make.

Utopia: Origin Tame HorseFinishing –

Now you have all the items ready; carrots, mount saddle, and wood club. Equip the wood club and put carrots/mount saddle in the shortcut bar. [Tap the bag button at the bottom -> tap the carrots/mount saddle -> choose shortcut bar option].

Taming Horse –

Find a horse and hit him with the wood club until he gets stunned. When you hit an animal, its health gets reduced. At a certain point, the animal will go unconscious and the game shows you the message; the animal is now stunned. Go close to the stunned animal -> tap the hand icon -> note down the food the animal wants. Since we are taming the horse, you will have to feed carrots. Tap the carrots on shortcut bar to make horse happy. After feeding a few numbers of times, you will see heart icons and the game will show you the message; the animal is now happy and ready to capture. Tap the mount saddle to capture the horse.

That’s it. Now your horse is ready. Tap the menu button(near mini-map, at the top-left) -> choose the pet option -> mounts -> there you can check all the animals you have tamed so far. Select the animal. Once selected, go back to the play screen -> on the right side, just above the jump button, tap the saddle type button to ride the horse.

Utopia: Origin – TAMING COW AND PIG Walkthrough Tutorial

The process is the same as shown above for a horse. But the recipe is different. For the cow, you need wheat. Explore in the green area; you will find it there. Utopia: Origin Tame Horse

For the pig, you need Soybean. Here’s the picture of Soybean plant; harvest these plants from green fields; go close and tap the hand icon. Utopia: Origin Tame Horse

That’s all for now as Utopia: Origin Rookies guide to the taming horse, cow, and pig. The cow and pig are not good mounts as their speed is slow. But the horse’s speed is great and you will be able to explore the map easily and fast. So we would recommend you to tame a horse as soon as you can. There are many more animals in Utopia: Origin; Beers, dinosaurs, skeletons and the list goes on. Explore, find, tame!

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6 thoughts on “Utopia: Origin Rookies – How To Tame Horse, Cow, Pig”

  1. How long does a mini boss (the one surrounded by magic peddle) to spawn.
    I have been waiting for over 2 hour and don’t know when since it was defeated.

    • Tame blue horse, here is how to do;

      1.) Craft a saddle(in the crafting menu)

      2.) Blue Horse Food – You can get this food item by cooking three ingredients in the cooking pot; blowfish, wheat feed, corn feed.

      Wheat feed – gather wheat by exploring and then use workbench to make wheat feed.

      Corn feed – gather corn from the map and the use workbench to make corn feed.

      Blowfish – You can obtain it by fishing in springday coast location.

      Put these items in the cooking pot to get horse food.

      3.) Tame -> Search blue horse and use wood club to stun. Once stunned, use the food that you just cooked in the cooking pot to tame it.

    • @Regie As you level up, you will unlock new items; like you said you can build straw roof because you are on level 5 or above. Wood Roof – reach level 10. Brick Roof – Rach level 20. Glass Roof – Level 30. Fortune Cloud Roof – I have not unlocked it yet.
      Go to crafting menu -> hand -> building -> tap any item -> on the right side, the game will show you the criteria to unlock that item.