Rangers Of Oblivion Hunter Profession Walkthrough

Unleash the art of hunting on hunts to obtain more materials from the behemoths. Check out the Rangers Of Oblivion Hunter Profession Walkthrough guide

Hunter is the profession a character learns after completing Bjorn’s quest in which you will be challenged to cut off the Mammox’s trunk. We have already discussed the previous two professions; Gourmet and Exploration in the past two posts on Rangers Of Oblivion. In this post, we have covered the Rangers Of Oblivion hunter profession, the art of hunting, and how to master it. Let’s dive in!

1.) Rangers Of Oblivion Hunter Profession – Get Started

Rangers Of Oblivion HunterYou can learn the hunter profession at level 23 and after completing the quest; Hunting for beginners. To get this quest, you interact with Bjorn who lives in Spurs Tavern, Night’s Hold Location. He will ask you whether you are intersting in learning a new way to obtain more material during battle or not. Accept that quest. After it, you will visit Cassandra, Garrison Commander and enter the wilderness where you will have to cut off Mammox’s trunk. And, it’s quite easy. All you need to do is attack trunk part. Just after the quest completion, you can claim the reward(tap the menu button -> achievements -> path to progress -> level 23/hunter -> claim the reward).

2.) Activating The Art Of Hunting

Rangers Of Oblivion HunterArt Of Hunting is the skill you can activate after learning the Hunter profession. This skill lets you gather more materials from the wilderness upon defeating behemoths.

You can activate this skill on hunts. Visit Cassandra -> interact with her and choose to hunt. Now you will see a Mammoth type button near the wild soul icon on the right side. The game grants a few seconds to activate it. Tap it and on the next screen, confirm by tapping the button; Use Art. It will cost you Vigor. That’s it.

3.) Mastery – Level Up Hunter Profession In Rangers Of Oblivion

To learn new hunting skills or upgrade existing skills, you must increase the Hunter mastery level. You can increase it by gaining Hunter Mastery Points. To earn these points, use Art Of Hunting in the battle, Kill behemoths, and work for Bjorn(if available).

Tap the menu button -> skills -> professions -> Hunter -> there you can check the mastery level and EXP/points required to reach the next level. Also, see –

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